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Smartphone Projector Tips & Tricks

If you’re after help constructing your projector, we have made an intsructional video which will walk you through the build here.

Click here for some other tips & tricks on getting the best picture from your projector.

Scratch Map Product Care

How should I remove the foil from my Scratch Map®?

When removing foil we advise making sure the poster is on a hard, flat surface such as a smooth wall or table. But it also depends on which Scratch Map® poster you have – is it printed on gloss finish or matte finish paper?

Gloss Finish Paper Maps – use a coin, fingernail or blunt metal object

Scratch Map® Original

Scratch Map® Travel Original

Scratch Map® Original XL

Scratch Map® USA Landmarks

Scratch Map® Platinum

Scratch Map® Wild World

Scratch Map® Hello

Scratch Map® UK & Ireland

Scratch Map® USA

Scratch Map® USA Travel

Scratch Map® France

Scratch Map® Europe

Travelogue Travel Journal

Matte Finish Paper Maps – use an eraser or fingernail

Scratch Map® Deluxe

Scratch Map® Travel Deluxe

Scratch Map® Deluxe XL

Scratch Map® USA Deluxe

Scratch Map® Rose Gold

Scratch Map® Rose Gold Travel

Scratch Map® Capitals

Gourmet Scratch Map®

Adventure Map®

Adventure Journal

Acetate Finish Maps – use an eraser or fingernail

Scratch Map® Oceans

Scratch Map® Clear

What is the best way to remove foil from a Scratch Globe?

We’ve found that for best results, removing the segment you want to alter and rubbing the foil off with an eraser or fingernail on a smooth, hard, flat surface gets the cleanest finish. Then just slot the segment right back in!

I’ve tried this, but the foil isn’t coming off, or when it does it’s removing the paper top layer too! What’s wrong with my map?!

It could be a couple of things, depending on where you bought it, how it’s been stored and where it’s been displayed.

Luckies Scratch Map® posters have been made since 2009 but as is often the case with popular products, there are now copies available to buy which are hard spot – often fakes are made with inferior processes and are not of the same quality. However, if it is a genuine Luckies Scratch Map® poster and the foil is not coming of nicely, it could also be faulty due to how it’s been stored or displayed.

The foil is water based, and over time the liquid content can slowly evaporate, meaning over time it can harden but the foil should remain easy to remove for up to 3 years. However if the storage/hanging conditions are warm or damp it can cause the water content in the foil to evaporate more quickly – making it harder to remove.

We advise storing maps (before and after sale) in cool, dry conditions out of direct sunlight. Maps should not be hung above radiators, in direct sunlight, on walls with damp or near heat sources.