Men who have everything

Finding gifts for men who have everything is one of life’s most difficult tasks. It’s up there with hiding the evidence of the house party you had when your parents were away or writing your entire 20,000 word dissertation the night before it’s due (kudos if you’ve pulled either of those things off by the way). But where you’re struggling for an original gift idea that isn’t an I.O.U a foot massage after rugby training, here at Luckies we have the most sought after, on trend collection of cool gift ideas for the men who have everything. Be it a big birthday or even bigger anniversary, the key to success is giving a gift they don’t know they want yet, and that’s where we come in.

Got a trendy Uncle who already owns every fancy gizmo going? Get them a blast from the past with Audio Retro, the nostalgic phone case they’re guaranteed to not already own on account of its trendy old school vibes. Or got a boyfriend who seems to own every piece of sports equipment going? Then you can’t go wrong with Bicycle Bible, a unique notebook and encyclopedia he didn’t know he needed that helps keep track of his cycle routes and bike maintenance. So when the time comes to shop for the men that have it all, there’s no longer any need to panic as with our cool gift ideas for the men who have everything, you’ll have it sorted in no time.

Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal, the perfect gift for the man that has everything.
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Adventure Map

Looking for gifts for men that have everything, look no further...
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Arthur Egg Cup & Spoon

Behold the knights of the round egg!
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Audio Retro

Nostalgic phone case.
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Barbecue Stamp

Make your own unique mark on steaks and personalise your plate!
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Bicycle Bible

Notebook & encyclopedia for your bicycle.
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Brown Paper Bag

Insulated lunch bag with magnetic fastening.
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Chain Bottle Holder

Floating wine bottle holder
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Chill Pill Ice Cube Tray

Giant pill shaped ice tray
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