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Christmas Gifts, recommended by Luckies experts: Pete Ellison

Luckies Operations Director, Pete Ellison is our go-to-guy whenever we’ve got a problem in the office, so it’s no wonder he’s a fan of the multi-purpose Christmas gift. Although he and Jim (Luckies big dawg) have been best friends since they were 11 years old, they don’t necessarily agree on everything all the time. Whilst Jim sports a more romantic gifting ethos, Pete prefers the ‘no-nonsense,’ practical approach to Christmas gifting and reckons the most important thing is that the recipient will find the gift useful. If this sounds like a bit of you, get scrolling…

Christmas Gift Guide

Dad’s love a useful Christmas gift, don’t they? But what do you get them if you’ve worn out the old socks and boxers route?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a useful Christmas gift has to be boring. There’s plenty of stuff that’s useful that people would still want to buy for themselves. Like stationery. People always need stationery. Take Waterproof Notebook, that’s hardly boring – you can use it in the shower! I know I do a lot of my thinking in the shower so it would be pretty useful knowing I could write stuff down in there without it smudging. It’s also a good one to give to someone you know who loves the outdoors because it means they can take it out whenever they are, whatever the weather and write stuff down.

What about for someone a bit more girly? Say your mother-in-law?

For someone a bit more girly, I’d go for Message Rolling Pin. That’s a great mother-in-law gift. It’s useful and it shows you’ve put in some thought because it’s not just your standard wooden rolling pin – it comes with washable silicone message wraps so she can personalise her cookies! If she’s not really into baking, I’d go for one of our tea infusers instead. Who doesn’t like tea? For extra kudos, get your hands on our Just Your Type gold foil sticker set before you start your wrapping. It comes with over 600 characters, icons and images so you can add your own messages and cool designs to your wrapped gifts. The presents look cooler under the Christmas tree and they’re pretty useful in helping you remember which present is for who!

Christmas Gift Guide

What’s your biggest Christmas shopping no-no?

Browsing. I always try and avoid going to the shops altogether and do most of my Christmas shopping online. But if I do have to go, I make sure I have a rough idea of what I’m looking for. Nothing worse than aimless browsing.