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The Best Gifts for Men in 2017


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, followed by Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and bromances, there’s never a time when unusual gift ideas for men aren’t sought after. So whether you’ve got a hard to buy for boyfriend, a tech-obsessed best friend or a brother who has absolutely everything, here’s a list of the best gifts for men in 2017.

The Best Gift For Men Who Love To Travel:

Possibly our swankiest map to date, meet the Stamp Map™ poster. This copper themed poster will allow your travel obsessed man to keep a personalised record of not only where he’s visited in the world, but where he wants to visit too. Here’s what our Stamp Map™ poster includes:

  • Two brass stamps that allow you to mark where you want to go with an ‘X’ and where you’ve been with a ‘Visited’ – there’s even space to write the date in too!
  • Red and blank ink pads

The Best Gift For Men Who Love Cooking:

Men than love cooking are usually the hardest to buy for because every novelty shaped rolling pin/fitness fanatic cookbook has been given to them already. We bet they don’t have an industrial style olive oil container though. Not only does Oil & Co Pourer look stylish on the kitchen table, it also stops that greasy, slimy mess from dribbling down the side of the olive oil bottle. OCD anyone?


The Best Gift For Men Who Love Gadgets:

Brother got a penchant for all things tech? Step right up Hologram Viewer. This nifty little gadget will allow him to create, watch and send 3D holograms to all his gadget obsessed mates.

The Best Gift For Men Who Love To Party:

Whether he’s an Ibiza raver, a gentlemen’s club fine diner or a mud-wrestling Glasto camper, every party goer needs music. Our Pocket Tin Speaker is small enough to fit in his pocket but loud enough to get the party going. Pocket Tin Speaker’s features include:

  • Rechargeable via a USB lead
  • Up to 12 hours playback
  • Hard metal exterior making it more durable than most speakers

Never again will your hard to buy for guy be without music.


The Best Gift For Men Who Love Interiors:

If he’s got cushions and house plants coming out of his ears, take a look at our Chalkboard Map. This self-adhesive, black chalk vinyl can be used for plotting travel plans or just for #housegoals snaps. The choice is his.

The Best Gift For Men Who Have Everything:

If your boyfriend is one of those guys who has everything, we’ve got a pretty unusual gift idea for him. If, like most human beings, he enjoys watching stuff in bed/the bath,  meet our Smartphone Magnifier. Resolving all his content watching/sharing woes, this retro style cardboard TV will definitely get his gizmo juices flowing. Here’s why:

  • A lo-fi, hands free way to watch content off your phone
  • Magnifies the image at twice the original size
  • Allows you to watch content off your phone in a group


3 Ways to Celebrate International Watermelon Day

Pepo by Monkey Business

It’s International Watermelon Day, hurrah! Whilst it may not be a date that takes pride of place in your calendar, it’s definitely an excuse for a celebration. And anything that showcases how super watermelons are gets our vote! Plus it’s definitely a theme that throws out loads of cool gift ideas for summer babies – if your friends or family are fruit nuts, then think about theming their birthday celebrations around some of these suggestions.

Make A Fruity Feast

Let’s start with the obvious – watermelon is super tasty, and super healthy, so it makes the perfect treat on those hot summer days. Make a super fruit salad with all your favourites, and chow down on some 5-a-day goodness. If you want to really impress your friends with some awesome presentation, use Cucumbo to spiralise some of the harder fruits (apples, pears etc.), and line the bowl with lollipop shaped slices of watermelon, courtesy of Pepo melon slicer. Pepo makes for a super cool gift for summer holidays – because who doesn’t like to eat fruit whilst pretending it’s an ice lolly? Fact of the Day: Pepo is the name for the family of fruit that watermelon belongs to – it’s actually classed as a berry! Throw that casually into conversation and prepare to feel clever for the rest of the day…

Throw a Tropical Party

Any excuse for a party, aye? Get fruity on a weekday with watermelon themed decorations – make some red and green bunting, but make sure you draw on some pips to ensure you don’t get confused and end up having an unplanned mid-year Christmas instead. Then think about drinks (hooray!). Blend up some watermelon and add your favourite spirits, squeezing in some lemon or lime to your tasting. Try using the Juice Bruce – a pointy Easter Island shaped citrus juicer that makes for a cool gift idea for any alcohol loving friend. Why not go all out and put your tropical punch in these Luckies Party Cups? An endless selection of funny faces that are guaranteed to liven up any gathering. Although remember kids, it is a school night, and Luckies accepts no responsibility for any hangovers…

Have A Watermelon Sports Day

This is possibly our favourite way to celebrate Watermelon Day… invite your friends over for a watermelon themed sports day! Play watermelon bowling (using some empty pop bottles as pins and a melon bowling ball), have boat races with hollowed out watermelon halves, host watermelon eating contests or come up with your own inventive ways to compete – make the prize something watermelon themed and you’ll be fighting out for poll position in no time!


