Forgive Me

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You screwed up. Badly. Maybe not too badly. You’re not sure. IT DOESN’T MATTER. You need to get them something to say sorry. If you’re worried they may never forgive you, just scroll on down. We’ve put together our best for getting you off the hook. Obviously we can’t guarantee success every time, since we’re not entirely sure what you’ve done, so maybe get a few to be sure.

There’s nothing so terrible as the feeling when you accidentally hurt someone you like a lot. Love even. There’s any number of things you could have done. Maybe you burnt their dinner. Maybe you broke their favourite mug. Maybe you’re the absolute WORST and you only remembered it was their Birthday because you saw it on Facebook. Now, if we were were another gift purveyor, we might tell you were on your own and throw you to the wolves. However, here at Luckies, we’re better than that,a dn we know that (most of the time) so are you. We know you didn’t mean to mess up, and with the right gift, so will the loved or liked one you’ve managed to upset.
Our You Complete Me puzzles are perfect for any offense, from the minor to the major. A heart shaped puzzle that you put together, customise with your own pleading message, then break apart for your receiver to put back together, solving your apology puzzle.
The Message Rolling Pin comes complete with three silicon covers for the pin, each bearing a different cute message, so maybe you get in the kitchen and bake some “Forgive Me” cookies. Just a thought. People will forgive mostly anything for some biscuits warm from the oven. We would, anyway.