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Novelty Stationery Gifts to Help Beat Those September Blues

With summer coming to a close and the only memory is those peeling shoulders of yours, it’s time to beat those September blues with Luckies range of novelty stationery. Whether it’s back to school or your first Freshers, splash out on a new pen and paper and take note while studying in style this September.

Novelty Stationery Gifts for the Fearless Fresher – Rubber Jonny

For every other student, the first few weeks of uni welcomes crying into Jägerbombs and an existential crisis, yet for the Fearless Fresher and their novelty stationery, Rubber Jonny, such mediocrity was long left at high school. With a pack of three novelty erasers disguised as condoms, the September blues is a September schmooze, checking out the talent who need a helping hand with those dastardly pencil mistakes. Oi oi.

Novelty Stationery Gifts for the Back to School Kids – Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy

For children of a certain age, the novelty stationery (especially pencil case) will represent who that child is for the entirety of their school year. With Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy, this pen and pencil holding desk companion holds all fun stationery from scissors to stickers and doubles as a wipe clean memo pad with its handy writable surface. We would never encourage this as a 100% guaranteed way to cheat in tests, but…

Novelty Stationery Gifts for Back to Work Blues – Rainbow Sticky Notes

With August annual leave used up, your work chums are sure to be chasing rainbows throughout September with planning next year’s big summer trip. Brighten up their return to work with the novelty stationery gift of Rainbow Sticky Notes – 250 memo notes in 5 rainbow colours. Their bright and cheery style will not only beat all September blues but also encourage Janet (Office Manager for 15 years and total you know what…) to up her game with the office stationery order.

Novelty Stationery Gifts for the Fancy Freelancer – Geppeto

For the fancy freelancers that drift between Starbucks and their sitting room writing copy and designing sky scrapers, the September blues is forever lurking as their pals return to work. Novelty stationery gifts like Geppeto however will keep them company throughout the day as this fun pencil and sharpener set will keep them on point and pardon the odd thinking out loud. Geppeto is there to listen. Aww.

Fun Stationery Gift Ideas to Get The Kids Excited for Back to School


If you’re currently dealing with a troupe of excitable children running amok in the house you’ll no doubt be planning their return to school with a heavy, yet relieved heart. It won’t be long before the kids are getting suited and booted in uniforms they’ll outgrow in a year and packing their pencil cases ready to go forth and cram their brains with useless facts they’ll never use again. And because it can be a little overwhelming knowing what’s going to make your kid fit in on their first day back we’ve compiled a list of fun stationery gift ideas to match their personality type.

Fun Stationery for the Messy Pup

If your child can create havoc in an empty room, keeps the washing machine on an endless cycle and you’ve started making only mash for dinner for fear of spillages, then consider the Waterproof Notebook. This water repellent notepad is a god send for parents of clumsy kids – they can spill drinks on it, drop it in puddles and put it through as many washes as they want, it’ll still survive. Whilst they’re at their desk, give them a little nudge to tidy their belongings in the form of the DIY Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy – a stationery supply that not only encourages them to be clean, but doubles up as a memo board. They’ll never have to draw on their sleeves again!

Quirky Stationery for the Struggling Poet

If your kids are more likely to be staring out of the window contemplating the meaning of life than running around a field playing tag, then perhaps they’re destined to put pen to paper and record their struggles in poetry and prose. Let them dream wistfully of faraway places and panoramic skylines while they measure in maths class with the Skyline Ruler. Once inspired, they can record their musings and monologues in one of our Decomposition Notebooks. They come in a range of colours and sizes, plus they’re super environmentally friendly – something all struggling poets strive to be…

Playful Stationery for the Class Clown

We all knew the class clown at school – always cracking wise or getting in trouble. It was great when you were young, but it’s a whole different story when you’re the only parent in the car park waiting for your kid to finish detention. Try distracting them from their comical pursuits with Rainbow Sticky Notes – a colourful stationery set that allows them to write down that joke for a more appropriate time than science class. Now when it comes to stationery brands, OMY are up there with the best. Their Washable Felt Tip Pens are designed to make any parent’s life easier; they easily wash off skin and fabrics, so you never have to worry about sending them to school with a pocketful of pens again! Plus the teacher won’t get as annoyed when they drawn cartoons on the windows…

Cool Stationery for the Sports Fan

Bicycle Bible is a super cool stationery gift idea for any young sports fan – not only can you use it to take notes in class, but it also gives you cool stationery facts about bikes, cycle routes and bicycle maintenance! Plus it’s made from recycled tyres so it’s definitely hardy enough to survive the gym bag experience – not an easy feat. If they’re more into the great outdoors, why not give them Woods Notelets – cards that stick out of your keyboard and instantly transform desks into golf courses, camping grounds or cross country routes – all while reminding them of the rules of trigonometry/not to chew with their mouth open…


10 Cool Gift Ideas for the Novelty Stationery Junkie


We all know a novelty stationery buff – the type of person who organises their pens and pencils better than their bank balance, who gets annoyed if you borrow a rubber and never give it back, or who has more highlighters than Facebook friends. Well prepare to be the top of their Christmas card list, with this guide to cool gift ideas for the novelty stationery junkie.

