Gadgets For Her

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Gadgets, gadgets everywhere! A taste of the future in her own home. Or her car. Or her office. Whether you’re looking for a gift, or treating yourself (which every girl is entitled to do from time to time), the best gadgets we’ve got are all gathered here for Lady’s Choice.

Here at Luckies we do not rely on the latest trend headlines on human behaviour. “If a women is working harder these days, or should be doing this or that.”  It is not about an opinion, when looking for gifts, it is about simple needs, like a thought, a use, and something for the senses to please. That’s a gift.

We know that a women is always a woman and still likes to be surrounded by nice looking gadgets that serve her and family and bring joy and to share memories that last and as mum knows best we have designed and produced gadgets that not only look good but serve a purpose for she may be busy but she still likes to have fun.
Luckies have a beautiful range of kitchen items designed by Ototo, made from silicon to use and display to look cute in bright colours and to help you out so you don’t have a melt down, like the Baby Nessie tea infuser, the Avocado spoon rest and the fish shaped yolk separator.
We have a great selection of everyday items that have been designed into pleasing arty pieces that will bring a smile and cheer up the room like the giraffe tape measure for everyday pleasure and hobbies. As they say  “If you enjoy your job, you will never work another day in your life”.