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5 cool gift ideas for men perfect for any occasion

Men are sometimes very hard to read and understand. Since most of them are egotistical and quite secretive, this makes it hard to know what to gift them. Be it on their birthday or for a promotion, you can never be sure what would be perfect for them. To understand what is perfect for them, you have to think like a man. Despite being so secretive, there’s always something they love doing or watching.

At Luckies, we have a wide variety of items for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want something for your son or daughter or spouse or parent, we have it all! Most men will tell you that they don’t even require you to give them any gifts but deep down they’d want to receive affection. Let’s take a look at five gifts you can give any man in your life and be sure to please them with it. These gifts are perfect in their own right.

Scratch Maps

These framed maps are perfect for any member of the family especially the men. We offer a wide range of scratch maps from the Deluxe XL to custom maps. Since most men are huge fans of sports, therefore, we can customize a sports-themed map for them. Be it a global map or a national map, all this is possible at Luckies Shop. Scratch Maps are fun for men because they will encourage them to travel more and they can even use them to brag about their escapades all over the world. Rest assured that a scratch map is ideal for a man.

Rose Gold Scratch Map

Smartphone Bluetooth Speaker

As we all know, music is the food for the soul. Men will never admit it but they love music as much as everyone else. Buying a Bluetooth speaker for your husband is the best gift you could ever give him. He can now listen to his music playlist whereever he goes. It will now give him the chance to show off his favorite songs to his friends using his new speaker. It is long lasting and can stay for about four hours before requiring to be charged.

Bluetooth smartphone speaker

Smartphone Projector

Who does not like movies??? Imagine if you could watch any movie you like from anywhere at any time. Buying this portable projector for your son or husband is perfect. He can now store any movie he wants on his phone to use on this projector wherever he is. He can even brag to his friends about it.

smartphone projector

Camera Light

Men like unique and very unusual gifts. They want something they can talk about to their friends. A camera themed bed light is perfect for a young boy. Cameras are quite the rage these days and having one as a bed light will be the start of sweet dreams.

camera light

Condiment Set

We all know men can be a bit disorganized. Sometimes they don’t even know where they put the spices needed in the kitchen or even the utensils. Buy your man a Food Factory Condiment Set which is really eye-catching and hard to ignore. It will help him organize his spices and salts that he will need while cooking or grilling.

condiment set

3 Top stocking fillers for him

xmas stocking fillers him

If you’re spending your first Christmas together as a couple it’s very important to get the Christmas presents right. One of you at least will be spending it away from their family (both of you if you’re lucky!) and there’s always that pressure to make sure it feels ‘Christmassy enough’, which basically means: like it did when you were a kid. One way to do this is Stocking fillers! It’s all very well getting them a super duper main present but it’s the stocking fillers that are the true spirit of Christmas. Stocking filler ideas for men can be particularly challenging, but you can’t go wrong with these 3 top stocking fillers for him.

1. Stamp Map Passport

If he’s the kind of guy who loves the thrill of a fresh new stamp in his passport then this is the xmas gift for him. Styled like a passport with a page for filling in your personal information plus 27 more pages of world maps for you to stamp when you’ve visited them. Simply change the head of the wooden stamp to mark places you want to travel to with an “X”, and stamp all the rest with “VISITED” creating your very own travel record and travel bucket list in one!

Stocking fillers

2. Hologram Viewer

The problem with Christmas as you get older is that you don’t get any toys to play with on Christmas Day. Until now! Wrap one of these up in his stocking this year and he’ll be able to create and view his own holograms! Which will keep him quiet for hours so you can watch Dr Who, or the Queen’sChristmas stocking fillers for him speech if you’re so inclined. To view Hologram Viewer in detail click here.



3. Hang Up

The latest innovative gadget from Luckies. This copper hanger doubles as an ambient light for when he’s up at the crack of dawn and needs to shed some light on the situation. It’ll throw a soft light over the contents of his wardrobe so he can get dressed in the dark without making any fashion faux pas! Or waking you up hopefully. To view Hang Up in detail click here.

5 Secret Santa gifts for him

Secret santa gifts

Eek! It’s Secret Santa gifts next week and you have zero gift ideas of what to get. You’ve picked a name out of the hat of someone you barely know and are racking your brains to think of something fun, appropriate and affordable to get them. Well, don’t worry, we’ve compiled our list of Secret Santa gift ideas to suit all personalities. Here are our top 5 secret Santa gifts for him. (And don’t forget to check out our list of 5 secret Santa gifts for her too!)

1. Food Factory Condiment Set

If you’ve noticed he’s got a penchant for cooking and often brings home cooked leftovers for lunch which fill the office with mouth watering smells then perhaps he’d appreciate our Food Factory Condiment Set? A stylish condiment set that looks like a factory.

