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Best Travel Gadgets for Backpackers

If you’re looking for travel gadgets look no further! When you’re travelling around the world, your backpack becomes both your best friend and your worst enemy. Whilst it’s heavy as sin and so awkward you curse the day you decided to buy it instead of a wheeled suitcase, it contains all of your worldly possessions and is pretty much your life-line in many situations. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right things to go in it. Allow us to make a few suggestions…

Best Travel Gadgets for Hostel Hoppers

Milk Light Best Travel GadgetsHostel hopping can be great fun, but it definitely has its downsides. Like when you want to go to the toilet at 4am but you have to navigate an obstacle course of backpacks in the dark, or you have an annoying bed neighbour who demands lights off at 9pm when you’re trying to read. Step in our range of night lights, like Milk Light or Camera Light – perfect for those situations when you don’t want to wake up the entire room with your iPhone torch.

Best Travel Gadgets for Solo Travellers

Going it alone can be hard, especially when you’re in a different continent, with nothing but your phone to keep you company. So if you know someone that’s braving the world on their own, why not get them our Pocket Tin Speaker – the perfect unusual travel gift that breaks the ice in any hostel room…Or if you know they’re taking their laptop for those long-distance Skype calls, why not try Undercover Laptop Sleeve? The perfect travel accessory to help keep their goods away from prying eyes.

Best Travel Gadgets for the Professional Traveller

For those folks that are lucky enough to be serial travellers and not spend more than a few token days in the office before the sand is between their toes again, you may have to think outside of the box when it comes to travel gifts. They’ve probably thought of all the essentials, but might not think to treat themselves to something a little different, like Travelogue Travel Journal that lets you plan your next move as you go, or The Explorer Bottle that will allow them to keep hydrated whilst looking good…

Must Have Travel Gadgets

Let’s face it, travel gadgets can make or break a trip away. Imagine the scene – you’ve spent 14 hours on a plane, 3 hours on a boat and 2 hours trying to fight the mosquito that has somehow got under your bed net. You go to charge your phone so you can plan what local delights to indulge in tomorrow, but you’ve forgotten your adapter. GAHHHH! Well, we here at Luckies know how important home comforts can be – that’s why we’ve compiled this list of must have travel gadgets that make the perfect travel gift for those of us with a healthy dose of wanderlust.

Must Have Essential Travel Gadgets

We’ve got the essentials covered, like The Explorer Bottle that will be your best companion when you’re hiking or the Round Luggage Tag to avoid those awkward airport skirmishes over the one-of-many black suitcases. Or choose from one of our handy bedside lights, like the battery powered Camera Light, or the super cute Luma Smartphone Light that’s powered by your phone.

Must Have Luxury Travel Gadgets

We’ve also catered for the luxury travel gift market, with gadgets like the Smartphone Projector. Use it in a hostel room to instantly become the most popular kid on the resort, or snuggle down in your cosy chalet with a romantic classic. Or why not try Pocket Tin Speaker? This handy travel accesorry will instantly turn any destination (beach / campsite / 12 hour train journey) into a party.

Must Have Unusual Travel Gadgets

And then there are the gadgets that you don’t even realise you need, like our bestselling Scratch Map® Travel map that let’s you plan where you want to go AND satisfyingly remove the foil from places you’ve already visited. Or for those that like to plan on the go, there’s the Travelogue Travel Journal, with eight mini Scratch Map® maps, and a notebook to record all their adventures, wish-lists and musings in.

Best Travel Gadgets for Long Haul Flights

If you have a penchant for visiting exotic places and faraway lands, you’ll know the pain of a long haul flight all too well. Having to crawl over five sleeping strangers every time you want to go to the toilet, listening to a baby scream for so long that you consider joining in, or forgetting what the tips of your toes feel like. But it needn’t be all bad – we’ve compiled a list of must-have travel gadgets for long flights that will have you wishing that 14 hour flight to Malaysia was longer…

Best Travel Gadgets for Long Haul Flights with Kids

Travelling with kids can be challenging at the best of times, let alone when you’re facing a 12 hour plane journey. To ensure you’ve got enough entertainment to keep the little ones busy, why not get creative and let them customise their suitcases with these quirky Luggage Label Stickers? Or settle them down at dinner time with these OMY Colouring Paper Placemats – perfect to keep them occupied while you tuck in to a stale cheese sandwich and an overpriced KitKat.

