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Christmas Gifts, recommended by Luckies experts: Jim Cox

Luckies Managing Director, Jim Cox founded Luckies back in 2005 and we think it’s pretty safe to say this guy knows his stuff when it comes to gifting. A big softie at heart, Jim advocates a pretty romantic school of thought when it comes to Christmas gifting and firmly believes that whatever the occasion, gifts should always have an added personal touch. We sat down with him to get some Christmas shopping tips, so if you’re struggling for Christmas gift inspiration, have a little read of the below…

Christmas Gift Guide

Everyone wants to give a personal Christmas gift right? But what if you’re not particularly crafty?

Giving someone a personal Christmas gift doesn’t mean you have to crack out the papier-mâché. If you’ve got the time and resources, I’d suggest buying a hamper and filling it with stuff you know the person will like. It doesn’t have to be food or booze either, if I was making a hamper for Pete (Luckies Operations Director), I’d put in Pocket Tin Speaker because he loves his music and it means we could listen to AC/DC on the move (that’s a rock band for those of you born after the 80’s). Or I’d make I.O.U. vouchers to give to my missus for a weekend away and slip them inside a Travelogue before sticking it under the tree. That way we could keep a record of the trips we’ve taken together along with a few little mementos. It’s way more personal and shows you’ve put some thought into it rather than just picking something generic like socks or smelly candles!

Christmas Gift Guide

Sounds like a good idea, but what if you’re on a bit of a tight budget?

There’s plenty of stuff you can do on a budget that shows you’ve put in some time and effort. I’d recommend getting your hands on our vintage Luggage Labels sticker set and using it to personalise your wrapped gifts. It’s a good way to hype up some travel excitement (particularly if you’ve gone down the IOU a weekend away route) and you can use the left over ones to personalise your suitcase! Alternatively, I’d recommend getting Memory Box and filling it with little bits and bobs that will remind your partner of stuff you’ve done together. Just gather things like the cinema ticket from the time you went to see their favourite movie, a print out of the first selfie you took together and those chop sticks you’ve kept since your first dinner date. That way, you’ve already spent the money!

What’s your biggest Christmas shopping no-no?

Asking someone what they want. It takes all the fun out of it! I’m all about the element of surprise.