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Best Travel Gadgets for Backpackers

If you’re looking for travel gadgets look no further! When you’re travelling around the world, your backpack becomes both your best friend and your worst enemy. Whilst it’s heavy as sin and so awkward you curse the day you decided to buy it instead of a wheeled suitcase, it contains all of your worldly possessions and is pretty much your life-line in many situations. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right things to go in it. Allow us to make a few suggestions…

Best Travel Gadgets for Hostel Hoppers

Milk Light Best Travel GadgetsHostel hopping can be great fun, but it definitely has its downsides. Like when you want to go to the toilet at 4am but you have to navigate an obstacle course of backpacks in the dark, or you have an annoying bed neighbour who demands lights off at 9pm when you’re trying to read. Step in our range of night lights, like Milk Light or Camera Light – perfect for those situations when you don’t want to wake up the entire room with your iPhone torch.

Best Travel Gadgets for Solo Travellers

Going it alone can be hard, especially when you’re in a different continent, with nothing but your phone to keep you company. So if you know someone that’s braving the world on their own, why not get them our Pocket Tin Speaker – the perfect unusual travel gift that breaks the ice in any hostel room…Or if you know they’re taking their laptop for those long-distance Skype calls, why not try Undercover Laptop Sleeve? The perfect travel accessory to help keep their goods away from prying eyes.

Best Travel Gadgets for the Professional Traveller

For those folks that are lucky enough to be serial travellers and not spend more than a few token days in the office before the sand is between their toes again, you may have to think outside of the box when it comes to travel gifts. They’ve probably thought of all the essentials, but might not think to treat themselves to something a little different, like Travelogue Travel Journal that lets you plan your next move as you go, or The Explorer Bottle that will allow them to keep hydrated whilst looking good…

Must Have Travel Gadgets

Let’s face it, travel gadgets can make or break a trip away. Imagine the scene – you’ve spent 14 hours on a plane, 3 hours on a boat and 2 hours trying to fight the mosquito that has somehow got under your bed net. You go to charge your phone so you can plan what local delights to indulge in tomorrow, but you’ve forgotten your adapter. GAHHHH! Well, we here at Luckies know how important home comforts can be – that’s why we’ve compiled this list of must have travel gadgets that make the perfect travel gift for those of us with a healthy dose of wanderlust.

Must Have Essential Travel Gadgets

We’ve got the essentials covered, like The Explorer Bottle that will be your best companion when you’re hiking or the Round Luggage Tag to avoid those awkward airport skirmishes over the one-of-many black suitcases. Or choose from one of our handy bedside lights, like the battery powered Camera Light, or the super cute Luma Smartphone Light that’s powered by your phone.

Must Have Luxury Travel Gadgets

We’ve also catered for the luxury travel gift market, with gadgets like the Smartphone Projector. Use it in a hostel room to instantly become the most popular kid on the resort, or snuggle down in your cosy chalet with a romantic classic. Or why not try Pocket Tin Speaker? This handy travel accesorry will instantly turn any destination (beach / campsite / 12 hour train journey) into a party.

Must Have Unusual Travel Gadgets

And then there are the gadgets that you don’t even realise you need, like our bestselling Scratch Map® Travel map that let’s you plan where you want to go AND satisfyingly remove the foil from places you’ve already visited. Or for those that like to plan on the go, there’s the Travelogue Travel Journal, with eight mini Scratch Map® maps, and a notebook to record all their adventures, wish-lists and musings in.

Best Travel Gadgets for Long Haul Flights

If you have a penchant for visiting exotic places and faraway lands, you’ll know the pain of a long haul flight all too well. Having to crawl over five sleeping strangers every time you want to go to the toilet, listening to a baby scream for so long that you consider joining in, or forgetting what the tips of your toes feel like. But it needn’t be all bad – we’ve compiled a list of must-have travel gadgets for long flights that will have you wishing that 14 hour flight to Malaysia was longer…

Best Travel Gadgets for Long Haul Flights with Kids

Travelling with kids can be challenging at the best of times, let alone when you’re facing a 12 hour plane journey. To ensure you’ve got enough entertainment to keep the little ones busy, why not get creative and let them customise their suitcases with these quirky Luggage Label Stickers? Or settle them down at dinner time with these OMY Colouring Paper Placemats – perfect to keep them occupied while you tuck in to a stale cheese sandwich and an overpriced KitKat.

