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3 cool secret Santa gift ideas under £10

It’s secret Santa time! Close your eyes, put your hand in the hat and pray to god you pick someone good. Uh oh, it’s Darren from Accounts Payable. You must have had about two conversations with him in the last year and the only things you know about him are that his name is Darren and that he works in Accounts Payable, how can you possibly think of xmas gift ideas for him?!

Never fear, Luckies is here with 3 cool secret Santa gift ideas under £10 that are guaranteed to please, no matter who opens them. Get Darren one of these puppies and who knows? It may spark a conversation, a joke, a work friendship, and maybe this time next year you’ll be swirling your hand around in that hat saying ‘Please let me get Darren, please let me get Darren…”

1. Magni-Viewer
If you’re looking for secret Santa gift ideas then this is the perfect pocket sized travel gift. A smartphone magnifier that doubles the size of your screen, perfect for long haul flights or train journeys when you want to watch a series of Game of Thrones or reruns of Catchphrase, or whatever floats your boat. Small enough to fit in your suitcase but big enough to watch with friends.

2. Ice Cream Socks
When it comes to secret Santa gifts, you can’t go wrong with a pair of socks. Everybody likes them and, most importantly, everybody wears them. These novelty Christmas gift ideas come in the shape of an ice cream cone and are available in two flavours; mint choc chip and hundreds and thousands.

3. Hologram Viewer
This has to be the coolest Secret Santa gift anyone has ever received, and you’ll certainly be the coolest person at the party for bringing it. This futuristic gift allows the recipient to create and watch their own holograms. So if you’ve ever fancied leaving a message for your future self or playing a prank on your friend and leaving them a message from the future warning them to keep buying you drinks all night lest the world should end, then this is the secret Santa gift for you.

3 must have tech gifts for smartphones

3 cool tech gifts for anyone who is obsessed with their smartphone

With new smartphones hitting the shelves all the time, it’s hard to come by a person who isn’t slightly addicted to their phone. Here at Luckies, we believe it’s important to spend less time on our phones and more time in the real world. With these 3 tech gifts, you can achieve both at the same time, by enjoying what your smartphone has to offer with the people around you.

1. Smartphone Projector 2.0
Want to watch the latest viral video with all your friends? The Smartphone Projector 2.0 allows you to do just that without having to crowd around one person’s phone. Just slide your phone into the back of the ready built projector, turn off all lights, point the projector towards any blank wall, gather your friends and enjoy.

2. Smartphone Magnifier
Bigger is better, right? Even though smartphones are getting bigger with every new release, there’s always room for improvement. With the Smartphone Magnifier, there is no need to upgrade when a new phone comes out. This handy tech gift is a practical lo-fi way to enjoy content twice the size of your phone’s screen.

3. Magni-Viewer™
The Magni-Viewer™ is perfect for smartphone addicts spend their mornings on public transport. The portable and compact design means a bigger screen is possible whether you are traveling near or far. This means no more headaches while keeping up to date with the latest Netflix series on the way to work. Revolutionise your friends commute by gifting them there very own Magni-Viewer™ this holiday season.

What do get the person that has everything

What do get the person that has everything? We’ve got a pretty good idea! Whether you’re buying birthday gifts for your partner, your Mum, Dad, Brother or Son, or slowly working your way through a very long Christmas gift list, there’s always one person that you have absolutely no idea what to get because they already have everything that they want. Perhaps it’s because they’re the sort of person that lives life very simply and doesn’t seem to desire the usual materialistic items that most of us crave. Well, good for them! But most likely it’s because they’re the sort of self-sufficient person who buys themselves everything they want or need, leaving nothing left for you to surprise them with.

Gift ideas for men who have everything

Whatever the reason, it’s a sticky spot to be in. But don’t fret, we’ve got gifts for people that have everything coming out of our ears! So don’t start panic buying gift vouchers just yet.

