30th Birthday Gifts For Him

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He’s 29….and a bit! This birthday is the most important once since he turned 21. Hitting the delicate balance between grown up gift and not quite so grown up cool gift that it gives them an existential meltdown can be tough, we know. But we’ve put together a few possible gifts for men approaching that dreaded number that will hopefully keep you in his good books. Or at least not put you in the same 30th Birthday Gifts category as people who pitched in for a “joke” bus pass…

30. 29 and a bit. Late late 20s. Whether you’re on your way there, or made it past the finish line and lived to fight another day; this is the birthday that causes a lot of men a lot of problems. We can’t be there to hold your hand when you get there, but we can help you to act as the gift-based holder of hands for the man (or men) in your life who needs a 30th birthday present.

If you think this milestone birthday might inspire a crisis trip around the world, so many of our gifts are perfect for travellers.

Whether it’s a full blown quit-your-job globe trot, or a long weekend inIbiza, the Luckies Explorer Bottle is just the thing. Our stainless steel water bottle features a carry loop for the more scatterbrained, and comes in stylish matte black. Of course, we would suggest filling it with water, because everyone knows that hydration is the wrinkle’s number one enemy, but if they want to fill it with booze and drown their sorrows – we won’t judge.

If he’s started voicing some mad thoughts about where his “life is heading”, despite having filled his 20s with travels, the Luckies Scratch Map Original is a great way to log them, and remind him how lucky he is to have you as a friend/cousin/uncle/dad/brother/sister. Scratching off all the countries he’s visited might stop him from sliding into the bin and remind him he he did something with his time before he started going grey and actually reading his pension statement.