For the Office Stationery Lover – Sardine Paperclips

These Sardine Paperclips are a super fun way to brighten up your desk in the office. Beautifully packaged, fish shaped and reusable, now when something is a bit fishy in the office it won’t be that left over tuna sandwich in the fridge that no one’s claiming responsibility for! Affordable and cute, they make the perfect gift for any boy or girl who wants to organise their paper work in style.

For the Crafty Stationery Addict – Just Your Type

These gold foil sticker letters are a great way to personalise folders, laptops, pencil cases and whatever else you can lay claim to. Just Your Type includes:

  • 600 characters
  • 5 variations of fonts
  • Over 100 funky images and icons

They’ll definitely keep your pencil pushing friends entertained for a while.

For the Competitive Stationery Enthusiast – I’m As Big As

The ‘I’m As Big As’ chart is a cool gift for any fun loving families you know, where you can mark your height on the chart and find out what famous people, animals or objects you measure up to. It’s also the perfect present for someone whose colleagues are a little, how can we put this…square? and need something fun to bond over in the office – it’s hard not to break down those icy barriers when you find out that Barry from accounts is the same size as a Yeti…

For the Forgetful Stationery Hoarder – Eric The Memo Elephant

Got a forgetful friend that could do with some helpful and noticeable reminders? Let us introduce Eric The Memo Elephant – because elephants never forget! He’s made of smooth white ceramic and loves to be written on – never again will your friend forget to buy toilet roll or call their mum back…

For the Arty Stationery Fanatic – Geppeto

This jovial little fellow can’t tell a lie – handy for when you’re sharpening your pencils. Because no one ever likes it when they think they’ve sharpened the perfect amount then the nib falls off! Combat this stationery buff’s pet hate by popping your pencils into his nose, and watch them shrink as you sharpen – who says the truth hurts aye?

For the Clean Freak Stationery Worshipper – Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy

Novelty stationery meets the clean freak.Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy is a cool gift idea for boys and girls who love to keep their desk ‘put-that-pen-back-in-its-place’ tidy. It also brings a little humour to the clean freak’s ways because who doesn’t like tiny replicas of big, everyday items?

For the Animal Loving Stationery Admirer – Bianca Hippo Memo Holder

The Bianca Hippo Memo Holder, because when you read the memo that you’ve got an 8am meeting tomorrow that you’ve done no prep for, it takes the sting out a bit if the paper its written on is hanging from the mouth of a smiling hippo…

For the Fun Stationery Buff – Animal Gift Wrap

As far as novelty stationery goes, this is probably top of the pile. This animal gift wrap lets you transform boring gifts into super cool animal friends. Just put your gift in a corresponding box, wrap them up and start accessorising with teeth, ears, fangs and tails! Whether it’s a Bear-thday, Christ-Moose or Bat-mitzva there’s a creature for all occasions!

For the Travel Obessessed Stationery Collector – Airmail Travel Wallet

For those friends who are so organised when they travel they put you to shame, we give you the Airmail Travel Wallet. With space to keep your:

  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Cash
  • Travel documents

It’ll definitely go down well with your plan-ahead friends. And not only is this cool gift super practical, it also looks like a retro airmail envelope – pretty good huh?

For the Active Stationery Devotee – Memo Mountain

More accessible (and arguably better) than Kilimanjaro, the Memo Mountain is a cork board in the shape of scenic mountains, perfect for adding all of your to do lists and important pictures to. And the best thing about this novelty stationary set? The pins are little tree shaped push pins. Cute or what?

Awesome Gifts For Children; Introducing Travel Games and Colouring In by OMY

Travel Games and Colouring In by OMY

Kids have all the fun. They don’t have to worry about getting that spreadsheet to their boss before that important meeting, they don’t have to worry about that urgent electric bill you’ve been hiding in the kitchen draw, and they certainly don’t have to worry about getting the angle right in their latest tinder photo. But let’s face it, they’ll have to join us in the rat race sooner or later, so how about making their youth as fun as we can by introducing them to OMY’s awesome travel games and colouring in range?

