18th Birthday Gifts For Him

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Up until this point, most gift giving is relatively plain sailing. Kids, young teens, you can do it. Give it your best shot. But the big one eight is where everything changes.

He can drink alcohol now, maybe he’s going to uni, maybe he’s got his own car. He’s not your little brother/cousin/nephew any more, and you’ll have to adjust accordingly. From Lego and Swingball, now you’re looking for something decidedly more cool and stylish. Don’t worry, we won’t let you look silly.

Eighteen. What do you buy an 18 year old for their birthday? It’s hard, we know. A lot of people are going to give up all together and stick a tenner in a card, or buy a voucher that will inevitably be sold back to his mum when everyone has left the party (don’t pretend you didn’t do this). You don’t want to be the money in a card person. Or maybe you do, but you’d also like to try a bit harder and get him a little something.

Good job then that Luckies is full of birthday gift ideas for an 18 year old man in your life.

Whether he’s into tech, travel, art, or design, we’ve pulled together what we think are the best of our products for a guy in the age range you need.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to extract our test pool of 18 year old males from the pub, but we think what we’ve selected will mean you don’t see his little brother wearing your present at the next family function.