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Cool Gift Ideas For The Man That Has Everything

Cool gift ideas to suggest, to simplify and to symbolise thoughtfulness and uniqueness for the man that has everything. Then if he doesn’t need another tie, you could simply set him free by suggesting he experience the World through his own personalised diary of life with these wonderful inspiring to do or not to do just as he pleases cool gifts. He is in the driving seat.

Stamp Map

Allow him to put his own stamp on his personalised journey with the latest original U K designed and made Map of the World. The vintage copper style map is a poster size laminate quality scroll to role out and record or looks handsome hung on the wall. Plan a specific trip using the grid of famous landmarks and stamp where you have travelled with helpful guidance tools including a Europe feature to do section. A lovely wooden and brass stamp and ink pads included. One to mark off where you want to go and another to mark off where you have been. And there lies a cool gift for all the things to come and all the things to remember and that is all that really matters.

My Time Wall Planner

This awesome cool gift is perfect to kick start your day or week when ideas run out or you are too busy to think ” O K so today was a tough day in the office but what shall I do tomorrow ” , with friends or family. Time is precious so get motivated with this wall planner chart featuring a long list of fun stuff to try, like swim in the sea, be careful to do this in summer although that can still be a shock to the system but very exhilarating and exfoliating on the skin. With nine colour coded categories you will never be stuck for choosing a day out or get bored. Also features blank spaces for all the things you did that were not suggested.

Love Note

Message In A Bottle Kit, just like the film, Robin Wright finds a heartfelt message in a bottle washed up on a beach and then ventures on a journey to find the messenger, Kevin Costner. Life can be so predictable to a man that has everything but this gift adds a little excitement and adventure. Presented in a an hour glass twist shape natural box with light blue seal on top, this is a thought provoking and personal gift. Includes 3 message scrolls, a glass bottle and cork stopper and stickers to decorate the bottle.