Secret Santa Gifts for Christmas

2. Tea Sub

If he shuns the coffee machine at work in favour of his own private stash of loose leaf tea then why not get him this quirky Tea Infuser in the shape of a Submarine? A thoughtful gift for under a tenner.

Secret Santa gift ideas for Christmas

3. The Explorer Bottle

If he strikes you as the outdoorsy type and his desk features many photos of him mountain climbing, camping, canoeing and the like, then may we suggest our Explorer Bottle? Made from stainless steel with an anodised black finish and featuring an embossed bamboo screw lid and etched logo, it’s a drinking bottle built for survival.

Secret Santa gift ideas

4. No Sew Buttons

If he’s the smart suit and tie type with never a hair out of place, then you can imagine what a tiz he’d be in if a button suddenly came loose. Give him a tin of these No Sew Buttons to keep in his desk drawer and he’ll thank you we promise.

Men's Secret Santa gift ideas for him this Christmas

5. Hologram Viewer

If he’s the geeky type who always seems to be playing with toys and gadgets, then this secret Santa gift will surely be a winner. He can create and view his own Holograms with this gadget. It’ll certainly make the office a bit more interesting for the next few days!

Men's Secret Santa gift ideas Christmas 2017

Top 10 hottest Christmas gifts, stocking fillers and secret Santa gift ideas 2017

Christmas stocking fillers

Here it is; the countdown you’ve all been waiting for. Don’t go Christmas shopping without reading our hot gift guide first! The Top 10 hottest Christmas gifts, stocking fillers and secret Santa gift ideas 2017…

10. Magni-Viewer

Magniviewer Smartphone Stand

One of our newest gifts on the list; the Magni-Viewer makes a great Christmas present for someone who’s always guzzling content on their smartphone. This handy travel sized gadget doubles their screen size making watching films and TV on the move much easier on the eye.

9. Hang Up

Bedroom ambient light

This brand new innovation from Luckies is the prefect stocking filler for the man or woman who’s up at the crack of dawn to get ready for work. This clothes hanger / night light will shed some light in their wardrobes so no one will be able to accuse them of getting dressed in the dark! Click here to view Hang Up.

8. Scratch Map Deluxe

Scratch Map Deluxe

To be honest, any of the products in our terrific Scratch Map Range would make excellent Xmas gifts for travel enthusiasts but the Deluxe is one of our most detailed and stylish.

7. Scratch Map USA

If you know someone who’s planning a USA road trip in the near future than this has to be on their Christmas list! A Scratch Map dedicated to the fifty states of the USA.

6. Smartphone Projector and Speaker 2.0 Copper Gift Set

Our home cinema in a box now has surrounded sound and a beautiful copper finish. An excellent gift for movie lovers young and old.

5. Bready Made

Secret Santa: done! This novelty bready cutter is a fun and quirky stocking filler that will make anyone smile.

4.Adventure Journal

A unique and unusual Christmas gift with a difference. This travel journal not only includes 8 Scratch Maps to make your own personal travel record with, but also features over 300 bucket list adventures for you to complete.

3. Scratch Map Gourmet

An awesome gift for foodies, not that they need encouragement to eat their way around Europe, but at least now they can make a record of their gastronomical accomplishments.

2. Barbecue Stamp

It may be winter outside, but they’ll already be dreaming of springtime BBQ’s once they open their very own branding iron for their steaks and burgers.

1. Festive Gift Wrap

Turn your gift into two gifts by wrapping it up in our festive gift wrap and creating your own Christmas character.

3 cool stocking fillers under £10

3 cool stocking fillers under £10

Waking up and finding a stocking full of gifts is always a highlight of Christmas but when you don’t have Father Christmas to give you a helping hand it can be difficult finding the perfect stocking fillers. These 3 cool stocking fillers are under £10 and are sure to put a smile on the faces of your family and friends.

1. Nutter Cookie Cutter
This adorable Squirrel cookie cutter is the perfect gift for anyone who is nutty about baking. Take things to an extreme level of cuteness by folding up the squirrel’s little arms so it can tightly grasp its precious nut. This is the ideal stocking filler and is also a great way to subtly hint that you want some home-baked cookies…

2. Matchstick Pencils
Finally, a box of matches that don’t have to be kept out of reach from children. This set of 8 wooden pencils with erasers is the perfect cool stocking filler for those who have a slight obsession with stylish stationery. Not only do these look super groovy sitting on a desk they are very functional, proving that sometimes you really can have the best of both worlds.

3. Marshmallow Pencil & Eraser
Everyone loves toasting marshmallows over a fire and although we do not recommend holding this particular marshmallow over an open flame, it makes the perfect stocking filler for anyone with a sweet tooth. The candy pink marshmallow eraser and twig-shaped pencil make this the perfect guilt-free addition to any pencil case.