Best Travel Gadgets for Long Solo Flights

When it comes to solo travelling, it can be hard to occupy yourself for long periods of time – especially when your neighbour is asleep and the reading light is dimmer than your iPhone on low-battery mode. That’s why Luma Smartphone Light makes a perfect travel accessory for those lucky folks who are off on their travels. Or if they’re more of a spontaneous kind of traveller, the Travelogue Travel Journal makes a perfect travel gift for those planning their travels as they go!

Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights with Friends

Even the best of friends can struggle on long-haul flights. You’re both uncomfortable, the food is terrible, you’re both bored – it’s prime argument inducing situation. To keep the peace, why not try OMY Colouring Puzzles and OMY Magic Colouring Pens? Customise your own puzzle, then swap with your friend for a challenge. Or you could try the OMY Pocket Games and Colouring Roll – perfect for those times when you need a bit of a time out from each other!

Introducing: Scratch Map® Hello

Adele, Lionel Richie and Luckies all love to say hello. Fact. And though our pop-star sensations may have made the odd dollar bill doing so, can they sing this greeting in over 190 countries? Nope. Well, in that case Luckies may have marginally won this slightly biased competition thanks to Scratch Map® Hello poster.

Scratch Map® Hello world map poster is the newest addition to our Scratch Map® poster family and possibly the friendliest, with so many eager ways waiting to greet you. By removing the foil to reveal the bright neon coloured countries underneath, you can create a personalised record of your travels and pick up the local lingo as you go. From Salut and Salaam to Hej and Hallo (we could have guessed that last one), you’ll impress the natives with your widespread knowledge…even if your pronunciation is slightly off!

Making an epic and unusual gift idea for graduating students taking a gap year, all languages can be learnt and rehearsed ahead of them jumping from country to coast. Or perhaps your parents fancy their very own Michael Palin inspired travel around the world in 80 days? Well with Scratch Map® Hello poster, they can track their travels the modern way by removing the foil from every country. Having scratch map® posters framed and hung in prize position makes a great every day reminder of your adventure, and a somewhat subtle way to show off your travels to any home visitors!

And finally, let’s not forget those all-favourite trips away for blossoming love birds. Making a romantic and thoughtful anniversary gift, the two of you can keep a personalised record of your trips as you take on the world together, removing the foil one country at a time. And with next day delivery available, you’ll have the lingo learnt for all greetings in no time…we’ll just leave it up to you what language you choose when popping the big question. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Travel Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Is it just us or does it seem that these days, all our friends and family are sending us virtual postcards and jetting off to far – away destinations? Seeing holiday snaps has become a daily occurrence, with the travel bug hitting everyone from Grandpa Joe to best friend Lisa. Here at Luckies, we have a great range of travel inspired unusual gift ideas for you to spoil and surprise your loved ones all around the world with just a click of the mouse. We hope these travel gifts inspire you to go on an adventure too, for no other reason than…Treat.Yo. Self.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Virgin Traveller

Finding travel gifts for someone that is about to go on an adventure of a lifetime couldn’t be more fun – it’s almost like you get to go on the journey with them. Well, not quite but the waterproof Travel Style Folding Bag will keep them organised throughout their travels, with enough room for souvenirs, snacks and insect repellent. And as the name says, the bag conveniently folds up when it is no longer required – meaning no vital kilograms will be added before check-in at the airport. Win win.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Socially Savvy Traveller

You know that friend of yours who can’t go five minutes without updating their Facebook status? God forbid their phone runs out of juice before they post that 100+ likes travel snap. To avoid them losing their charger (and mind), be a good mate and help organise their suitcase with this stylish Charger & Cable Pouch.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Experienced Traveller

We all know someone that is constantly jet setting, making them slightly more difficult to please when it comes to sourcing unusual travel gifts. But we bet they still haven’t seen it all, which is why the Adventure Journal – complete with over 300 unusual bucket list ideas will treat them well. With 64 pages featuring ‘must do’ experiences from all four corners of the world, we bet even David Attenborough himself would still find something new to do.