First let’s start off with the OMY Colouring Paper Placemat – perfect if you’ve been telling your kids to eat their greens and need a distraction while you tuck into your KFC. There are loads of designs to keep the little ones entertained, including; City Map, Games, Fantastic and Colour Graphic or Black & White Graphic, plus they come in packs of 24 so they’re perfect to keep up the fun at parties, or to spread out over a few dinners.

If your little one is a quick worker, and needs more of a project to sink their teeth in to, OMY Giant Colouring Roll XXL will make the perfect gift. After keeping them busy for hours, it can then be used as a tablecloth, or even diced up to create multiple art works to dole out to adoring family members. Your family fridges will never look so good! Use it at a party to entertain the troops, or as a way to bond over some colours with the kids – believe us, there’s plenty of it to go around.

Next is a colouring gift that would be ideal for on-the-go families – the OMY Pocket Games and Colouring Roll. Perfect for those long car journeys, in dentist waiting rooms or on those boring trips to Grandma’s, these pocket games are a handy travel size bundle of fun that comes with their own multicoloured crayon. There are loads of different designs, to change ‘Are we there yet’ into ‘pass the yellow!’. Who knows, your travels may be so good you’ll find yourself driving round the block just to enjoy the peace and quiet!

And we know what some of you are thinking – like hell am I letting my kid have anything coloured and permanent – we feel you. That’s why OMY have created Ultra Washable Felt Tip Pens, meaning you’ll never have to worry about that unplanned mural on the back of the sofa again. The pens are easily washable on skin and fabrics – all you need is a bit of soap and water. Perfect!

Colouring Posters for Adults: Meet OMY Design & Play

Magic Felt Tip Pens by OMY

Here at Luckies we have loads of great gifts for the young ones, but sometimes we can’t help but feeling there are some things that are wasted on children. You know what we mean? Sweets, Disney, the six weeks holidays, naps… If you’ve ever used babysitting as an excuse to play princess dress up, taken your nephew to the park just so you can have a go on the swings, or thought about drop kicking the kid that got the last Xbox game at Asda then this guide is for you. Introducing, the OMY Design & Play range, because as the great saying goes, ‘Youth (and their colouring in material) is wasted on the young’.

We’ll ease you in gently with OMY Pocket Maps – perfect if you’ve not quite let go of your adult sensibilities and you still need an excuse to colour instead of paying the bills. Not only do you get the satisfaction of creating colourful masterpieces, you also get to plan your next holiday. With great destinations to chose from, you can colour in cultural icons from famous places, including the lucky cat in Tokyo, Moulin Rouge dancers in Paris, and possibly the best of the lot, the OMY fantasy world (we’ll let you discover that one on your own!). Each map folds out of a handy pocket sized pack, has space for travel notes, AND has 12 stickers included.

Next, we’ll move on to the OMY Giant Colouring Roll XXL, perfect for the colouring connoisseur… It’s a humongous monochrome roll mat, a blank canvas for you to unleash your inner artist on! If colouring in is the next big thing in mindfullness, think how zenned you’ll be after finishing this baby – you’ll probably be so blissful you’ll start a monastery… At least if you do you’ll have perfectly coloured wall paper to decorate it with. You can either cut out sections or keep it whole, plus it comes in a range of designs. All this AND it’s printed on sustainably sourced paper. Could you be more at one with nature?

But imagine the horror when you’ve just spent 4 hours colouring in a Tokyo landscape with pin point precision, when you realise there’s one skyscraper window out of sync with the rest… Instead of scrapping your entire life’s work in a hasty rage, you need to get involved with OMY Magic Felt Tip Pens. They come in packs of 16 beautiful and bright colours, BUT HERE’S THE BEST PART – they’re double-ended with one side cleverly utilised as an erasable felt tip pen. Also great for when you thought you were being ironic penning that tree trunk purple.

5 Epic Gift Ideas for the Novelty Stationery Obsessed Junkie in your Life

Novelty stationary gift ideas

Some people might scoff at the term ‘stationery junkie’ but that’s only because they haven’t had the pleasure of arriving home to find their flatmate knee deep in Sharpies. Maybe that stationery voucher wasn’t such a great gift idea after all? Since the dawn of scented gel pens (our favourite was Cinnamon), the world has seen a rapid increase in the number of stationary addicts. Most commonly found lurking around the pencil case aisle in a department store or sniffing the pages of a brand new book, the stationery junkie is only dangerous to approach if you forgot to put the lid back on their favourite highlighter. Oh, and if you got them a rubbish birthday gift.