Best Travel Gadgets for Long Solo Flights

When it comes to solo travelling, it can be hard to occupy yourself for long periods of time – especially when your neighbour is asleep and the reading light is dimmer than your iPhone on low-battery mode. That’s why Luma Smartphone Light makes a perfect travel accessory for those lucky folks who are off on their travels. Or if they’re more of a spontaneous kind of traveller, the Travelogue Travel Journal makes a perfect travel gift for those planning their travels as they go!

Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights with Friends

Even the best of friends can struggle on long-haul flights. You’re both uncomfortable, the food is terrible, you’re both bored – it’s prime argument inducing situation. To keep the peace, why not try OMY Colouring Puzzles and OMY Magic Colouring Pens? Customise your own puzzle, then swap with your friend for a challenge. Or you could try the OMY Pocket Games and Colouring Roll – perfect for those times when you need a bit of a time out from each other!

Travel Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Is it just us or does it seem that these days, all our friends and family are sending us virtual postcards and jetting off to far – away destinations? Seeing holiday snaps has become a daily occurrence, with the travel bug hitting everyone from Grandpa Joe to best friend Lisa. Here at Luckies, we have a great range of travel inspired unusual gift ideas for you to spoil and surprise your loved ones all around the world with just a click of the mouse. We hope these travel gifts inspire you to go on an adventure too, for no other reason than…Treat.Yo. Self.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Virgin Traveller

Finding travel gifts for someone that is about to go on an adventure of a lifetime couldn’t be more fun – it’s almost like you get to go on the journey with them. Well, not quite but the waterproof Travel Style Folding Bag will keep them organised throughout their travels, with enough room for souvenirs, snacks and insect repellent. And as the name says, the bag conveniently folds up when it is no longer required – meaning no vital kilograms will be added before check-in at the airport. Win win.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Socially Savvy Traveller

You know that friend of yours who can’t go five minutes without updating their Facebook status? God forbid their phone runs out of juice before they post that 100+ likes travel snap. To avoid them losing their charger (and mind), be a good mate and help organise their suitcase with this stylish Charger & Cable Pouch.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Experienced Traveller

We all know someone that is constantly jet setting, making them slightly more difficult to please when it comes to sourcing unusual travel gifts. But we bet they still haven’t seen it all, which is why the Adventure Journal – complete with over 300 unusual bucket list ideas will treat them well. With 64 pages featuring ‘must do’ experiences from all four corners of the world, we bet even David Attenborough himself would still find something new to do.

Top 10 Travel Destinations on our Scratch Map® Poster

From the vagabond voyager to the lustrous wanderer, our selection of Scratch Map® posters make epic travel gifts for all explorers. Roam through our top ten travel destinations as you scratch back the foil, tracking your travels in true Luckies style.

10. France

Whatever happened to good old family holidays in the South of France? Go somewhere you can confidently say hello in the native tongue, uncover your scratch map and soak up the rays in Cannes. The cast of Made in Chelsea love it there and we’re sure you will too.

9. Thailand

If for your gap yaa you’re visiting Southeast Asia, then Thailand’s Full Moon party in Koh Phangan is not to be missed. Our Scratch Map® posters make perfect graduation and travel gifts for the sun-seeking student who just scraped a 2.1 because they were too busy buying neon face paint and headbands #YOLO

8. Finland

In at number three is Finland, home of Lapland and guaranteed to add a bit of Northern diversity when uncovering your Scratch Map® poster. Enjoy roaming around during their winter and make like a local by jumping from sauna to snow.

7. Antarctica

The only reason Antarctica is not in the top 5 of travel destinations on your Scratch Map® poster is simply because we’re not sure how you get there. Is there an airport? Must you only travel by ship, a very long time ago? Explore these big questions on your visit, and good luck!

