40th Birthday Gifts For Him

The only birthday tougher than 30, is 40. The line between right and wrong, confusing and downright insulting; it’s very thin when you’re buying a birthday gift for a man turning 40 years old.

cool 40th birthday gifts for him

Just because there’s a few more greys showing than might have been in recent years, doesn’t mean they want a pipe and slippers. We’ve put together a list of our best picks for a 40th birthday present, that will hopefully stop you getting yourself into trouble.

Unique and unusual gifts for 40 year olds

It can be very difficult to get a 40th birthday gift right. Not mature enough, and they’ll think that you think that they’re sensitive about their age. Too old, and they’re just going to be straight up offended. In the hi-tech, futuristic, space age in which we’re living, 40 isn’t even that old.

In Victorian times, being 40 meant you had no teeth left and 17 grandchildren. In our time, you might not even be middle aged. The thing is, your birthday boy isn’t likely to see it that way, so you need to buy him a cool gift that allows him to forget the onset of age and the forthcoming dentures.

Travel orientated gifts for for 40th birthdays

If he’s into travel, then you’re in the right place. Whether he’s off on a journey he’ll want to remember, or trying to keep track of the memories he’s already made – our Scratch Maps, Travelogues, Journals, Memory Box, Explorer Bottle, or Waterproof Notebook will cover all bases.

Tech gifts for 40th birthdays

If it’s tech he craves, we have Smartphone accessories galore. Whether you think he’ll want a Smartphone Speaker for the meltdown cave he’s about to erect, or a Magnifier for his new (and likely imagined) eye strain, here at Luckies, we’re confident we’ve got something for your guy, no matter how he’s feeling about the big Four Oh.

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Animal Corkers

Pin your corks to life!
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Animal Gift Wrap

Bring your gifts to life!
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Apple Shot Corer

William Tell wouldn’t believe his eyes!
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Brown Paper Bag

Insulated lunch bag with magnetic fastening
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City Tape

Adhesive tape featuring 3 different city skylines
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Corkboard Map

Pin around the world
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Spiral slicer for Cucumbers and Zucchini
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Eat It!

Chart the food you try !
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Pasta shaped pot grips
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Flower Power Steam Releaser

Here's a cheerful way to keep the lid of the pot open so steam can vent.
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Framed Scratch Map® Clear

Scratch Map® Clear poster in a black frame.
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Framed Scratch Map® Oceans

Scratch Map® Oceans poster in a white frame.
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Cute pencil and sharpener set
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Gifted Gift Bows

Jazz up last minute gifts with pretty red bows, plus save on paper!
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Glow in the Dark Star Map

Glow in the dark constellations map
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Gourmet Scratch Map ™

A Scratch Map® poster bucket list for your taste buds.
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