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Large World Map Poster, The Scratch Map XL

Map of the World large

Enjoy it large for the “Wow” factor. Make a statement with this extra large Scratch Map of the World. A very wise statement would be like the Chinese proverb “you learn a little by what you see, you learn a little by what you hear, but you learn most by what you do” By buying the scratch map gift you are already on your way to doing what your heart desires.

Map of the World large

Large Map of the World with countries

Like the Original Scratch Map, the XL version has the signature gold foil to scratch off and reveal the detail of the places visited changing the country’s into colourful memories and guiding you at a glance to your next destination.

If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. ” out of sight, out of mind”. This large white glossy blank laminate is waiting for you to uncover the wonders of the world. See It and Do it. You better believe it!

3 Perfect Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Making it easy to find that perfect gift with these 3 unique personal gifts for men to suit a variety of characters who have everything. A showman who likes to put on a party for his friends with an element of surprise and fun, or the active man who dreams of travel and adventure’s in new places, or maybe a practical man that likes to have the right equipment for that outdoor activity.

Chain Bottle Holder

Taking us out of our conventional thinking this everyday object has been skillfully engineered into a unique sculpture for the functional purpose of a wine bottle holder. Forget your dull wine rack, with this eye catcher you can impress your guests with the illusion that the wine bottle is floating which may make you think, you have had one too many !.

Scratch Map Personalised World Map Poster

It seems today that more and more young people are seeing the world, often hearing people saying, ” oh they have gone off back packing before they settle down into their chosen careers”. This is a wonderful experience but it is never too late to make your mans dream a reality. Does he like trekking and watches a lot of nature programs ? perhaps walking up Kilimanjaro, or cycling the Great Wall of China, or skiing near Lake Tahoe. The personalised world map will encourage such trips and scratch the foil covered places to reveal the colours of the big World out there. Perhaps you will cross paths with your kids in Hong Kong as you refuel.!

The Explorer Bottle

Is the perfect gift for men who take their outdoor activities seriously. They have got their camouflage pants, gore tex jacket and the latest in high tech hiking boots. The Explorer Bottle featuring a carry loop will fit nicely to their ruck sack. This reusable stainless steel water bottle with bamboo screw lid and anodised matte black finish will complete the look and get him to the end of his course.

You Find The Character In Your Men, and We Will Find You The Perfect Gift.

3 Smartphone Gadgets For Men

Got to love a gadget man who makes life easier and knows how to have fun. Don’t know about you, but I am always impressed when a man get’s the right tool out just at the right time. Where does he keep them all ?
Here are 3 ingenious and novel gadget gifts to delight

Luma Smartphone Light

This quirky little lamp shaped luma light will clip to your Smartphone and give you a soft nightlight. This small light weight gadget is convenient to pack for camping trips, road trips and festivals. A portable nightlight to avoid going ” bump ” in the night. Available with a red or grey clip

Undercover Phone Sleeve

This is a really useful gadget to keep all your personal items safe. always loosing those car keys, things falling out of your pockets and getting lost or stolen. The secret phone sleeve is disguised as a battered envelope but is in fact a very strong easy to handle holder made from tyvek and is shockproof and waterproof. The envelope looks like a real manila envelope with a label and stamp marks but inside is a luxury red satin lining to protect personal property.

Smartphone Speakers

Music really took to the streets after the invention of the boombox in 1969. It became crucial to break dance with the ghetto blaster and then later in the 80’s for impromptu rapping. This retro portable speaker box packs an impressive volume and sound for a picnic in the park.
The cute cube shaped speaker is compatible with Smartphone, MP 3 player and laptop and you can choose a black pitted leather look with chrome corners or comes in brown with copper. Have a great day out with this easy to carry speaker with 40 hours playback.

3 Unusual Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

For the man that has everything we have to look at what he is in to and then find something unusual that will not only surprise but he will be able to use it for recreational pleasure or practical enhancement.

Using a bit of lateral thinking will serve you well in choosing just the right gift, for instance one would associate the portable speaker with a party in the park but perhaps he likes to listen to the sports why the family get on with their day out with a little pocket money persuasion for that ice cream of course !

Pocket Tin Speaker

A rechargeable portable speaker in a smart silver metal tin with raised scripture is a smart looking gift. Small enough to fit in your pocket but loud enough to fill a room.No more lonely walks when you need a bit of encouragement and motivation to get to your destination, or perhaps your at the beach with a group of friends and want some chill out music to relax to.

The Pocket Tin Speaker comes with a USB lead and features 12 hours playback so spotify your favourite tunes and enjoy a no stress day.

Adventure Journal

Record your thoughts and personal travel information in the 64 pages of this quality matte black finish travel journal. More like a good friend really encouraging you to act out your dream adventures, with 300 bucket list ideas that will inspire but then could lead to your own ideas and aspirations. The Adventure Journal gives you that push to express yourself with the added fun of 8 mini Scratch Maps, just like the poster size world maps, covered in gold foil to reveal personalised journey. Comes in a high quality card folder, useful to protect and keep travel documents safe.

