Cool Travel Gadgets

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As the jungle expands ever outwards, that commute becomes even more likely for most people. With our gadgets, there’s no need for it to be quite so awful as it might. Unless you’re lucky enough to work round the corner from your house, in which case, we kind of hate you, and you might not need anything we’ve put together for you in this category.

The Professional Commuter. Don’t pretend you don’t know what we mean. You’ve seen them. These urban cowboys, riding the rails, constantly, day and night, streamlining their travel like some sort of terrifying expert. They know which train door at which station lines up with the exit at their destination. Always adequately hydrated, no need for a hand rail, run up the stairs in between escalators, read and walk at the same time, and most of all; they consider looking at a tube map to be the sign of an inferior being.

If you live in a big city, travelling to and from work, or anywhere else for that matter, can very brutally remind you where the term “concrete jungle” came from.
Whilst we don’t sell private helicopters, or wings, or anything else that would cut out the sometimes hideous task of boarding a train in a tunnel to get anywhere fast, we do have a few gadgets for you, or the people in your life that are always on the go.

Our Explorer Bottle comes in handy in most situations, but none more so than hydrating on a commute. No plastic bottle to dispose of, and keeps the liquid inside cold however much of an oven that train carriage becomes in the Summer months. Quite honestly, we sweat just thinking about it.

Our Waterproof Notebook means that whenever you are when inspiration strikes, you have somewhere to put those words down. We couldn’t blame you for thinking that because this book was designed for all weather that maybe it’s not so needed on a boring old train or bus, but you’d be surprised what people can spill on your lap when someone pulls the emergency brake.