Framed Maps

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Whether you’re a long time fan of our Scratch Maps, or new to the magic of being to scratch off and track your worldly travels, there’s no better place to have one but in a frame. Maybe you want to hang it in the living room to proudly display your international endeavours to guests, or perhaps you’re all done scratching and want it over the bath for day dreaming purposes.

Whatever the reason, a Framed Scratch Map makes an amazing and thoughtful gift for anyone, or a pretty sweet treat for yourself.

The only thing left to do with a Scratch Map after you’re done scratching (not that we’re suggesting you should ever be finished scratching), is display it for all the world to see. And as much we’re great advocates of whatever creative means you choose to do that by, sometimes the occasion calls for a frame.

After all, the Scratch Map is a very attractive piece of art, and your travels shouldn’t be hidden away in a tube. With a selection of maps to choose from, and different colours of frame, you can enjoy your Scratch Map on any wall, propped up on any bookcase, or taking pride of place on any mantelpiece.

We’ve even devised a way to frame our Scratch Map Clear with no backing, so whatever snazzy wallpaper you hang it in front of will become your very own customised backdrop for your travels. Brick, tile, palm tree wallpaper you’ve come to regret in later life. All of this can provide the setting for all your scratching, past or future.