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CD Walltile decorative wall mounted CD storage

Now that we have all the new, fandangled ways of storing and sharing music the CD seems to be feeling a bit sorry for itself these days… But do not fear as the CD Wall Tile is here! The clue is in the title but here’s the science bit: CD Wall Tiles are a unique and fun way to turn the covers of your favourite CDs into cool, stylish pieces of CD wall art. Each box contains everything you need to create your own personal layout – configure the 9 individual tiles however you like. CD Wall Tiles are really easy to install (No tools needed), simple to extend and quick to remove without damaging your walls. As well as making a bit of an artistic statement and stamping your personality all over your space, CD Wall Tiles give you extra storage room and you still have access to the discs. The ultimate gift for style conscious music lovers? Take you pick from a set of 9 white, or 9 black tiles.

9 Tiles for displaying 9 CDs
Easy to Install
Place anyway you want to