Corporate Gifts

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Need a corporate gift for that high-flying lawyer friend of yours? Or just want your manager to think your gift choices reflect how totally hard-working and important you are. Look no further because we’ve curated a selection of our most important, most grown up, most ‘give me that promotion’, executive gift ideas because sometimes you just need to gift #likeaboss. Ranging from personalised corporate gifts to office appropriate Christmas gift ideas (no inappropriate puns, don’t worry), our selection is bursting with professional merchandise you and your colleagues won’t be able to resist.

Corporate gifting isn’t easy. Get it right and you’ll be walking into the office like you’re Leonardo Dicaprio in Wolf of Wall Street. Get it wrong and you could be accused of being a suck up (one of the nicer ways of putting it…). So, put the Ferrari keys down and take a look through our online corporate gifts. Looking for a light-hearted gift? Try our Smartphone Projector. Ideal to liven up long company meetings or for conference giveaways, the Smartphone Projector will let them project anything off their phone onto a wall at 8x magnification. That includes videos from the office Christmas party…

Looking for travel related corporate gifts? We’ve got plenty. Starting with practical travel gadgets for those sensible types to nostalgic travel memorabilia that will have your colleagues posting #wanderlust snaps every day of the working week. Take a look at our Scratch Map® world map poster collections (we invented the Scratch Map® map, in case you didn’t know). With themes including oceans, capital cities and foods and plenty of country specific maps, you’re bound to find a gift to suit every type of colleague found in a skyscraper.