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5 cool gift ideas for men perfect for any occasion

Men are sometimes very hard to read and understand. Since most of them are egotistical and quite secretive, this makes it hard to know what to gift them. Be it on their birthday or for a promotion, you can never be sure what would be perfect for them. To understand what is perfect for them, you have to think like a man. Despite being so secretive, there’s always something they love doing or watching.

At Luckies, we have a wide variety of items for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want something for your son or daughter or spouse or parent, we have it all! Most men will tell you that they don’t even require you to give them any gifts but deep down they’d want to receive affection. Let’s take a look at five gifts you can give any man in your life and be sure to please them with it. These gifts are perfect in their own right.

Scratch Maps

These framed maps are perfect for any member of the family especially the men. We offer a wide range of scratch maps from the Deluxe XL to custom maps. Since most men are huge fans of sports, therefore, we can customize a sports-themed map for them. Be it a global map or a national map, all this is possible at Luckies Shop. Scratch Maps are fun for men because they will encourage them to travel more and they can even use them to brag about their escapades all over the world. Rest assured that a scratch map is ideal for a man.

Rose Gold Scratch Map

Smartphone Bluetooth Speaker

As we all know, music is the food for the soul. Men will never admit it but they love music as much as everyone else. Buying a Bluetooth speaker for your husband is the best gift you could ever give him. He can now listen to his music playlist whereever he goes. It will now give him the chance to show off his favorite songs to his friends using his new speaker. It is long lasting and can stay for about four hours before requiring to be charged.

Bluetooth smartphone speaker

Smartphone Projector

Who does not like movies??? Imagine if you could watch any movie you like from anywhere at any time. Buying this portable projector for your son or husband is perfect. He can now store any movie he wants on his phone to use on this projector wherever he is. He can even brag to his friends about it.

smartphone projector

Camera Light

Men like unique and very unusual gifts. They want something they can talk about to their friends. A camera themed bed light is perfect for a young boy. Cameras are quite the rage these days and having one as a bed light will be the start of sweet dreams.

camera light

Condiment Set

We all know men can be a bit disorganized. Sometimes they don’t even know where they put the spices needed in the kitchen or even the utensils. Buy your man a Food Factory Condiment Set which is really eye-catching and hard to ignore. It will help him organize his spices and salts that he will need while cooking or grilling.

condiment set

Leaving presents for him

Leaving presents and leaving gift ideas

If you’re looking for leaving gifts for a male colleague you’re probably trying to find the right balance between something thoughtful and memorable, and over the top sentimentality.

A bunch of flowers doesn’t last and is too, well, flowery. And booze is all well and good but it lacks the personal touch that shows how much they’ll be missed around the office. You could get them a t-shirt with a photo of your face printed on it so that they NEVER FORGET YOU. But here are some slightly more low key and less creepy ideas for leaving presents for him.

Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY

This is an awesome gift for movie buffs, film lovers and TV binge watchers. This Smartphone Projector in a box allows it’s owner to project movies onto any wall so you can create your very own open air cinema in the garden or simply watch movies the old fashioned way (in bed). This special DIY edition would make the perfect leaving gift for him because it does black and with 4 coloured pens for you and the rest of the office to doodle and leave your messages of good luck / good riddance for the future.

Leaving presents for him

Milk Light

If you’re looking for unusual leaving presents for him that will stand the test of time and he can keep at home to remind him of his old office chums, then how about our Milk Light?

This stylish ambient lamp gives of a warm peaceful glow and with it’s rechargeable battery is Eco friendly too.

It’s designed to look like an old fashioned milk bottle so perhaps you could give it to someone who remembers the good old days when you had to order your milk from the milkman!

Leaving presents for him

Scratch Map Original

If you’re looking for leaving present ideas for someone who’s off travelling then this is the ideal unique leaving gift.

A Scratch off Map of the world so they can create their very own personal travel record. They’ll be thanking you long after they return from their grand adventure, and hopefully invite you round to show off how much of their map they’ve managed to scratch off.

Leaving presents for him

The best stocking fillers for him 2017

As you may already know (because we spend a lot of time telling you), one of our favourite things to do is to find awesome Christmas gifts and presents for you to give to loved ones and friends and take all the credit for. We’re like a silent stealth Santa – always coming through for you with the goods but never one to hang around to bask in the glory come present opening day. And this year is no different. We’ve found so many cool stocking filler ideas we can barely keep track of them all, so this handy little gift guide is as much for us as it is for you! Here are the best stocking fillers for him 2017.

