Baking Accessories

As far as we’re concerned, there never needs to be a proper reason to involve yourself in cakes and pastries, and if you agree, or know someone who does, you’ve come to the right place to get hold of something to make life in the kitchen a little easier. Of course we can’t guarantee how it’ll taste, that’s all down to you. But we can at least make it fun to try with these baking gadgets and gifts.

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Mary Berry, Nigella, Nigel Slater, that guy off Bake Off who wears the stone wash jeans and has a lot of hair gel. They all have one thing in common; they make the baking look easy, fun, and the results are always worthy of photography for a glossy magazine your Nanna loves to read.
We understand that this isn’t always the reality of the situation. How these people are able to keep themselves so composed (and spotless) whilst managing 3 different meals, 6 different pans, the oven, and somehow when they’re done, none of these pots and pans are nowhere to be seen. Not in the sink. Not even in the drying rack.
We know, it isn’t fair. But with all our amazing kitchen and baking gifts and gadgets, there’s more than enough to see you through even the darkest hours spent trying to ice that birthday cake.
Speaking of which, your life could be made a lot easier in this department with our Write On Icing pen. Shaped like a giant pencil for easy manoeuvring, just fill it with your choice of icing and get creative. Hopefully if your cooking skills aren’t up to much, they’ll be distracted by your abstract culinary art.
If ti was less cake and more pastry you were interested in tackling, our Message Rolling Pin is jsut the thing to add personality to your biscuits and pie crusts. With 3 interchangeable silicon wraps, you can imprint one of 3 cool messages into anything you roll it on.