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5 Shocking Real Life Christmas Stocking Filler Fails

The duff Christmas stocking filler. We’ve all been there. The excitement of hanging your Christmas stockings over the open fire the night before, reaching in with glee and pulling out what could be the most amazing little gift of all time…Shattered in a milisecond when we discover that the beautifully wrapped circular present we thought was Currency Money Bank is in fact a used tennis ball. Fail.

Here at Luckies HQ, we like solving the world’s problems one unique gift at a time but we’ve heard you have to hit rock bottom before things start to get better. That being said, we’ve composed a list of 5 shocking real life Christmas stocking filler fails but counteracted each one with a unique yet cheap Christmas stocking filler idea (Christmas is expensive, you don’t want to break the bank with the stocking fillers). So like ripping off a plaster, take a deep breath and read on….

1. Socks/pants/shoe laces. You panicked. Don’t get us wrong, Christmas stocking fillers for him are hard but you’ve fallen into a classic trap here. When it comes to Christmas stocking fillers, people tend to go for something people need as opposed to something they want. Think outside the box this year and surprise your loved ones with a fun Christmas stocking filler, such as Monkey Business’ Corkers. Each Corker pack comes with the body parts to create a character out of leftover corks (something that shouldn’t be lacking around any Christmas dinner table). Choose from Animal, Classic, TotemRobots and Pino – or get a few and mix and match!

Corkers by Monkey Business

2. A screwdriver. Okay, sometimes it’s okay to give useful Christmas stocking fillers but they don’t have to be boring! Mapnetic is a magnetic, dry wipe world map set that allows you to plan and document your travels around the world, as well as scribble notes and messages with the dry wipe pen included. Definitely a winner in the unique Christmas stocking filler stakes.

Mapnetic by Luckies

3. Lingerie. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas stocking fillers for your girlfriend should be romantic but lingerie is risqué (sorry). Get the wrong size and you’re sleeping on the sofa for a month. Go too trashy and you may suffer even worse. If you want to buy your other half a romantic Christmas stocking filler, we recommend Love Note instead. Allowing you to create your own message in a bottle, Love Note is a quirky little Christmas stocking filler that will definitely get sparks flying.

Christmas stocking fillers

4. A satsuma. We’ve mentioned this in previous posts. The satsuma stocking filler comes with the following WARNING: Can result in teenagers charging the Christmas tree in a mild rage. If you want to go down the culinary route, Luckies have plenty of kitchen stocking fillers for under £10. Take Lid Sid for example – a cute Santa’s little helper in the kitchen, Lid Sid keeps the lid from your saucepans raised so that the steam can be released.

Lid Sid by Monkey Business

5. A framed picture of yourself on holiday in the Bahamas. No one likes a show off. If you’re looking for Christmas stocking fillers to decorate your home with, we’ve got plenty. With the hand illustrated Word Map Art Print, each location is pinpointed by a word or phrase which sums up that area. Educational and aesthetically pleasing, Word Map Art Print is available in UK & Ireland, London and USA versions.

Word Map Art Print London