1. Hang Up

In at number 1 is the brand new invention from Luckies; Hang Up. This ambient light can be hung in the wardrobe to help him get dressed for those early starts, and hopefully avoid anyone asking whether he get dressed in the dark that day!

2. Adventure Wristband

The perfect stocking filler sized Xmas gift. This 4GB USB slap-on wristband is great for travellers who like to take lots of photos as one of these can hold up to 1000 photos!

stocking fillers for him

3. Smartphone projector 2.0 Black & Gold

Good enough to be a main present but if you’re looking for top notch stocking fillers then this is a safe bet. His very own home cinema in a box; if he’s always wanted his very own projector to watch movies the old fashioned way then this will make the perfect Christmas gift.

Best stocking fillers for him

4. Stamp Map Passport

This passport sized travel log will make the perfect stocking filler for people who have to travel for work. They can stamp off the places they have visited as they go and mark the ones they are still yet to discover.

Stocking fillers for him

5. Nessie Family Gift Set

If he’s one for pottering about in the kitchen and cooking up a storm, then he’d love to find this family of mini Nessies in his stocking this year. There’s a colander, a ladle and a tea infuser.

3 cool housewarming gifts for him

Housewarming gifts him

He’s done it! He’s finally taken the plunge and moved out on his own with his very own bachelor pad. Rather than spend sleepless nights worrying over whether he’ll be able to fend for himself, and who’ll wash his socks and make him eat his vegetables, why not help him celebrate his newfound home ownership with one of these 3 cool housewarming gifts for him.

1. Food Factory Condiment Set

If you’re looking for a housewarming gift for your son or nephew who’s recently moved into his first home then you can make sure he stays well fed with this condiment set in the shape of a factory. This stylish kitchen accessory in a matte black finish encourages a discerning approach to meal times with spaces for posh salt, pepper and chilli flakes, if he has a taste for the spicier things in life!

Housewarming gifts for new home owners

2. My Time

Help him stay organised so he doesn’t lose track of work meetings and, more importantly, lunch dates with you. My Time is a chalk memo board that is completely customisable. The chalkboard material comes on a self adhesive roll, simply cut off strips and stick them wherever you like. Write on the material with chalk like you would any other board, and wipe away when you need to change it. He can also pin important letters, receipts and birthday cards from you to it with the pins included.

new home housewarming gifts

3. Milk Light

If you’re looking for cool new home gift ideas for him and fancy getting him something stylish to decorate his new pad with, then give him one of our Milk Light’s. This battery powered rechargeable light is designed to look like an old fashioned milk bottle and gives off a warm ambient glow, making it a cool focal point for any room.

And we have plenty of other cool housewarming gift ideas for him in the shape of our Rocket Planter; a ceramic plant pot in the shape of a crashed rocket, Oil & Co. Pourer for any foodies out there, and Mapnetic; a magnetic map of the world to stick on his fridge. Any of these cool gift ideas will help give his new home a more personal touch.

3 innovative new home gifts and gift ideas

new home gift ideas

Looking for unique and unusual new home gifts far greater than the usual housewarming gifts? Take a look at our top 3 new home gifts for him and her.

It’s hard moving house. The clear out. The packing. The re-packing. The unpacking. And then you move in and everyone buys you a new home gift, and suddenly your new house is full of stuff you don’t need all over again. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t have to be the person filling another’s new abode with things they don’t want but politely accept. At Luckies, we have a wealth of products that work EXCELLENTLY as gifts for new homes. Whether you think they’ll need something for the kitchen, garden, office, or a nice map for the wall so that they can plan their travelling for after they’ve paid off the mortgage; here’s three gift ideas for when you’re on your way to a housewarming.

Get organised new home gifts – MY TIME

New home means reminders. Organising. The bin day has changed. They can’t remember the neighbours’s names. Fear not, My Time is a cool adaptable organiser. A chalkboard that comes like a roll of tape, you can stick this wipeable material anywhere. Fridges, mirrors. Soft enough to stick pins in, it’s the ultimate in customisable organisation.

New home gifts

New home gifts to for the kitchen – ROCKET PLANTER

Flowers are nice and everything, but they do eventually perish, and they’ll have a houseful. Our Rocket Planter is a cool, stylish plant pot, shaped like the back end of a rocket. Simply supply your own red or orange plant for the full fiery effect. Then if they accidentally cause it to die themselves, they can keep on replacing it.


Gifts for new home owners

New home gifts for the bedroom – HANG UP

An ambient light, perfect for the back of the bedroom door, in the deep, dark wardrobe, or equally adaptable to anywhere else they want to hang it. An IHA Global Innovation Awards Finalist, this beautifully designed light glows for up to 20 hours with AAA batteries. That’s plenty of getting dressed in the dark that can be avoided.

