Father's Day

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Your dad has been your dad your whole life, and the minute you stopped making him cards out of screwed up tissue paper and painted peanut shells; you started buying him socks. It’s okay. We understand. We’ve been through this ourselves. Socks, ties, book vouchers. Sometimes they ask for these things, but that doesn’t mean it feels good to give them. You need to do better, and you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down and find anything and everything to let your father (or anyone else you buy cool gift for on Father’s Day) just how much they mean to you without using proper words.

The ties, the novelty boxer shorts, the sunglasses cases (when you’re not even sure if he has any sunglasses, but sunglasses themselves are too expensive), the Gap vouchers.

The list of gifts dads, uncles, and grandfathers are given when people are stumped is never-ending, and we basically just fell asleep listing them. You don’t want to be the boring present giver on Father’s Day.

There is nothing quite so embarrassing and soul destroying as watching your own father try and mask his indifference to the gift you spent 3 months panicking about what to buy. And that is a reality you will have to face every year if you continue to purchase your Father’s Day gifts from the Men’s Bathroom section of the Argos catalogue.

If you’ve found yourself here looking for inspiration, then you’re a mere sidestep away from our Father’s Day gifts selection. Your Salvation. Your lifesaver. No more slogging up and down the high street, furiously spinning around in the gift sections of major department stores.

Have a good hard think, right now, about the city centre on a Saturday. Are you really going to do that to yourself, all for a pair of cuff links that he almost certainly will never wear? No no no.