Gadgets For Him

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The definitive collection of gadgets for him. Is he a culinary nerd? A kitchen geek? Photography buff? Techno guru? A plotter? Planner? Mapper? Maybe he’s all those things! We’re pretty sure you’re covered with any of the cool gadgets below. If you can’t find something here that you think would satisfy his curiosities, then you are dealing with one seriously complicated human being.

You’ve got a budding Gordon Ramsay for a brother. Or a dad who feels like he’s losing his edge. You haven’t seen your uncle since last Christmas, so you’ve no idea what he might want but he’s your favourite uncle, so there’s no way you’re getting him gift vouchers. It’s your boyfriend’s birthday, and you’d like to tell him in a very sweet, gadget-based way that appeals to the techie in him to please pick his towel off the bathroom floor. Your baby cousin isn’t a baby anymore, and he’s running off to travel the world. Maybe it’s a recently retired grandfather who’s decided to start tackling all those longstanding DIY home projects. At once.

With our gadgets, you’ll be able to get them something that appeals to whichever man-hat they’re wearing, be it a passing fad or a lifestyle staple. Whether it’s an Undercover Gadget Sleeve (perfect for someone trying to keep their tech hidden whilst travelling), Ta-Da! Keyring Tote Bag Dispenser (for those who simply won’t be told and think they can keep absolutely everything they need in one trouser pocket), a Hologram Viewer (for the big kid who wants to manipulate time and space in their own living room), or a deliciously retro Smartphone Magnifier (for someone who can never find their glasses, even though they are ALWAYS on his head), the name of the game is cool, original ideas coupled with innovative design.

Buying them a gift that’s also a useful gadget means that it’ll never get stuffed away in a drawer with the ties, socks, and novelty Valentines boxer shorts. It also means the gift is always around, you’re remembered, and there’ll be no vouchers for you come December. Unless that’s what you asked for.