What is the difference between the original line of Blik wall decals and Blik Re-Stik?

All Blik products are removable but Blik Re-Stik decals are repositionable, so you can move them and change your design. Original Blik is made from a very thin vinyl film, once removed from the wall, the decals cannot be reused. The beauty of original Blik is that people will think you spent hours painting your design when it reality it took only minutes to apply. Blik Re-Stik is made from a slightly thicker material with a very low tack adhesive backing that allows you remove and move the decals. You can even take the Re-Stik decals with you when you move as long as you save the white paper backing they come on. Keep the adhesive backing free of dust, fibers or dirt to extend the Re-Stik life span.