There’s plenty of cool gift ideas out there for stationery nuts, but here at Luckies we want to help you avoid falling into the trap of the not so cool ‘back to school’ stationery gift ideas. If that sounds like you, have a little read of the best novelty stationery gift ideas below…

Fun gift ideas for the stationery obsessed don’t get much better than Custom Camper. This cool DIY stationery desk tidy is made out of card and allows you to create and personalise your very own van with the stickers included. Not only will it keep all those scented gel pens safe, it also makes any dull desk look pretty kitsch!

Custom Camper by Luckies

If campers aren’t your style but DIY stationery is, take a look at our Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy. This unique little organiser is designed to look like your regular wheelie bin (but much smaller obvs) and has a wipe clean, re-writeable surface so you can doodle messages and sketches to your heart’s content.

Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy DIY by Luckies

Next up on our list of cool stationery gift ideas is our Rubber Jonny. It’s not what you think, we promise! Tongue in cheek humour at its best, Rubber Jonny comes with 3 in a pack so there’s no excuse to be caught short…when you need an eraser.

Rubber Jonny by Luckies

If your stationery junkie has, shall we say, slightly more refined taste, why not surprise them with a Decomposition Notebook instead?! Designed by Brooklyn based Michael Roger, Decompostion Notebooks are available in two sizes and a range of colours and styles. Made from 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper with soy ink used to print the lined pages, call us enablers but at least stationery addicts buying these are doing right by the environment.

Decomposition Notebooks by Michael Rogers

The final addition to our novelty stationery gift ideas list is the vintage looking Video Notebook. Designed by Peleg, this retro notebook is available with plain or lined pages and includes stickers and a sleeve just like a real VHS (if you can remember?!). The perfect gift for any writer, film buff or wannabe hipster.

Video Notebook by Peleg

5 Shocking Real Life Christmas Stocking Filler Fails

The duff Christmas stocking filler. We’ve all been there. The excitement of hanging your Christmas stockings over the open fire the night before, reaching in with glee and pulling out what could be the most amazing little gift of all time…Shattered in a milisecond when we discover that the beautifully wrapped circular present we thought was Currency Money Bank is in fact a used tennis ball. Fail.

Here at Luckies HQ, we like solving the world’s problems one unique gift at a time but we’ve heard you have to hit rock bottom before things start to get better. That being said, we’ve composed a list of 5 shocking real life Christmas stocking filler fails but counteracted each one with a unique yet cheap Christmas stocking filler idea (Christmas is expensive, you don’t want to break the bank with the stocking fillers). So like ripping off a plaster, take a deep breath and read on….

1. Socks/pants/shoe laces. You panicked. Don’t get us wrong, Christmas stocking fillers for him are hard but you’ve fallen into a classic trap here. When it comes to Christmas stocking fillers, people tend to go for something people need as opposed to something they want. Think outside the box this year and surprise your loved ones with a fun Christmas stocking filler, such as Monkey Business’ Corkers. Each Corker pack comes with the body parts to create a character out of leftover corks (something that shouldn’t be lacking around any Christmas dinner table). Choose from Animal, Classic, TotemRobots and Pino – or get a few and mix and match!

Corkers by Monkey Business

2. A screwdriver. Okay, sometimes it’s okay to give useful Christmas stocking fillers but they don’t have to be boring! Mapnetic is a magnetic, dry wipe world map set that allows you to plan and document your travels around the world, as well as scribble notes and messages with the dry wipe pen included. Definitely a winner in the unique Christmas stocking filler stakes.

Mapnetic by Luckies

3. Lingerie. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas stocking fillers for your girlfriend should be romantic but lingerie is risqué (sorry). Get the wrong size and you’re sleeping on the sofa for a month. Go too trashy and you may suffer even worse. If you want to buy your other half a romantic Christmas stocking filler, we recommend Love Note instead. Allowing you to create your own message in a bottle, Love Note is a quirky little Christmas stocking filler that will definitely get sparks flying.

Christmas stocking fillers

4. A satsuma. We’ve mentioned this in previous posts. The satsuma stocking filler comes with the following WARNING: Can result in teenagers charging the Christmas tree in a mild rage. If you want to go down the culinary route, Luckies have plenty of kitchen stocking fillers for under £10. Take Lid Sid for example – a cute Santa’s little helper in the kitchen, Lid Sid keeps the lid from your saucepans raised so that the steam can be released.

Lid Sid by Monkey Business

5. A framed picture of yourself on holiday in the Bahamas. No one likes a show off. If you’re looking for Christmas stocking fillers to decorate your home with, we’ve got plenty. With the hand illustrated Word Map Art Print, each location is pinpointed by a word or phrase which sums up that area. Educational and aesthetically pleasing, Word Map Art Print is available in UK & Ireland, London and USA versions.

Word Map Art Print London