Gifts for men who have everything seems to be one of the biggest bug bears for our customers but we know exactly where to start. If he’s already got everything, chances are he’s been everywhere too and would probably enjoy his very own Scratch Map Original so that he can scratch off the countries he’s visited and hang it on his wall to show off. It will also make him realise that no one has seen as much of the world as they’d like and there’s still plenty more for him to discover.

Exclusive gifts for the man that has everything

Gifts for people that have everything don’t have to be big, expensive gifts. Sometimes something small and useful can make a great gift idea. Like our Baby Nessie Tea Infuser for example; a mess free, dishwasher safe and, most importantly, cute way for them to enjoy their favourite tea.

If you’re still stumped for gift ideas for men (they are the hardest to buy for!) we’ve also got lots of cool gadgets that use brand new, innovative technology, meaning it’d be hard for them to already have one! Like our Hologram viewer for instance; they can create and view their own Holograms with one of these cool toys. I bet they never thought they’d be able to do that at home!

Essential kicthen gifts perfect for the hard to buy for

If you’re looking for gifts for those really hard to buy for friends who are difficult to impress or family members who never seem happy with anything you give them, or men who have everything, the best thing you can do is to give them something they can use.

Our essential kitchen gifts perfect for the hard to buy for are innovative gadgets and gizmos designed to make cooking fun and that little bit simpler. These quirky kitchen gifts will quickly become their go to indispensable kitchen gadget they couldn’t do without. And when they’re still using the present you gave them next Christmas, you can be sure to point out to them what an excellent friend / daughter / uncle you are to give them such an awesome gift!

Zip Eat Jar.
Never lose face by having to ask someone to open a jar for you again. With this nifty little tool, your giftee can be completely self-sufficient. Well, in the jar opening department anyway.

Write on Icing.
With this novelty pencil shaped kitchen tool, they can throw out those messy piping bags and make icing a doddle. They can finesse cakes, decorate biscuits, write birthday messages and lots more.

Agatha Steam Releaser.
Agatha the Witch will watch over their pot of stew and use her magic to prevent it from boiling over. Just make sure she doesn’t put a spell on whoever eats it.

A spiralizer for the health conscious giftee. They can courgettie and cucumbetti to their heart’s content.

Message Rolling Pin.
For any Bake Off fans out there – they can personalise their baked treats with sweet messages such as; ‘Bite me’.

Giant pasta shaped pot grips?! These will look great in their kitchen and protect their mitts from getting burned too!

Hug Doug.
The cute little Doug will lock onto their kitchen utensils and hug on for dear life. He’ll make sure their spoon doesn’t slip into the pot, leaving them fishing around in tomato sauce. And stop said spoon from making a mess all over the counter top too. What a thoughtful kitchen companion.

3 unusually cool gifts for men that have everything

What do you get the man who has everything? One of these 3 unusually cool gifts for men who have everything, that’s what! We’ve chosen our 3 most unique, indulgent and impressively cool gifts to save you the trouble of trawling the internet for hours looking for inspiration and then resorting to one of those gift vouchers for an ‘experience’ which will sit on his mantlepiece all year until it expires. So come on, no one’s been paint balling since the 90’s and if he wanted to drive a Ferrari he would buy himself one. (He is the man who has everything after all) Surprise him with one of these cool gifts for men and he’ll be thanking you long after he’s forgotten what everyone else gave him.

1. Scratch Map Clear
We’d put money on him not having one of these unusual gifts for men already! A Scratch Map is a wonderfully personalisable world map poster that allows you to create your own personal travel record by scratching off the countries you have visited, revealing the vibrant colours below. This clear edition is an even more unique gift as it is printed on clear acetate meaning that when you scratch off the foil of a place you have visited, they literally disappear leaving only the outline and relevant topographical information. Would look great on a coloured wall or interesting background and makes an interesting house waring gift.

2. Hologram Viewer
When it comes to gifts for men who have everything, you need to start thinking about space age technology that he can’t possibly have discovered himself yet. Step forward Hologram Viewer! No longer reserved for Obi Wan and Marty McFly, this futuristic little gadget allows you to make and create your own Holograms. He’ll have hours of fun playing with this quirky gift.