Top 10 Travel Destinations on our Scratch Map® Poster

From the vagabond voyager to the lustrous wanderer, our selection of Scratch Map® posters make epic travel gifts for all explorers. Roam through our top ten travel destinations as you scratch back the foil, tracking your travels in true Luckies style.

10. France

Whatever happened to good old family holidays in the South of France? Go somewhere you can confidently say hello in the native tongue, uncover your scratch map and soak up the rays in Cannes. The cast of Made in Chelsea love it there and we’re sure you will too.

9. Thailand

If for your gap yaa you’re visiting Southeast Asia, then Thailand’s Full Moon party in Koh Phangan is not to be missed. Our Scratch Map® posters make perfect graduation and travel gifts for the sun-seeking student who just scraped a 2.1 because they were too busy buying neon face paint and headbands #YOLO

8. Finland

In at number three is Finland, home of Lapland and guaranteed to add a bit of Northern diversity when uncovering your Scratch Map® poster. Enjoy roaming around during their winter and make like a local by jumping from sauna to snow.

7. Antarctica

The only reason Antarctica is not in the top 5 of travel destinations on your Scratch Map® poster is simply because we’re not sure how you get there. Is there an airport? Must you only travel by ship, a very long time ago? Explore these big questions on your visit, and good luck!

6 Cuba

The cultural island of Cuba offers cigars, the Caribbean and Che Guevara. If you don’t know who that last one is then book your flight now. Actually, finish this blog, explore our travel gifts, check your passport isn’t out of date and then book it. Sorry, we’re being bossy.

5. Russia

Take the lead on the Scratch Map® poster race by uncovering the mammoth monster nation of Russia. Bigger than most continents, forget about the culture, this bad boy is worth visiting purely for your Scratch Map® poster.

4. Croatia

The latest fad all the cool kids are chatting about is Croatia, the coastline connoisseur of Eastern Europe. With island hopping, medieval museums and the main filming location of Game of Thrones, not having Croatia uncovered on your Scratch Map® poster is almost worse than not watching Game of Thrones. Who would do that?

3. The USA

From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Grand Canyon, the US of A has something to please every wanderlust fiend so it’s no surprise it’s number three on our top ten travel destinations.

2. Djibouti

Ever heard of Djibouti? No? Well neither had we until just now. Apparently they speak French there and apparently it’s lovely this time of year. In terms of scratch map competition, travelling somewhere off the beaten track will make you feel far superior and intelligent when speaking to friends “Oh, you don’t know Djibouti? It’s in Africa did you know…”

1. Brazil

It has the World Cup, it has the Olympics and it has it all. From bustling nightlife and booming street art to bucket loads of beauty, this South American country certainly has curves in all the right places. For this reason we proudly offer it first place in our top ten travel destinations on our Scratch Map® poster waiting to be uncovered.

5 Travel Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


If your better half has got the travel bug (clues: they’re forever rifling through Lonely Planet and have started using made up words like ‘wanderlust’), then it’s a safe bet that they’d love a travel related gift for Valentine’s Day. But with so many on the market, it’s hard to find an unusual gift that’s going to cut the mustard. Whether your partner is into trekking through the wilderness in South East Asia or just mooching around the English countryside, this handy V-Day gift guide for the travel obsessed lover has got it covered.

Tag Me Luggage Tag is a cute little airplane shaped bag tag that makes the perfect gift for the traveller that likes to accessorise. It’s also great for tackling those awkward moments at airports when trying to prove that plain black suitcase really is yours without rifling through your sundries mid airport lounge. It’s also available in two colours – perfect for adding a bit of style to your journey!