6 Cuba

The cultural island of Cuba offers cigars, the Caribbean and Che Guevara. If you don’t know who that last one is then book your flight now. Actually, finish this blog, explore our travel gifts, check your passport isn’t out of date and then book it. Sorry, we’re being bossy.

5. Russia

Take the lead on the Scratch Map® poster race by uncovering the mammoth monster nation of Russia. Bigger than most continents, forget about the culture, this bad boy is worth visiting purely for your Scratch Map® poster.

4. Croatia

The latest fad all the cool kids are chatting about is Croatia, the coastline connoisseur of Eastern Europe. With island hopping, medieval museums and the main filming location of Game of Thrones, not having Croatia uncovered on your Scratch Map® poster is almost worse than not watching Game of Thrones. Who would do that?

3. The USA

From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Grand Canyon, the US of A has something to please every wanderlust fiend so it’s no surprise it’s number three on our top ten travel destinations.

2. Djibouti

Ever heard of Djibouti? No? Well neither had we until just now. Apparently they speak French there and apparently it’s lovely this time of year. In terms of scratch map competition, travelling somewhere off the beaten track will make you feel far superior and intelligent when speaking to friends “Oh, you don’t know Djibouti? It’s in Africa did you know…”

1. Brazil

It has the World Cup, it has the Olympics and it has it all. From bustling nightlife and booming street art to bucket loads of beauty, this South American country certainly has curves in all the right places. For this reason we proudly offer it first place in our top ten travel destinations on our Scratch Map® poster waiting to be uncovered.

How To Pimp Your Luckies Corkboard Map

Cork board Map is one of our best selling products, and it’s easy to see why this popular pin board is a hit! Who wouldn’t like to pin their travel memories on a map of the world made from cork…. Each piece of Cork board Map has an adhesive back so can be stuck to a clean dry surface easily, so the only tough decision is where to hang it. Whether you choose the kitchen, bedroom or living room, this cork message board looks stylish anywhere. We just thought you might like some inspiration for when it comes to putting things on it! So here’s our guide to pimping your Corkboard Map, Luckies style….


1) First things first, you’ll need to get that Cork board Map stuck to the wall of your choosing… Be sure to choose a spot out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources (so avoid the spot above the radiator!). Use the image on the front of the box as a guide for where each piece should be stuck, which once up will take up approximately 100cm by 48cm.

2) Get your Polaroids, postcards, photos and ticket stubs together and put them into piles for each location you’ve been to – in our pics we’ve gone for the minimal look and just used Polaroids. You’ll also need some string, blue tac and scissors.


3) Now you have your locations sorted, pop a pin into each one. Then take your string, and tie one end around each pin, stretch out the string to where you want your travel memories to be and cut about 10cm longer than that.

4) Place a lump of blue tac where you want your Polaroid, postcard or ticket stub to be for each location. The take the string and twist the end around the blue tac.



5) Now stick your travel memories onto the blue tac and cut off any excess string that might be visible hanging down.
How-To-Set-Up-A-Corkboard-Map-086) Repeat the pin, string, blue tak and sticking until you’ve covered your wall and Corkboard Map with all your awesome travel memories and experiences. Now stand back and admire your handiwork, and start planning your next adventure….!


Luckies Top Tips for making the most of your Summer holiday

If you’re in the midst of planning the ultimate sun and fun filled summer break with pals, take a look at our epic top tips for making the most of your summer holiday. Whether you’re scanning around for flights to Peru or have stumbled into Devon and need a place to pitch up for the night, with our expert guide to the travel apps and top travel accessories, your smartphone will be smarter and travel accessories trendier. *Ice creams not included*

Where to go

No longer do you have to traipse through copious amounts of glossy travel brochures working out when and where to go on holiday only to find out that the most affordable place was two nights in Moscow if you booked yesterday. Now you can get tech savvy with Skyscanner, the sharp flight comparison app that not only provides the most affordable flights but also comes up with suggestions of where to go. Feeling adventurous? Simply select ‘Destination anywhere’ and you may land yourself a cheap £18 return flight to Cologne. Bargain. With flights sorted, get sorted yourself with Airmail Travel Wallet, an essential travel documents envelope for all globe-trotters. Print out your booked flight information and add it to this handy travel wallet to ensure all those vital travel documents (passport, foreign cash, and tickets) are in one organised place.