Camera Light

Take the ordinary object of the original camera and turn it into a cool retro light. Any budding photographer will find this gift very endearing and anyone who likes an unusual but useful item to enrich a rooms decor or to take on trips for a subtle ambience and good nights sleep. The charge lasts 12 hours and comes with a USB cable.

Cool Gift Ideas For The Man That Has Everything

Welcome to stress free shopping. Haven’t got the time to search ? Then just copy and paste these super cool gift ideas for the man that has everything. Birthday coming up ? No worries you have it saved.

Scratch Globe

This 3D structure is a tactile globe made from strong laminate cardboard. A shiny white surface with gold foil maps of the country’s of the World to visit and then scratch off to reveal your personalised journey.
A vibrant colourful jigsaw image will emerge as you realise your dreams of travel that can be a record of memories and a decorative piece for your desk or mantelpiece.

Milk Light

Your turn for breakfast ? Don’t milk it ! or get blinded with the main light so early in the morning this Milk Light with outer glass and inner translucent milk bottle shaped light, shines softly.
A designer light to surprise the mind from milk man days of our past and how it can been used to create functional objects.
A rechargeable light includes a micro USB cable and lasts for 6 hours. It is rainproof and and portable, so really useful to take on camping trips and festivals.

Adventure Wristband

Super cool fashion slap and stick to your wrist in a rugged brown leather look portable USB band. Carry’s up to 1000 photo’s with 8 GB memory.This rain resistant accessory is great for outdoor adventures but stylish enough for the office. The Adventure Wristband is presented in a traditional bottle green and copper colour tin.

Gift Ideas For The Man That Has Everything

Great gift ideas for the man that has everything except he hasn’t been everywhere and it’s still on his to do list. No stress, take it easy and choose from these super functional personalised gifts that will shorten the wish list and get that man organised.

Waterproof Notebook

No more excuses of bit’s of paper getting lost or damaged from a spilt drink. This deluxe notebook is made from stone paper and has 80 water resistant pages.Write anywhere with this all weather journal with confidence.
The best ideas and aspirations come to us when we are relaxed, so usually in the bath or out walking when you want to write it down straight away or it’s gone. Hard if you have wet hands but with this 100 % waterproof notebook you will never loose it again.

In – Car – Nito

Made from reinforced cardboard this distressed green covered secret box,looks like a vintage novel book. It’s a perfect place to through bit’s and bob’s in that usually end up rolling around the dashboard gathering dust but also items like your satnav when parking in the city rushing for that important meeting.
Keep your belongings safe and your car tidy with this useful disguised box with magnetic closing lid.

U K and Ireland Scratch Map

The to do list starts here with all the magnificent places you think you know because you live here. If you feel like Shirley Valentine and your partner spends too much time in the shed, then get your head together and start your personalised trip of discoveries without the need for a long haul flight. Together you can visit Cheddar Gorge with amazing caves, North Devon for amazing surf beach , Scottish Highlands for remote mountain beauty and ski holidays, and national parks like Yorkshire Dales from Emmerdale, fishing villages in Cornwall, battle sites and castles in the Midlands, the Welsh valleys or the great cities of London, Dublin and Edinburgh. Scratch away your homeland knowledge with the great U K and Ireland discovery.

Cool Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything And Wants Nothing

Cool gifts and gift ideas for men

Being “cool” is being unique and being yourself. Your cool guy will be of a friendly disposition and a confident doer who likes to have fun. That is why he will appreciate these thoughtful gifts.

Glow In The Dark Star Map

From a great range of inspirational Scratch Maps developed and made in the UK we look up to the sky at the perfectly formed patterns and know that we are the same. Glow in the Dark Star Map poster is made from quality laminate and looks great on the wall, but in darkness the magic of the constellations has a calming affect. Being cool is keeping your cool. The stars glow in the dark for astrology delight and zodiac sign information. Presented in a lovely matte black tube easy for storage and wrapping.

Cool gifts for men that have everything

Smartphone Speaker

A cool cube shaped speaker designed in the retro original style in leather look black or teak with silver look corners. A real speaker but without the weight making it portable and usable on the move, out for the day at the park or party.
Plug in your smartphone and crank up the tunes with 30 hours playback. Takes 4 AA batteries and can be used with MP£ players and laptops.

Gifts ideas for men that are hard to buy for

Hologram Viewer

Create three dimensional images just like in the sci fi movies with the gift of the future. A personalised text message will be sent to the lucky birthday boy, with instructions on how to download and play their personalised content.
All you need to do is download the free app that comes with 3 videos to start you off. Create personalised messages on your phone and place into the viewer for an impressive unique message maker in 3 D to send to friends.

Cool gift ideas for him

Top Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything And Wants For Nothing

Welcome to your time saving gift selector for ladies who prefer to lunch and haven’t got the fogigiest idea where to start looking for top gifts for the man who has everything and wants for nothing.

The Envelope Tech Sleeve

Disguise and protect your laptop with this smart slim profile sleeve inspired by the classic manila envelope.with an original feature of the woven covered band and discs to wrap round securing the contents.
Made from a strong tear proof material in the Manila brown classic colour with copper writing detail. A top gift with a lovely quality grey felt interior to protect the laptop whilst on the move or keeping it clean from dust or intruding sticky fingers.

