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Scratch Map Inspiration

Designed by us back in 2010 our humble Scratch Map poster is now on the walls of houses around the world, inspiring people to travel more, and helping to document thousands of individual experiences and adventures around the globe. Here at Luckies HQ we share your passion for travel, and with our combined list of destinations visited, we’d like to think we can offer you some Scratch Map Inspiration! Whether it’s Europe, Asia, America or somewhere remote and unusual like Easter Island we want to inspire you to see it all, and use your Scratch Map poster to keep a unique visual record of each experience and adventure. If you’re planning your Gap Year, booking a holiday or maybe just looking for some weekend city break advice, you’ll want to have some ideas before you go – and a Scratch Map to update when you return! Each week we post a new Scratch Map Inspiration article, giving you new ideas and tips of places we know and love.

We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list! With that in mind we’d love to hear from you if you want to share your Scratch Map Inspiration stories. Have you been to a country or place purely so you can take more foil off your Scratch Map? We’d love to hear all about your adventures, and if you take Scratch Map Travel or Travelogue Travel Diary along for the ride, be sure to take some snaps of them in exciting places! Drop us an email via our contact page, tag us on Twitter or Instagram using @luckiesoflondon and use #ScratchMapInspiration so we see them.

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Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Sydney


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Scratch Map Inspiration: Mauritius

Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Mauritius


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Scratch Map Inspiration - Ghana

Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Ghana


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Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: St Lucia


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Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Taiwan Lantern Festival

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Scratch Map Inspiration

Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Bali


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Scratch Map Inspiration: Greece

Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: Greece


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Scratch Map® Poster Inspiration: The Antarctic


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