Fun Stationery

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Have you got a plain old office desk that needs some brightening up? Maybe it’s work, maybe it’s home, maybe it’s not even your desk that needs the fun injection. Our collection of Fun Stationery will definitely have something for an office-based frown that needs to be turned upside down.

It’s a universally recognised truth that an office can sometimes be a pretty dull place to work. Spreadsheets. Missing mugs. Carpal tunnel. Someone awful in charge of the radio every day. Not the Luckies office, but then not everyone is lucky enough to work here. However glum it might be from where you’re sitting, with all the sweet little goodies we’ve put together for you in our Fun Stationery guide, you might just be able to taste some joy sitting behind that beige desk.

Locked in a pact with your desk mate to alternate coffee runs/rescue each other from potential meltdowns? Show them a little love with our Rainbow Sticky Notes. A twist on the traditional (quite boring) post it note, these rainbow shaped stickies come in 5 colours, so you can pass those messages about Bridget in accounting’s weird new hair do without being rumbled. 250 notes also means you can split the block, because sharing is caring. And although we would never encourage workplace bullying, Bridget might have recommended her hairdresser to a few of the other girls…

Our Paper Peg is a mini stapler and sturdy paper clip combined. Keep everything together, that way when the cleaner comes and does a number on you desk, you’ll still have it all together for your big presentation. We’re pretty confident this little gadget is the only thing that’s going to have you asking for more paperwork.
There’s so much more we’ve put together for you to choose from, but if we tell you about it all here, what will you have to look at when 3 o clock tea break rolls round and you dig in for a sneaky online shop?