Easter Gifts

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Whether you’re religious, a chocoholic, or just excited at the prospect of four consecutive days off work, Easter truly is the gift that keeps on giving. But when it comes to buying cool gifts for your nearest and dearest, it’s all too easy to fall in to the rut of buying over-priced, undersized Easter eggs. So whilst we are firm advocates of chocolate for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner), here are a few ideas to broaden your horizons on the Easter gift front.

Aside from chocolate, Easter is good for all sorts of foodie treats. You could try our selection of egg moulds for Easter eggs with a difference – there’s the super cheery Sunnyside, or the hilarious Gregg’s Egg Face. Or if you’re handy with a baking tray, why not make your family and friends some personalised baked goods with the Message Rolling Pin? Just wrap around the silicone message printer of your choice and get rollin’! Not only will you not have to shell out a fortune for individual presents but people will love the creativity. For more kitchen gifts like the Barbecue Stamp or Makicups check our Kitchen & Home section.

If you’ve been tasked with tackling the Easter gift list this year, and you’re struggling with what to buy Uncle Jeff, his wife and kids, then why not tick off a few boxes at once with Eat It! Wallchart? A beautifully designed wall hanging that’s a gift for the whole family! With an extensive list of 100 foods to try, it’ll bring families together at meal times – not only does it encourage you to be adventurous in the kitchen, it also means that the kids (and uncle Jeff) might finally start eating their greens!

We’ve all got that colleague we wave goodbye to before Good Friday, only to see them crawl in to work on Tuesday smelling of stale sambuca and shame. For those of us that see the four day holiday as an unspoken challenge to drink as much wine as we can, we’ve made the super cute Animal Corkers. These are little gift packs that transform your leftover wine corks into animal friends – choose from a Monkey, Deer, Buffalo, Bear, Bunny and Crow. Or if you’re as serious about wine as we are you might end up with a zoo…