Cool gifts and gift ideas for guys

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One stop shop for gift ideas and cool gifts for guys! When you stop and think, you really do have so many different types of guys in your life. Guys you’re mates with, guys you married, Dad guys, Uncle guys, Brother guys, and Grandpa guys (Grandguy?).

At some point they’ll all have a birthday, or it’ll be Christmas, or Easter, or you’ll wrong them in some way and have to apologise. The best way to do that, is by buying them a cool gift. And lo, Cool Gifts For Guys was born…

Here at Luckies, we happen to think all our gifts are cool, but you’d be allowed to think that some are cooler than others. Some certainly might be cooler when it comes to buying them for guys.

Purchasing gifts for men can sometimes be difficult. They’re not always the most forthcoming with ideas, and can be difficult creatures to tweezer information from at the best of times.

Gifts for guys that are hard to buy for

But however difficult it is to get them to give up the ghost, you’re already in the right place if you’re after present ideas for guys, men, boys, males, and anything other way you can think of to describe the XX chromosome carriers of our fair species.

Whether he’s into tech, travel, the great outdoors, or the just as great indoors, we’ve got anything you might need when trying to come up with gift ideas for men.

The Luckies Hologram Viewer lets your gift receiver create their own personalised holograms using the app they download. Simply placing their phone in the Hologram Viewer once it’s done, they can project out whatever it is they’ve created.

Whether it’s for a living room disco, sophisticated dinner party ambience, or lulling a baby (or a grown man) to sleep, we fail to see how anyone receiving this gift wouldn’t think it was by far and away the coolest thing in their Christmas stocking/birthday gift pile.