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Luckies has gadgets, gifts and gizmos suitable for every level of techno geek, but sometimes you need something suave, something sophisticated, something cool. And that’s where our Cool Tech category is going to come in really handy. Whoever you’re buying for, whatever the occasion, there’s no way they won’t be wowed by what you decide on for them. Compact Smartphone Speakers, ambient lights, projectors, and magnifiers – we’ve put it all together, so all’s left to do is make your selection and bank those cool points.

We’re living in the future, people. Touchscreen phones, auto drive cars, voice activated everything, bionic limbs. All that wild tech from the cartoons of your youth – it exists now. And whilst unfortunately we’re not yet able to offer you a Luckies brand bionic Terminator arm, we do have loads of other cool tech for you to treat someone (or yourself) to.
If you’re sick of trying to watch Netflix and read your e-book on a relatively tiny phone screen, or you know someone who needs a gift that might be, the Smartphone Magnifier is a cool piece of tech that’ll solve both those problems for you.
By loading your smartphone into the back of the retro TV display, you can double the size of anything on your screen. So whether it’s books, articles, movies, or YouTube videos of animals playing musical instruments, you can save yourself mourning the lack of bionic eyes currently unavailable in our product catalogue and stop yourself squinting at your phone. No batteries, no charger, no plug. This cool gadget will magnify your phone all by itself. And if that doesn’t qualify it as Cool Tech, we honestly don’t have any idea what else you could want. Laser powered shoelaces?