Gadgets Under £10

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If you’re looking for an unusual gift to impress a tech fanactic, check out Hologram Viewer. This fun little gadget lets you create, watch and share 3D holograms. If that’s not the future, we don’t know what is. Or if your buddy is more likely to appreciate a boozed based gadget to show off to the lads, how about Sip Zip Bottle Opener that makes opening bottles that little bit more fun.

When your nearest and dearest have a penchant for the latest gadgets, it can be great fun sifting through all the new high-tech models on the market and planning what to get for their big celebration. That is however, until you reach the checkout and realise you would have to re-mortgage your mum’s house to afford them. But it needn’t be a bank balance breaking affair to get your friends and family cool and quirky gizmos gifts, and that’s why we’ve curated this list of cool gadgets under a tenner – perfect for presents on a shoestring!