Where to stay

Gone are the days of phoning up France and attempting to book a hotel in Paris by speaking English in your best French accent, this is the smartphone generation who demand all holiday hotel logistics to be just a click away with apps like Hostelworld and Airbnb. Whether you’re booking in advance and keeping an eye on your purse-strings or have found yourself in Copenhagen when interrailing; with these apps you’ll find hundreds of thousands of places to browse for all those travel-weary fingertips. Once you’re booked up you can start the fun part – packing! Make sure to pack On Air Toothbrush Cover, a cute travel toothbrush cover which is perfect for those resting up in different places.

Once you’re there

Once you’ve touched down in LA, Madrid or Rye (on the coast of England, it’s lovely there) it can be difficult knowing where to start exploring and more importantly, where to start shopping. With Travel Style Folding Bag, you’ll have 43L of spacious compact travel bag you can fill with unique gifts, souvenirs and duty free chocolate. GIANT overpriced Toblerones? We’ll have 12 please. To find activities and these perfect gifts use the nifty app, FourSquare and you’ll find everything from restaurants, shops and activities complete with fellow traveller ratings ensuring you don’t pick duff places.

Travelling back

Our final top tip for making the most of your summer holiday is how to travel back in style. By this time we hope you’ve managed to escape the Delhi belly, mosquito bites and rabies (contracted when stroking the rogue holiday dog), but if you are feeling a little worse for wear in the departure lounge then it’s a great idea to download FlightTrack to quite simply track your flight. You’ll get the most up to date information of your flight which means you don’t have to leave that lovely air-conditioned hotel room too early. Once home make sure you can easily identify your luggage on the conveyer belt with Petit Luggage Tag, or Tag Me Luggage Tag, two handy colourful tags which you can tie around your bag and provide personal details on in case your luggage ends up in Ghana but you’re stood at Gatwick.

Spring Break Margarita Recipe with Juice Bruce

Juice Bruce Squeezer by Monkey Business

If you’re lucky enough to be revealing the coloured foil underneath Mexico on your Scratch Map® world map poster this Spring Break, we think you need to get a margarita recipe down. Or if like us, you didn’t quite get your flights booked to Cancun in time (your bank account/annual leave said no) and need some consoling that you won’t be dancing around in a bikini to MTV bangers, just remember that when life gives you lemons (limes), make margaritas! So stop sulking, get a group of mates together, grab a paddling pool, throw on your sombrero and have your own Spring Break in your back garden with our cracking margarita recipe. After two of these, you won’t even be able to spell Cancun let alone be sad about it…

Serves 20-24

What you’ll need:

  • Large jug or punch bowl
  • Juice Bruce Squeezer
  • Nessie Ladle
  • Stirrer
  • Salt
  • 750ml bottle of tequila (tip: use a high quality, 100% agave tequila if you want a better chance at avoiding the hangover…)
  • 2 cups of Triple Sec or Cointreau
  • 1 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 lime (to flavour the rim of the glasses)
  • 2 bags of ice cubes


First things first, pour some salt onto a plate and cut one lime into wedges to rim the edge of the glasses with. You can do this right before you serve the draaaaanks for extra freshness. In the meantime, fill each glass with ice cubes to chill. You’ll throw these out before serving. Start squeezing the rest of limes with Juice Bruce. Once you’ve got a cup full pour it, along with the bottle bottle of tequila, 2 cups of Triple Sec or Cointreau into the jug and give it a good stir. Taste and add more orange liqueur if you think your margaritas need more sweet oranginess to balance the other flavours.

To serve:

Throw the ice out of the glasses, run a lime wedge round the rim of the glass and invert into the plate with the salt to give them a light dusting round the edge. Use Nessie Ladle to fill the glass with your delicious concoction and enjoy!