5 cool last minute birthday gift ideas

cool birthday gifts

Sometimes, no matter how many post-its you write yourself, no matter how many phone notifications you set up, how many calendars there are hanging in your house, you go on Facebook, and you see; it’s their birthday, and you my friend, have FORGOTTEN. Now, it wouldn’t matter quite so much, you could blame the postman, blame the website you ordered their gift from, (when you haven’t actually ordered them anything), blame a shop for being closed. But you if you have to go to their party, not only are you the guy who turned up empty handed, but you also have to make your paltry excuse in front of a bunch of other people, and you don’t want that. No one does. Luckies is here to save you with 5 cool last minute birthday gift ideas.

Last minute travel oriented birthday gift ideas

If your giftee is someone who likes jetting off, the Adventure Journal is the perfect present. A bucket list of overseas travel activities for the adventurous, plus 8 mini Scratch Maps for updating once the experiences have been completed. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Birthday gift ideas for travel

Birthday gift ideas for the home

Greenfingers? Space enthusiast? New home? There isn’t a person existing in 2017 that doesn’t have a cacti or a succulent, and where better to put one than our cool Rocket Planter? Complete the look for them by adding the gift of a red coloured houseplant, or just let them buy their own.

birthday gift ideas for the home

Gifts for birthday parties

If it’s more just a “bring something for the party” birthday situation, our Party Straws are the perfect gift. 24 straws, with 48 attachable mouths. Great for identifying drinks, and everyone else who brought a packet of napkins or a big bag of crisps will look really boring.

Cool gadget birthday gift ideas

The Camera Light is a great gift whether they’re a photography buff or not. A rechargeable light with lasting power of up to 12 hours on a full charge. A stylish addition to any bedroom, office, or even photography studio.

gadget birthday gift ideas

If you’re at a complete loss, make them promises to be fulfilled at a later date with our You Complete Me Birthday Puzzle. Simply complete the birthday cake puzzle, write your message and/or IOU, then disassemble and let them solve the puzzle for themselves when everyone’s gone.

Cool birthday present ideas for men

birthday present ideas

If you’re in search of some seriously cool birthday present ideas for men? We have put together an easy guide to ensure that the man in question isn’t disappointed. From dad’sbrothers, husbands and boyfriends we have something for all guys.

Cool birthday present ideas for guys that are hard to buy for

There are few activities one can engage in more daunting and fraught with danger than trying to buy a teenager a cool birthday present.

Not only are they going to have to open it in front of all their teenage friends, but they are also going to feign casual disinterest no matter what it is. Unless you’re able to obtain gold circle seats for Yung Whoever, or agree their present is for you to pay their phone bill for the next 10 years. “cheers” is probably the most emotional response you’re getting.

birthday present ideas for men

We know this, because we used to be teenagers!

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, and Luckies is here to rescue you from being the person who hands their nephew £20 straight out their wallet at the party. Although that is a reliable back up plan, and shouldn’t be dismissed in case of emergency.

Birthday present ideas for gadget lovers

The Milk Light is a rechargeable ambient light, that would look pretty cool lighting up any teenage dungeon. Perfect for a night light, or just as some extra light when a movie is being watched, or a video game played. It’s pretty unusual too, which will also score you brownie points. If there’s anything teenagers love doing, it’s sitting in the dark.

birthday present ideas for men

Birthday presents for tech lovers

The Luckies Smartphone Projector is bound to be a hit for exactly the same reasons. All teens want a telly in their room, but now you can save them the struggle of trying to get one. The Smartphone Projector is a gadget that can project video and apps straight on to a blank wall in the dark. Netflix, YouTube, you name it.

Birthday presents and ideas

Classic birthday present ideas under £20

If you’re really stuck, our CapitaLIST Perry Piggy Bank, he perfect way to let them save their own money for whatever it is they want. Write your birthday message on the side with chalk, and they can replace that with whatever it is they’re saving for. That way maybe you can get away with giving them the 20 quid after all. Tell their parents you’re trying to teach them the value of saving money, and you’re golden all round.

Hopefully that makes it all a little scary, but we guess the only way to know how they really feel about your present is to check their tweets afterwards to see if they’ve called you any names.

Brighten Up Your Office with Must Have Fun Stationery

rainbow post it notes fun stationery

Being at work can be tedious when in a routine. Like we eat with our eyes, we can also create that visual vibe to elevate that same old day into a feel good vibe simply by surrounding ourselves with nice things. If you work in an office, then why not brighten up your surroundings, smile through the day with these cheerful must have fun stationery items that will turn your work into pleasure.