This next gift is great for anyone that’s been the unfortunate victim of a pesky pick pocket on their travels. Not only is the Undercover Phone Sleeve big enough to keep your MP3 player, keys, camera and bank card safe from prying hands, but it’s shockproof, splash proof, and tear proof! Cleverly disguised as an old envelope, it’ll keep your loved one’s valuables safe, and means that you can continue with those treasured Skype calls while they’re away!

Travelogue Travel Journal makes a great Valentines present for the wordsmiths among us – it’s a journal that’s ready made to plan trips with miniature Scratch Map® maps to complete on route, AND room to tuck in boarding passes, polaroids and notes. Why not up the ante and write a soppy Valentine’s Day note in the front, or hide some loving letters in the pages for your sweetheart to find on their travels?

If your other half is forever returning from trips with a pocketful of useless shrapnel in a myriad of currencies then this present won’t go unappreciated by both of you. Currency Money Bank is a piggy bank with a difference – six separate compartments mean your partner can organise their travel cash with ease! That and they’ll stop accidentally trying to buy you a Costa with Yen…

Last up on our list of travel gifts for Valentine’s Day is Shoes Pouch – great for those partners that need a bit of help organising their bits and pieces on holiday. If your lover is forever asking you to sit on their suitcase while they fight with the zip, then this makes a great unusual gift to give them a helping hand. And not only does it keep the dust and dirt from getting on their clothes, but it also keeps their stinky trekking shoes from contaminating the rest of the hotel. It’s so effective it’ll have you wondering whether it’s really a present for them or for you!

Unusual Gifts to Give to Your Travel Obsessed Friends


We all have that travel obsessed friend who found themselves aged thirteen, after a 20 hour long meditation, on a trek in India and since has refused to accept anything even remotely mainstream. Whether they’re your best friend, worst friend, boyfriend or Dad, these travel obsessed beings still have birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries and Christmases which means they still need gifts. So, if you want to avoid the insincere ‘oh thaaaanks’, take a look at our unusual gifts line up below…

Unusual Gifts for the On-The-Move Party Addict

Ever had one of those friends that’s always up for a party no matter where they are? The ones that don’t let the fact that they’re miles from home stop them from busting out the moves, and are always on hand with some form of entertainment? Boy have we found the perfect gift for them. Introducing the Pocket Tin Speaker – a compact and portable speaker that’s small enough to take on your travels but loud enough to fill a hotel room. So whether you’re getting ready for a night out in Ibiza or camping in the Hebrides, this mobile speaker is ready to start the party when you are. Luckies takes no responsibility for the quality of music played…

Unusual Gifts for the Hostel Hopper

If you’ve ever been in a hostel after lights out you’ll know how much you don’t want to be that person that burns everyone’s retinas by turning on the main lights to find your bed. That will never be an issue again with the Luma Smartphone Light, a cordless, battery free light that runs off your smartphone. It gives you enough light to read by or search through your things without starting hostel wars. Plus you don’t have to waste valuable sockets – a sore point when it comes to hostel hopping! Plug Tags can also help with this age old traveler issue, and make an unusual gift idea for anyone with a healthy dose of wanderlust. They attach at the base of your wires to identify whose plug it is and what they’re charging – never again will you feel the pain of returning after a day out and find someone’s accidentally unplugged your laptop or stolen your phone charger. Win!

Unusual Gifts for the Clean Traveller

If you’ve ever made the mistake of leaving your toothbrush loose in your bag whilst you’ve been away, you’ll probably have had to deal with a gritty mouth at least once on your travels. Ensure this doesn’t happened to your loved ones, with the On Air Toothbrush Cover – a cool gift idea for those guys and girls who love avoiding sandy-mouth syndrome on holiday. It’s also shaped like a retro style microphone, so they can use it to sing into in front of the mirror. Another unusual gift for your travel obsessed friend is the Inner and Sock Pouches – drawstring bags to stop your dirty undies getting mixed up with your clean ones. Amen.