Gifts for men

Stamp Map

Put your own stamp on the world, and get involved in your personalised travel program. From the range of original scratch maps for people planning and learning and sometimes dreaming of seeing the many wonders of the world this is one of the latest additions with detailed information and facts to reveal.This Kraft and copper foil map includes 2 brass stamps, one stamp to mark off the places you are planning to visit, and the other one to use when you have been marking your very own travel journey around the world.Ink pads included and very smart packaging to store or carry although it’s an attractive piece that would like great on any wall. Click here to view Stamp Map in more detail

Gift ideas for guys that have everything


Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. With this top quality Travel Journal you will enjoy making notes, in the planning and diary sections and getting ideas from the well organised checklist and suggestions to visit galleries or museums in cities around the world. The 8 personalised scratch maps will reveal interesting facts to reveal your journey and plan more adventures. The Travelogue comes in a fold out sleeve to store the journal, miniature scratch maps and any other travel document you want to keep safe. Available in natural, maroon red or navy blue.

Gift ideas for the man that has everything


Top 5 gadgets that guys will love for any gifting occasion

Coolest gadgets for him 2017

Taking the headache out of shopping for that personalised gift, we have the Top 5 gadgets for Men 2017 that are great fun and don’t cost a fortune.

Smartphone Projector

An entertaining retro replica projector to access film and music from your Smartphone. An environmentally friendly made gift based on the old slides that were loaded and shown in the dark to an excited audience. You do not need slides, just pop in your phone and let it roll. Turn out the lights and adjust the focus by pulling the lens in or out. A quality packaged gift with clear instructions cleverly written on the box itself. Click here to see more details on Smartphone Projector.

Top gadgets for men 2017

Smartphone Magnifier

Entertain and have fun anywhere with this retro design mock T V ready assembled. Just pop your Smartphone in and watch movies on this 8″ screen with friends on camp, at festivals or relax safely in the bath for a movie or sneaky football chill out. Click here to view the Smartphone Magnifier in more detail.

Cool gadgets for men 2017

Hologram Viewer

Get a taste of the future with this sci-fi Hologram Viewer creating three dimensional structures like the movie Iron Man and the Star Wars of the future. A personalised text message will be sent to the lucky recipient containing instructions on how to download and play contents.
Place your phone into the viewer and download the free app which includes 3 videos.Create personalised 3D hologram messages and send to friends, inviting them out for coffee or cheering them up just to show you care. The Hologram viewer comes in a quality design sci fi design packaging.

Gadgets for men hologram viewer

Milk Light

From the gadget gift range turning everyday objects into functional art pieces. I do believe it was “Ernie” who drove the fastest milk cart in the west, a chart topper which is well worth a look at the old video written by and starring Benny Hill. It reminds us of days gone by when you put the bottles out for the milkman to pick up, with a note saying ” not today thank you “.
This rechargeable milk bottle styled light last up to 6 hours and includes a micro USB cable. A rainproof portable light that will delight and come in useful for evening romantic light, relax in the bath or a cool night light for scaredy cats. Click here to view the Milk Bottle Light in detail.

Rechargeable Light Gadget

Sip Zip Bottle Opener

Do you love walking and picnics, and impressing that new date ? Then do not go out without a bottle opener. If you want to impress, then opening a bottle with your teeth and loosing one, or banging your favourite brew on a rock and loosing half of it is not the way to go. The witty zip styled bottle opener comes with a red or black clip so attach it your pocket and be cool on your date.

Cool gadgets for him

3 perfect gifts for men that have everything

If you’re looking for gifts for men who have everything and need a solution, take a look at our gift guide for something truly unique and usual.

For men who seem to have everything, choose either something like a unique arty piece with function, or a personal record motivator world map for an original gift or a really classy version of a practical everyday necessity.

Chain Bottle Holder

Chain wine bottle holderMade from chrome chain links, this initially looks like something you would lock your bike up with. And then for my next party trick ! , it seems the wine bottle is floating . The links have been welded together to curve upwards like a snake to hold the bottle up. An individual and unique designer gift to impress guests at a party with it’s illusion style of an everyday object.

A contemporary artistic object with functionality.

Scratch Map Personalised World Map Poster

Made from hard wearing laminate this World map poster does not crease when taken out of it’s luxury card tube handsomely decorated with shiny map images. Start your very own personal travel record around the world by hanging this attractive map on your wall and start planning.
An authentic map with a gold foil layer covering the country’s of the world. Scratch off as you have travelled to reveal those cultural cities, deserts, oceans and islands.
More detailed information is colour coded along the bottom to use along side the country visited detailing highest peaks and largest lakes.A gift to help make dreams a reality.

The Personal Travel Record World Scratch Map is an original gift

The Explorer Bottle

Active men need their fluids even if that activity involves going to a football match or a spot of night fishing.
A robust reusable stainless steel water bottle is every bit the explorer bottle in looks and practical design. It really looks the part for survival with a anodised black finish and silver etched logo image. An embossed bamboo screw lid and carry loop to secure to rucksack or belt finishes off this quality travel essential.

A luxury practical gift for the explorer.