3. Milk Light
If you need gift ideas for men who are so cool they drink beer out of jam jars and coffee out of flower pots, then this is the gift for you. An uber cool rechargeable (environmentally friendly) ambient light in the shape of an old fashioned milk bottle. Gifts for men don’t come more retro chic than that.

3 easy gift ideas for the hard to buy for

Some people are easy to buy gifts for; your sister tells you exactly what she wants every Christmas, your gran will be delighted with any sort of shiny ornamental tat, uncle Pete always wants and needs socks (if only so you don’t have to keep looking at the holes in his old ones) and the Dog wants absolutely anything she can eat. But then there’s that friend or family member who stumps you for gift ideas every time. They say; ‘oh don’t worry about me, I don’t need anything.’ And they’re right; they already have everything they could possibly want and lots more things they don’t want too (courtesy of previous bad gift buying decisions). So what do you get them? How about one of these 3 easy gift ideas for the hard to buy for.

1. Scratch Map Original
If you’re looking for gift ideas for the hard to buy for, then your first stop has to be the Scratch Map Original. We defy anyone not to love a Scratch Map and all it represents. The only person we think might not love one as a gift would be maybe someone who’s afraid of flying, and even they could appreciate it as an inspiration to overcome their fear. The Scratch Map Original is a unique gift idea as it allows them to create their own personal travel record by scratching off the places they have been.

2. Smartphone Projector and Speaker Gift Set.
If you’re looking for unusual gift ideas for the man or woman who has everything, may we recommend our home cinema in a box; Smartphone Projector and Speaker Gift Set. This is a great gift for a movie lover but will be loved by all as it can project onto any wall and comes completed with surround sound! They can use it to watch films on their bedroom wall at night, screen home movies or take it on holiday for rainy evenings.

3. Bready Made
If you’re still stumped for cool gift ideas for the hard to buy for, who never like anything you get them, then there’s no point forking out for a nice jumper / some cute earrings that they will probably hate and send straight to the charity shop. Why not get them a novelty gift and make them smile instead? Our Bready Made novelty bread cutter will inject a little bit of fun into their kitchen whoever they are.

5 cool gifts men never knew they needed

You know that thingy you got for Christmas last year and you thought; ‘what on earth am I going to do with that?’ And now you honestly don’t know how you’d ever live without it? Well, we specialise in just those kind of cool gifts they never knew they needed. So if you’re looking for cool gift ideas for birthdays or Christmas presents that are fun and useful; here are 5 cool gifts they never knew they needed.

1. Ginger Cat Screen Hook

Have you ever been just about to leave the house and you can’t find your keys / sunglasses / headphones / (insert essential piece of kit)…? Annoying isn’t it? Well, now you can eliminate this daily ordeal for a friend by giving them a Ginger Cat Screen Hook. This cool little gift sticks to screens, tables or shelves so can also be used at home or in the office.

2. Smartphone Magnifier

You know when you’re in the bath and you really want to watch an episode of Game of Thrones but the screen’s too small on your phone and you can’t tell whether it’s Tyrion or Tywin Lannister you’re looking at? Smartphone Magnifier to the rescue; just load your phone into the cardboard TV and it instantly increases your screen size to 8”. Viola.

3. Scratch Map Original

Before the invention of the Scratch map we had to rely on our memories to bring to mind our collective traveling experiences. And when you’re jet setting here there and everywhere as so many of us are these days, it’s hard to remember where you’ve been and where you haven’t. But give someone the gift of our Scratch Map Original and they’ll be able to check and see where they’ve scratched off and where they haven’t, and where is still left to explore.

4. No Sew Buttons

When it comes to unusual gifts for men, he’ll wonder how he ever did without this little box of gems. Does exactly what it says on the tin, he can keep it in his drawer at work for those post-lunch shirt popping emergencies.

5. Waterproof Notebook

Following on the cool gifts for men theme, he’ll be able to write his memoirs in the bath, or make study notes by the pool with the invention of this cool gift.