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Father’s Day Gifts Recommended by Experts; Xavier Unwin

Luckies Creative Director, Xavier Unwin, joined Luckies back in 2009. A pro at table tennis and never one to be short of an idea, Xav is our go-to-guy when we’re lacking inspiration. When it comes to cool gift ideas for Father’s Day, he reckons it’s important not to fall into the trap of a ‘one gift suits all’ mind set. Whether your dad’s a coder for Apple or makes a living singing in an ABBA tribute band on cruise ships, Xav’s gift recommendations for four different dad personality types have got you covered. So if you’re struggling for gift ideas this Father’s Day, have a little scroll below…

Let’s start with the most common type of dad – the geeky dad. What would you recommend getting the Star Wars fanatic/science obsessed type dad?

He’s one of the easiest to buy for! I’d go for the original Smartphone Projector. Geeky dads love anything tech based and your dad can build the original Smartphone Projector himself – that way, he’ll feel like he’s earnt that 13 hour Star Wars marathon. If he’s not into Luke Skywalker, you could go for something a bit more interactive like the Glow in the Dark Star Map. If there’s one thing a nerdy dad loves more than science, it’s passing his knowledge, whether it’s about Princess Leia or Pluto, on to his offspring.

What if your dad is more of the young, trendy kind? More of a lad dad?

It has to be the Barbecue Steak Stamp because no lad, dad or not, is complete without a barbecue and a beer. Barbecue Steak Stamp will take his macho cooking skills to the next level by allowing him to personalise his steaks with “Black & Blue”, “Little Bit of Blood” or “Nearly Burnt.” If he’s a real foodie, treat him to Food Factory condiment set as well so he can season his steaks to perfection.

And what about for those dads that always start sentences with “In my day…”?

Ahh the retro dad. Instead of mocking him, reward his nostalgia with our Brown Paper Lunch Bag instead. It was inspired by labourers working on the New York skyline which will impress your old man and will add a retro edge to the sandwiches he takes to work each day.

If he spends his weekends complaining about the digital age let him get back in touch with the art of writing with our 100% Waterproof Notebook. If he wants to sketch outdoors during a rainstorm or write poetry in the bath, now he can – smudge free! Can’t do that with an iPad…

Finally, what would you suggest for the strong, silent type dad?

This one’s a little more tricky. I’d say if he’s the strong, silent type he probably prefers his own company and listening to music than being surrounded by loads of people so, I’d recommend our Pocket Tin Speaker. It’s small enough that it’ll fit in his pockets so if he wants to go off grid, he can take it with him for a bit of company.