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If you’re the type of person that fills with panic at the thought of finding the perfect gift every time you realise you have a birthday coming up, then you’re not alone. The phrase “gift ideas for men” is enough to get your upper lip sweating and don’t even mention Christmas gifts. But there’s something to be said for people who face there fears head on and that includes you! You’re here aren’t you? In the best place possible for finding cool gift ideas for women and men (when you could be hiding under your duvet, rocking back and fourth, wishing all those gifting occasions away). So stop fussing and get scrolling…

Think outside the (gift) box this time and have a peek at our selection of unusual gifts designed to put the excitement back into present buying. Whether you want to give your dinner party a twist by creating characters out of used corks with the Corkers range or set up a home cinema with our Smartphone Projector and invite your mates round for a VIP viewing of Star Wars, our unusual gift ideas are bound to spark tonnes of fun. If there’s one thing we can promise you, it’s that our gift ideas are far from boring!

Ranging from epic gadgets to get your technology juices flowing to fun stationery that will make you’re inner OCD squeal with delight, our gift ideas category is bursting at the seams with cool present ideas for everyone. One of our most popular gift ideas for men is our travel gifts. From Scratch Map® world map posters to the Explorer Bottle, there’s a gift in here that will please even the biggest of dare devils.