If you’re actually heading to Mexico and don’t want to worry about glassware, serve in our Party Cups instead. The quirky characters will distract you from the lack of salt around the rim of your glass…

Adventure Journal: #236 Pig Island – Big Major Cay, Bahamas

Adventure Journal by Luckies

Swum with sharks? Tick. Swum with Dolphins? Tick. Swum with pigs? What?! When it feels like you’ve done everything under the sun and dived with every giant fish under the sea, your next epic adventure should definitely be left in the brave hands of Luckies Adventure Journal, a wild travel bucket list with over 300 experiences around the world. In at #236 is Pig Island – Big Major Cay in the Bahamas where pigs really do fly (and by fly we totally mean swim).

Located in Exuma, West Bahamas, is the country’s most exciting secret, Pig Island – the official home of the swimming pigs. Unknown as to how these farm-yard friends originally came to live on Big Major Cay, every year thousands of tourists trot to these idyllic shores to fulfil one of the most unusual bucket list items our Adventure Journal has to offer. On this beach, nothing is a boar as you snorkel with Peppa Pig and her friends, take ample piggy selfies and relax with the Bahama’s finest selection of pork pies (that last bit was a joke, do not worry). If you’d rather leave the swimming to the pig pros then why not board one of the multiple yachts and vessels which feed our porky pals twice a day and enjoy this beautiful beach without getting your trotters wet?

If pigs don’t fully float your boat but you want to stick to the pork theme, why not visit Nassau Paradise Island, an island in the Bahamas formerly known as Hog Island. This is the ultimate land of the luxury and holiday destination with festivals of culture, relaxing spas, bountiful boutiques, savvy cruises and snorkelling (with fish this time).

If the sunbathing gets too much then head to Villa Doyle where you’ll find The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, the most important art institution in the Bahamas, plus great activity to impress the parents. Sticking with culture, head to Fort Fincastle Historic Complex in Downtown Nassau to find the major historic landmark of The Queen’s Staircase, the 66 stairs famously carved from solid limestone rock and later named in honour of everyone’s favourite power woman, Queen Victoria.

Adventure Journal: #53 Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Adventure Journal by Luckies

Already spent your gap year painted like a neon butterfly at Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party? Or maybe you’ve already done the whole trekking around South America to discover yourself, thang? If you’re getting stuck on ideas for your next epic adventure then you’re definitely a case for Adventure Journal, Luckies jam-packed travel bucket list with over 300 experiences around the world for you to uncover. Adventure #53 is the booming Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa’s highest mountain and ideal for those that wake up and fancy a bit of a life changing challenge. 

Located at the heart of Mt Kilimanjaro’s National Park, North Tanzania, is the main attraction of Mount Kilimanjaro. Standing 5,896 meters tall, this beast of a beauty is one of the highest dormant volcanoes in the world and the meanest, taking around 6 lives a year. Don’t let its tough reputation put you off though, around 25,000 keen trekkers hike up this bad boy every year and with our Adventure Journal top tips, you could make it 25,001 as you embark on the climb to Uhuru Peak, the top of Africa.

With it now compulsory to climb Kilimanjaro through an agency (you’ll be thankful when you’ve got a friendly porter helping you with your tent!) it’s no easy undertaking with the climb generally taking 6-8 days…and that’s for those that are in top-notch health (maybe step away from the porkpies and puddings well in advance of the set off date). However with the majority of routes like Umbwe or Marangu route the good news is that you don’t require specialist equipment like ropes or climbing experience, just sturdy footwear and bags of ambition.

Though Kilimanjaro isn’t famous for its wildlife, it is noted for the forever changing landscapes from cultivated farmland on the lower levels through to rainforests and the barren landscape of Kibo and Mawenzi, additional tough volcanoes. When it comes to grub, what’s on the menu is hearty, healthy wholesome food, provided through your agency, and as for the toilet facilities, let’s…urm, just agree that you’ll definitely be at one with nature…

If the thought of the trek scares the bejeezus out of you, or if you simply fancy exploring the rest of Tanzania, day trips are available leaving you time to adventure out to Ruaha National Park, Lake Victoria and Mafia Island where you’ll find safaris, scuba diving and fishing. For those that do complete the climb, on their final day of this awesome adventure you’ll find them sipping iced tea on the sandy white beaches of Pemba Island. And who’s to blame them! What have you done today to make you feel proud? CLIMBED A MOUTAIN, IS WHAT!