Wild Tape

When you are tasked at those ledgers and quotes you can really be enjoying that safari you have been promising yourself. brighten up your desk with the wild and wonderful plywood shaped tape holders. Dot your desk with giraffe, zebra and leopard print tape on the animal shaped holders for a personal touch statement that says ” yes I am working but with the help of my animal friends, I am happy in my surroundings “. Funky, fun and functional stationery for the wild at heart that bring a smile to work.

Fun stationery tape

Rainbow Notes

Prepare files and make notes with the colorful rainbow sticky notes. No need for numbers and loads of files. just choose a color of the rainbow and use to organize your work load. Highlight your file and customize your clients with a color to save time and brighten up your office. 250 sticky notes and 5 colors to arrange your working week and shine a light on items pending. Somewhere over the rainbow is a job well done and a well earned rest.

Post it notes fun stationery

Matchstick pencils

Forever loosing your pencils, all over the desk or among the paper work lost until spring clean. The matchstick pencils are cute and safe in there own vintage box. The 10 wooden pencils are styled into matches and the red end being the eraser so when out on quotes and needing to make notes, just put that box in your pocket and all is at hand for this handy gadget stationery tool set. Fun stationery at it’s best and you won’t get your fingers burn’t or need a risk assessment on this job.

5 great housewarming gift ideas

Gifts for housewarming

If you’ve been invited to a z, it is customary to take a housewarming gift, and we don’t mean just bring a bottle of plonk to drink. The traditional housewarming gifts were originally; salt to keep life flavourful, bread so the family will never go hungry and a broom to sweep troubles away. But we don’t recommend you turn up with a loaf of Kingsmill, throw salt at them and offer a broom to sweep it up. You’ll probably be asked to leave and never return. Instead choose one of these 5 great housewarming gift ideas and you’ll be guest of honour.

1. Rocket Planter

If you want to stick to traditional housewarming gifts but still keep it cool, then why not get them this ceramic plant pot in the shape of a crashed rocket? You can complete the look with flame-like plants such as snake plant, aloe or house leek.

Housewarming gifts for new home owners

2. Framed Scratch Map Deluxe

For winning house warming gifts, you can’t go wrong with something from our Scratch Map Range. The Deluxe is our most luxurious and detailed map and makes a stunning piece of art work to hang on their brand new wall.

housewarming gift ideas

3. Food Factory Condiment Set

If you’re looking for housewarming gifts for men; perhaps you know a gent who’s just bought his first bachelor pad and needs to kit it out for instance? Then may we recommend this condiment set that looks like a smart black factory. It has a rubberised soft touch finish making it stylish and indestructible.

New home gifts housewarming

4. Scratch Map Gourmet

If you need new home gift ideas for a self confessed foodie then we have the ideal present, Scratch Map Gourmet edition. They can eat their way around Europe and scratch off their bucket list of local delicacies as they try them. It also makes a fun and quirky wall hanging whether they’ve completed the culinary challenge or not.

5.Milk Light

If you’re looking for a really unusual house warming gift then why not turn up with one of these cool gifts? This rechargeable ambient light is designed to look like a retro milk bottle and it’ll look fab in that brand new kitchen.

3 cool thank you gift ideas for her

thank you gift ideas

Sometimes when you fluff up, a card is enough. And sometimes, well, it isn’t. Whether you knocked the wing mirror off when you borrowed your mum’s car, tracked your muddy football boots through the living room, or forgot to book the flights for your girls holiday when they were cheap, sometimes it’s going to take more than a bat of the eyelashes to get you out of hot water. If you’re stuck for ideas, on a tight budget, or just desperate to make it right so you don’t have to sleep in the shed, we’ve got three ideas that might just save your neck.


You Complete Me is a heart shaped jigsaw that you put together, write on, and then break apart, allowing the lucky recipient who you wronged see your apology in writing. Maybe use it as an IOU for an apology dinner. If you really want your brownie points back.

Thank you gift ideas for her


What did you break? Whilst we’re not sure animal print washi tape has the power to mend broken hearts, it’s still a sweet, thoughtful gift that will make her laugh, especially seeing as you put a crack in her favourite mug when you bunged it in the microwave.

Thank you gifts for her


Ice Cream Socks, the perfect gift for a cute apology. Not only will she be able to keep her feet warm, but she won’t be able to get upset that you’re trying to ruin her diet by buying her actual real life ice cream. You could always buy the ice cream as well, and if she doesn’t want it, more for you. Everyone’s a winner!

Cool thank you gifts and gift ideas for her