Awesome Gifts For Children; Introducing Travel Games and Colouring In by OMY

Travel Games and Colouring In by OMY

Kids have all the fun. They don’t have to worry about getting that spreadsheet to their boss before that important meeting, they don’t have to worry about that urgent electric bill you’ve been hiding in the kitchen draw, and they certainly don’t have to worry about getting the angle right in their latest tinder photo. But let’s face it, they’ll have to join us in the rat race sooner or later, so how about making their youth as fun as we can by introducing them to OMY’s awesome travel games and colouring in range?

First let’s start off with the OMY Colouring Paper Placemat – perfect if you’ve been telling your kids to eat their greens and need a distraction while you tuck into your KFC. There are loads of designs to keep the little ones entertained, including; City Map, Games, Fantastic and Colour Graphic or Black & White Graphic, plus they come in packs of 24 so they’re perfect to keep up the fun at parties, or to spread out over a few dinners.

If your little one is a quick worker, and needs more of a project to sink their teeth in to, OMY Giant Colouring Roll XXL will make the perfect gift. After keeping them busy for hours, it can then be used as a tablecloth, or even diced up to create multiple art works to dole out to adoring family members. Your family fridges will never look so good! Use it at a party to entertain the troops, or as a way to bond over some colours with the kids – believe us, there’s plenty of it to go around.

Next is a colouring gift that would be ideal for on-the-go families – the OMY Pocket Games and Colouring Roll. Perfect for those long car journeys, in dentist waiting rooms or on those boring trips to Grandma’s, these pocket games are a handy travel size bundle of fun that comes with their own multicoloured crayon. There are loads of different designs, to change ‘Are we there yet’ into ‘pass the yellow!’. Who knows, your travels may be so good you’ll find yourself driving round the block just to enjoy the peace and quiet!

And we know what some of you are thinking – like hell am I letting my kid have anything coloured and permanent – we feel you. That’s why OMY have created Ultra Washable Felt Tip Pens, meaning you’ll never have to worry about that unplanned mural on the back of the sofa again. The pens are easily washable on skin and fabrics – all you need is a bit of soap and water. Perfect!

Introducing: Pocket Tin Speaker

Pocket Tin Speaker by Luckies

Pocket Tin Speaker is the perfect portable speaker – ready to set the mood with your choice of tunes any time, any place. We’ve all been there – you’re with a group of mates, you’ve had a couple of beers, you’re in the mood for an impromptu party. And whilst you’re doing your best to crank the heat up by singing the latest Beyonce song with all the gravitas you can muster, you’re just not doing it justice…

Let us introduce your musical saviour – the Pocket Tin Speaker by Luckies. This compact and portable speaker is small enough to fit in your pocket, but loud enough for an instant dance party. So whether you’re feeling frisky in a field, twerking on your table at work, or slut-dropping in Sainsburys, you can always hear music as God intended – loudly, instantly, and out of a portable speaker.

Pocket Tin Speaker is also chargeable by USB lead, so all you need is a universal USB plug, laptop or PC to recharge the batteries you’re laughing. It’s also pretty hardy due to its tough metal exterior, although we wouldn’t recommend leaving it with that one friend who gets drunk and ends up dropping things down the toilet. You know who we mean.

Pocket Tin Speaker is the perfect travel accessory, combining practicality with fun – use it to make friends on the train, turn your picnic into a music festival, or just to drown out the sound of your siblings on that annual family road trip to see Grandma… It’s got up to 12 hours playback, so as long as she doesn’t live further than Scotland, you’re good.

But whilst the Pocket Tin Speaker is the perfect travel accessory for playing your fave mash ups on the go, we can’t take responsibility for your music choices… if you’re at a Drum n Bass rave and you plug in your Spotify playlist of Justin Bieber’s best hits, don’t blame us when no one accepts your friend requests on FB the next day…