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You have all the stocking fillers sorted, the turkey and all the trimmings ordered and a cupboard full of mince pies and mulled wine, so what’s left to do? Well even your house needs a little tlc at this festive time of year so why not get some great gifts that will make your home feel warm and fuzzy inside. Or alternatively admit you really just want these for yourself and pop them under the tree with a label saying “To Me, From Santa.” Go on, you deserve it!

Nothing says Christmas like a fully decked out house… and we don’t mean a few token baubles, we’re talking ‘Season’s Greetings’ doormats, reindeer soap and carol-singing clocks that welcome in each hour with a different seasonal ditty (yes, these actually exist!). So if you’re Christmas crazy, why not spread the love and make your friends’ houses as festive as yours – because it’s not really fair that they get to look at your superbly decorated grotto and you have to stare at their sorry attempt at ‘Christmas spirit’.

If temperatures run high in your kitchen during the festive period, why not relieve the tension with a bit of humour? Nothing diffuses a fight over who put the oven on fahrenheit instead of celsius like the comical Crime Scene Pot Trivet – guaranteed to simmer down any situation. Or for those friends that insist on putting spices on everything (including the Christmas dinner), why not give them the Chili Herb Infuser – simply fill the chilli shaped kitchen accessory with herbs and spices and stick it in your soups, stews, curries, (or turkeys).

If you know someone that still manages to be dreary at the most magical time of year, why not perk them up with Umbrella – a cute loose tea infuser that protects you from rainclouds in your cup! So next time they retort ‘White Christmas? More like grey Christmas’ – you can call them out with the Umbrella. Or if your friends are the polar opposite and need no excuse for a party, why not give them Book of Masks? A hilarious collection of interchangeable faces to break the ice at any party!

Ever been to one of your mates houses in the advent and felt like you’re walking on to the set of Art Attack? Sounds like they could do with a little help in the creative department – try giving them the Sweet Deer Cookie Cutter, the perfect gift for anyone who’s adventurous in the kitchen. Or you could always let their arty side come out with Festive Gift Wrap – six different Christmassy characters perk up any stack of wrapping!

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