Cool travel gifts for her

Looking for cool travel gifts for her? Useful gifts for her to take with her on her gap year?

Or fun travel gifts for when she’s jet setting the globe for work, or perhaps just a travelling gift to help her record all her globe-trotting adventures to tell you all about when she gets home.

We’ve got all bases covered here at Luckies with all the coolest travel gifts for young whippersnappers enjoying their first taste of freedom, and the more seasoned and discerning travellers.

The day is finally here, your Daughter’s off on her Gap Year and you couldn’t be more terrified. What if she catches a bug? What if she gets robbed? What if she meets a nice young man and doesn’t come back? Calm down Julie!

Try not to freak out and instead show her how much you support her by getting her a cool travelling gift such as our Pocket Tin Speaker – a rechargeable speaker small enough to fit in your pocket.

A great way for her to make friends and take the party with her on her travels. Perhaps you and your girlfriend are off on a trip to Thailand (lucky you!) and you want to get her a cool travel present before you go.

Well, how about our Waterproof Notebook? It’s 100% waterproof so she can use it to make notes and sketches of your trip whilst by the pool, at the beach, in a rain shower – she can even take it diving with her if she likes! Or perhaps you’re looking for a travel gift for Auntie Dot who just quit her job and is embarking on a round the world trip to find herself.

Shy away from mentioning the words ‘mid-life crises’, and instead get her one of our Adventure Journal’s which comes with 8 Scratch Maps and over 300 unusual bucket list ideas for her to experiment with her adventurous side. You go Dot!

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Adventure Journal

Scratch Map® maps and booklet with 300+ bucket list experiences.
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Camera Light

Battery-powered bedside light
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Coloring fun for travellers
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Glow Tape

Glow in the dark sticky tape
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Gourmet Scratch Map ™

A Scratch Map® poster bucket list for your taste buds.
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Pocket Tin Speaker

A rechargeable speaker small enough to fit in your pocket!
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Scratch Map® Travel

A mini version of our Scratch Map® Original poster.
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Smartphone Speaker

The audio sister to the legendary Smartphone Projector.
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Stamp Map Passport™

Craft passport with ink stamps.
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The Explorer Bottle

Stainless steel drinking bottle.
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Travelogue Travel Journal

Interactive travel journal with 8 mini Scratch Map® maps.
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Waterproof Notebook

100% waterproof notebook
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