Birthday Gifts

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If your looking for cool birthday gifts look no further! What do you want for your birthday? You don’t mind, right? That’s because you’re one of those easy going folk who’s just grateful to be thought of. But not everyone is like that.

No everyone says “No it’s fine, just make my breakfast.” Or worse than that, some people say that but don’t really mean it. They want to appear humble, but really, if you don’t get them a birthday gift, then don’t even expect them to remember where your special day even appears on the calendar.

If you thought everyone was sweet and grateful like you, haven’t thought too far ahead and now you’re panicking, we’re here to rub your shoulders and whisper in your ear that everything is going to be fine. Our Camera Light covers all the bases. They don’t have to be into photography to enjoy this little slice of design heaven.

Just 4 hours of charge will provide 12 hours of cordless light. Whether they want it on the bedside table, or shining out from a living room bookcase, this retro style ambient light will appeal to anyone, whether they’re into nostalgia, or just want to be able to read their book in bed without having the big light on.