Christmas biscuit recipe with snowman icing

It’s a rainy weekend in December and you’re cooped up in the house; what can you do to keep the kids entertained and yourself from going mad? Get creative in the kitchen with this fun melting snowman biscuit recipe! The great thing about these festive Christmas biscuits is that the messier they are, the better they look. So they’re perfect for little ones and it doesn’t matter if you’re no Delia Smith in the kitchen either, as there’s minimal cooking skills required! And to make it that extra bit fun we’ve got some great novelty cooking gifts to help you.

200g fondant icing sugar
6 white marshmallows
6 large cookies
24 mini chocolate beans
Tube black writing icing.


1. Put the icing sugar into a bowl and add cold water a teaspoon at a time using our Mon Cherry measuring spoons and egg separator. Keep adding water until the mixture is runny but thick enough to coat a spoon.
2. Snip the marshmallows in half using wetted scissors.
3. Spoon a little icing onto each cookie and attach half a marshmallow for the snowman’s head. Using a little icing, stick the other half on top at an angle so it looks like it’s melting. Drizzle a little more icing onto the cookie to make melting snow.
4. Break the pretzel sticks in half and place on the cookie for arms. Stick orange chocolate beans on for the noses. Stick three chocolate beans on each cookie to represent buttons.
5. Using the writing icing, pipe small blobs for the eyes and mouth. Leave to set.

Now that’s the cheat method using cookies out of a packet. But if you want to keep the kids entertained a little while longer, you can always bake your own cookies, and let’s be honest, nothing beats the smell of homemade cookies baking in the oven! If you do decide to bake your own then you’ll need some baking tools so how about our Nutter Cookie Cutter to make fun squirrel shaped cookies?

The kids will love rolling special messages into their biscuits with our Message Rolling Pin Gift Box. They can stamp the underneath of their cookies with ‘Secret Recipe’, ‘Made with Love’ or, if you’re making Halloween biscuits, how about ‘Bite Me’.

Top stocking filler ideas for 2017

However your family celebrates Christmas, we’re willing to bet that there’s some semblance of a stocking involved, and that bad boy requires filling. The traditional definition of a stocking filler is something small, cool, and unlike the flashing Santa brooches that we all get forced to wear at the Christmas dinner table, isn’t required to be entirely useless. If you’re stuck for gift ideas to pad out the MAIN PRESENT, here at Luckies, gifts small in physical presence but high in cool points are our speciality.


Under £20 – You To Do Wall Chart

If the person whose stocking you’re trying to fill has a few New Year’s resolutions that involve a little more spontaneity in their life, then the You To Do wallchart comes in at £11.95 and is a big long list of things they can get out and try to do. From “bake a cake” to “build a sandcastle”, there’s room for four names, so make it a family race before the next Christmas!

Deck The Kitchen – Chill Bill

Cheese, meats, snacks, dips, leftovers, takeaway when everyone has had enough of turkey – if there’s something there’s no shortage of at Christmas, it’s food. And all that food has to fit in your fridge. Now, we know there’s nothing like the smell of a Christmas dinner, but when it’s mixed with the smell of every other food in your fridge, it isn’t quite so delicious. Chill Bill is in straight from the North Pole to solve all your problems. A plastic penguin you can fill with Bicarbonate of Soda and put on the shelf, he’ll soak up all the smells, and is ready for refilling any time they creep back.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Book of Masks

The festive season sure does involve a lot of parties, and if you want you don’t want your giftee to turn up empty handed, but don’t think anyone will want the bottle of Baileys their grandma bought them, the Book of Masks is the perfect icebreaker/party favour.

3 top stocking fillers for her

Everyone loves hanging up their stocking on the night before Christmas, filled with excitement and anticipation about all the cool little gifts it’ll be magically filled with by morning. But imagine how disappointed she’ll be if she wakes up on Christmas morning to find hers is filled with sweets, socks, satsumas and little else. Especially when she found all those great little gifts to stuff yours with. Everyone says Christmas just isn’t the same the older you get. Well, this year, remind her that it can be just as fun as when she was a child and fill her stocking with our 3 top stocking fillers for her.

Scratch Map Original
Stocking fillers for her don’t get more exciting than this. Our original and first Scratch Map is a personalised travel record for her. She can scratch off the places she has been and plan trips to the places she is yet to discover. Stuff one of these in her stocking and you’re not only giving her a great xmas gift, but the promise of traveling to new destinations too. The perfect gift for travel lovers or anyone who travels a lot for work.

2. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser
This has to be one of the cutest Christmas stocking filler ideas for women. A quirky and fun little gift for tea lovers; you could also wrap up some speciality tea to go with it. Everyone loves a fancy Earl Grey at Christmas!

3. Camera Light
If you still need more xmas gift ideas for her then our Camera Light makes a lovely gift for the home or bedroom. A battery powered bedside light designed to look like an old fashioned camera. The perfect gift for the house proud or creative types, and certainly an excellent gift for any amateur photographers out there!