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2 romantic gift ideas for her

romantic gift ideas for him and her

The say Romance is dead, but then they also say things like ‘happy as a sand boy’ and ‘three sheets to the wind’ so I wouldn’t take too much notice. Here at Luckies we’re firm believers in a good slice of old fashioned, Sinatra style romance. We’ve got 2 romantic gift ideas for her that will blow her socks off and with any luck squeeze a tiny tear out of even the coldest of hearts. Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, Valentine’s Day treats or just a little something to say ‘I love you’; we’ve got the perfect romantic gifts for her. So pop your Spotify ‘Romantic Baelist’ on, run her a bath, get the Champagne out and present her with one of these two adorably romantic gift ideas for her…

1. Love Note

Romantic gift ideas

Ask Sting, there’s nothing more romantic than your very own message in a bottle. With our Love Note you can present your loved one with her very own personalised message of love to keep and cherish forever. Simply write your own unique personal message, place it in the little bottle, cork it up and seal it with the sticker provided. And voila! The most romantic gift she’s ever received. What you write in the note of course is completely up to you but we’d recommend steering clear of something like ‘I love your Lasagna’.

2. You Complete Me

Heart jigsaw romantic gift

This is a genuinely unique and beautiful way to say ‘I love you’. A wooden heart shaped jigsaw made from gorgeous heat stamped wood and packaged loose for them to complete. Simply build the jigsaw, turn it over and write your own personal message on the rear. Then, break the jigsaw up and return it to it’s box to be presented to the lucky recipient! Available in 4 coloured boxes with the words ‘You Complete Me’ on the front, she’ll piece together the jigsaw to read your special message. Again, the words of your special message are completely up to you, but we’d try and avoid something like; ‘you forgot to take the bins out’.

3 romantic Christmas gifts for men and women

romantic gift idea

Christmas is the perfect time of year to get romantic. The nights are cold, the fires are lit, the fairy lights are up, the wine is flowing and everyone starts to feel all warm and fuzzy. Who can blame you for wanting to get all cute and cuddly with a loved one? And when it comes to exchanging gifts, you’ve probably been racking your brains trying to think of the perfect romantic Christmas gift for your other half that says ‘I love you’ in a unique but non vomit-inducing way. Here at Luckies we understand that it’s a fine line between cute and slush and we think we’ve got the balance just right with these 3 romantic Christmas Gifts for men and women…

1. You Complete Me

This wooden, heart shaped jigsaw makes a unique and sophisticated romantic Christmas present. Made from beautiful heat stamped wood, the jigsaw comes loose for them to piece together. There’s space to write your own personal message too on the back, so that they can reveal your special words as they complete the jigsaw. The gift comes in four beautiful coloured boxes which are labelled ‘You Complete Me’ so they’ll be in no doubt as to your feelings.

Romantic gift ideas

2. Memory Box

The perfect romantic gift idea for nostalgia lovers. A keepsake box with places to put love notes, souvenirs, ticket stubs from concerts you’ve been to together, holiday photos, a memento from your first date, and any kind of physical memorabilia you might have. Collect all these things together and create a personalised memory box for them to open and keep forever. There won’t be a dry eye in the house when they open this one!

Romantic gift idea

3. Love Note

The ultimate romantic Xmas gift. Give your better half their very own personalised message in a bottle to keep forever. A quirky gift for old school romantics; simply write your own personal message of love, put it in the bottle and seal it with the sticker provided. They’ll be thrilled at such a unique and unusual gift, and we promise not to tell them where you got the idea!

Romantic Love Note