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Gift Ideas for the Man Who Has Everything

Are you searching for the perfect gift idea but feel there is little in the way of inspired gifts available in the UK? Then why not browse some of the exciting and innovative gift ideas for men who have everything, which are posted from within the United Kingdom?

This ensures you are not having to pay hefty postage fees for international options and ensures the gift idea arrives promptly.

Luckies understands how frustrating it can be trying to source breathtaking gift ideas locally, which is why it has ensured its range of gift ideas is always inspiring and affordable.

If you are struggling to purchase a gift that someone special in your life, then why not put the joy back into the gift buying experience and choose from one of many innovative gift ideas, which include but are not limited to the following.

Get the Job Done with the Write Tool

Are you looking for a gift for someone who is always scrambling to find a pen or pencil? Or maybe the person you are buying for is a professional, and you want the gift to reflect this. In either instance, the Write Tool is the perfect gift idea.

Crafted by the iconic Iron & Glory, the Write Tool features an industrial design using machined metals and is more than a pen.

The Write Tools also offers a spirit level, ruler and flathead screwdriver, making it the ideal gift for budding professionals, as well as those who merely need a robust and reliable device for writing that can be used in many environments.

Bar Games in a Can Replicates the Social Setting of the Pub at Home

Although current restrictions have allowed people to explore their interests and improve their skill set, there will be those that miss a game of cards or darts at their locals.

Despite all the impressive gift options available internationally, those looking for a taste of British culture will need to look close to home for gift ideas.

Bar Games in a Can does what it says on the tin and offers four classic pub games in one. The tin contains everything you need to start partaking in your favourite pub games, including a 52-card deck, a set of dominoes, darts and bar dice.

There is nothing like a game of darts in the pub, but now you can have the next best thing and enjoy bar games from the comfort of your home.

Start the Day with a Kick Courtesy of the Killer Coffee Cup

Let’s be honest, coffee is popular, and those that enjoy a caffeine kick are keen to embrace innovative new products that enhances their coffee experience. Luckies understands how important coffee is, which is why it only offers the finest coffee-related products, including the Killer Coffee Cup.

The reusable cork cup is perfect for hot and cold beverages and is double walled to ensure the temperature of the beverage is retained.  As well as allowing coffee aficionados to save money on their favourite beverage, it also contains an awesome skull design, making it a coffee cup unlike any other.

The Killer Coffee Cup is just one of several coffee-related gift ideas that can be ordered with ease, ensuring that your gift idea arrives in time for that special occasion.

Give a Hip Gift Courtesy of the For Medicinal Purposes Hip Flask and Funnel

The humble hip flask can be overlooked regarding innovative gift ideas, but there are options available that reinvent the concept of the hip flask, including For Medicinal Purposes.

Although there are hundreds of hip flasks available, not all of them offer the premium aesthetic some are looking for. Some also have to be shipped internationally, meaning a cheap price is often counteracted with tardy delivery.

For Medicinal Purpose is not only a sleek laser-etched stainless steel hip flask, it also ships from within the United Kingdom, meaning that quality and rapid delivery are all part of the service when shopping with Luckies.

The For Medicinal Purposes hip flask even comes complete with its own funnel, so there is never a need to spill your favourite tipple when refilling the flask.

Fine Tune Your Survival Instincts with the Apocalypse Kit

An Apocalypse Kit can sound quite ominous at first, but this is a kit designed for those wanting to become close to nature and offers a series of tools that allows them to do this with ease.

The Apocalypse Kit contains a Firestarter, multi-tool, wire saw, compass, whistle and torch. This makes it the ideal gift for those that enjoy camping and trekking, as well as those that enjoy media like “Mad Max” and “The Walking Dead.”

Created by the iconic Iron & Glory, presentation is as professional as ever and everything comes included in an aluminium tin that can be displayed with pride.

As you can see, finding gifts for men who have everything that can be ordered within the UK does not have to be challenging, especially when shopping with Luckies.