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Come Rain or Shine

Come Rain Or Shine – a new and ingenious addition to the Luckies range for all those rain hating umbrella-phobes out there (ie guys that don’t think carrying a brolly is very ‘alpha male’ but equally dislike getting soaked on the way to work).

Works just as well for the posterior as something to sit on (think wet park benches and dew soaked parks) as it does as an overhead rain shelter.

Come Rain Or Shine is a 100% waterproof pop out umbrella that cleverly doubles up as a waterproof mat should you need to sit down on wet ground, cunningly disguised as a newspaper.

Storm clouds overhead? Simply pull Come Rain Or Shine from it’s handy storage pouch and hey presto – instant weather protection.


Made from Tyvek.
Tear proof
Made using memory wire so it doesn’t lose its ‘pop’
Folds completely flat
Comes in a small waterproof pouch that tucks into your bag


68.5 x 47 x 0.2 cm