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Gift Ideas for the Intrepid Traveller

Adventure Travel Journal

Extreme adventure to conquer the forces of nature and experience the breath taking views from summits to treks through the depths of the jungle, hungry for the addictive nature challenge takes planning and motivation and passion. You may know such a person who will cycle across vast country’s, climb mountains and sail around the World. There will be much planning, and training and you will be onto a winner if you get one of these gift ideas to thrill the intrepid traveller

World Scratch Map Deluxe

World Scratch Map posterThe matte black and gold foil covered map is a durable plot of the world to discover and uncover many an adventure through the countries of the world. Use the grid across the bottom to conquer the summits, navigate deep waters, and swim vast lakes. Work your way through the continents and challenge their must do extreme natural wonders using the colour coded countries to conquer and scratch off to reveal capital city’s that make great pit stops for a spot of cultural investigation and some much needed refreshments.

The Explorer Bottle

Fluids are important when out there doing a challenge. Plastic can taint and wear so you will find the explorer much more robust with a metal carry loop for quick access and ease of transport attachable to rucksack or persons. This reusable stainless steel water bottle in matte black anodised finish will keep you cool on any journey. Holds 500 ml fluid and has a secure bamboo screw lid.

Adventure Journal

This is a must have journal that also comes in a travel sized map in scroll tube if you prefer to carry on journey rather than put up on the wall. The Journal it’s self will be your companion along the hardy journeys to plan and record. Features a bucket list of 240 adventures in 4 categories just in case you run out of ideas. An attractive black and copper folder holds the journal and 8 scratch maps with dots to rub off when you have completed travels to that area of the world revealing colours to record where you have been. Discover the explorer, record your exploits and conquer natural wonders.