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Novelty Stationery

We all have guilty pleasures in life – anyone who says they don’t is lying…! For some it’s junk food, others love a little bit of Magic FM when no one is listening – here at Luckies HQ there are more than a few people who love nothing more than a bit of novelty stationery. Who wouldn’t love a pencil that looks like a twig with a giant marshmallow eraser? Or pens that can transform from one colour to another like OMY’s Magic Felt Tips? Paperclips that look like sardines? Yep, you’ll find them all here. Adding a little bit of fun to your office desk with a bit of novelty stationery is only going make the daily grind brighter after all. Novelty stationery can make perfect birthday presents or ideal thank you gifts so read on for our blog posts all about our most amusing and fun gifts!

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