How To Pimp Your Luckies Corkboard Map

Cork board Map is one of our best selling products, and it’s easy to see why this popular pin board is a hit! Who wouldn’t like to pin their travel memories on a map of the world made from cork…. Each piece of Cork board Map has an adhesive back so can be stuck to a clean dry surface easily, so the only tough decision is where to hang it. Whether you choose the kitchen, bedroom or living room, this cork message board looks stylish anywhere. We just thought you might like some inspiration for when it comes to putting things on it! So here’s our guide to pimping your Corkboard Map, Luckies style….


1) First things first, you’ll need to get that Cork board Map stuck to the wall of your choosing… Be sure to choose a spot out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat sources (so avoid the spot above the radiator!). Use the image on the front of the box as a guide for where each piece should be stuck, which once up will take up approximately 100cm by 48cm.

2) Get your Polaroids, postcards, photos and ticket stubs together and put them into piles for each location you’ve been to – in our pics we’ve gone for the minimal look and just used Polaroids. You’ll also need some string, blue tac and scissors.


3) Now you have your locations sorted, pop a pin into each one. Then take your string, and tie one end around each pin, stretch out the string to where you want your travel memories to be and cut about 10cm longer than that.

4) Place a lump of blue tac where you want your Polaroid, postcard or ticket stub to be for each location. The take the string and twist the end around the blue tac.



5) Now stick your travel memories onto the blue tac and cut off any excess string that might be visible hanging down.
How-To-Set-Up-A-Corkboard-Map-086) Repeat the pin, string, blue tak and sticking until you’ve covered your wall and Corkboard Map with all your awesome travel memories and experiences. Now stand back and admire your handiwork, and start planning your next adventure….!


OMY Colouring In Posters: Perfect Rainy Day Entertainment for Children

OMY colouring in poster

Here at Luckies we love to welcome the great British summer with its afternoon of blue sky followed by a storm in the night and a wash out week of intermittent showers. Introducing OMY colouring in posters, the perfect rainy day entertainment for children which will turn the rainiest of frowns upside down. Whether it’s a full summer holiday project to get stuck into or something more low key when on the go, we have an array of OMY colouring in posters to keep the kids quiet until the sun kindly puts his hat on.

Just as all children love to be different, so is our selection of OMY colour in posters. OMY Giant Colouring Poster is a hand-drawn poster sized colouring paper available in 13 unique and quirky designs. Got a younger sister you love to dress up as princesses with? She’ll love Magic and Play design as she scribbles in castles and kings. Or perhaps you know a little boy who is counting down the days to the annual family holiday to France? Keep the excitement alive with a Paris design where he can shade in the Seine and gain enough geographical knowledge to become the official family tour guide, “un taxi, s’il vous plait,” said the colouring in obsessed 4 year old!

If the heavens suddenly open just as the children are finishing off their fish fingers then be prepared for the wet-weather option of OMY Colouring Paper Placemats. Let the youngsters get creative playing games and colouring in cities at the dinner table with over 24 placemats in a pack. You can now relax and pride yourself of being the super organised mum who discovered OMY colour in posters and conveniently placed them under their plates when spotting that angry dark cloud.

If however you’ve got multiple rugrats running around and desperately trying to prevent them from tearing up the sitting room then OMY Giant Colouring Roll XXL can be ready at the rescue. Perfect for a mass sibling project they can dip into or want to share when school friends are round, this colossal collage measures 100 x 180cm of intricate hand-drawn detail just waiting to be brought to life! Either keep as whole and hang as wallpaper to remember the summer or tear along the dotted lines so everyone can keep a piece of the colour crazy puzzle. And with all OMY colouring in posters, bring them to life with OMY Magic Felt Tip Pens, 16 double-ended, tip pens that come in a variety of bright colours to match these bright designs. With the added bonus of them being erasable, it ensures to keep all water works outside when that daring 6 year old changes their mind about colouring the sea green and grass blue.

Father’s Day Gifts Recommended by Experts; Xavier Unwin

Luckies Creative Director, Xavier Unwin, joined Luckies back in 2009. A pro at table tennis and never one to be short of an idea, Xav is our go-to-guy when we’re lacking inspiration. When it comes to cool gift ideas for Father’s Day, he reckons it’s important not to fall into the trap of a ‘one gift suits all’ mind set. Whether your dad’s a coder for Apple or makes a living singing in an ABBA tribute band on cruise ships, Xav’s gift recommendations for four different dad personality types have got you covered. So if you’re struggling for gift ideas this Father’s Day, have a little scroll below…

Let’s start with the most common type of dad – the geeky dad. What would you recommend getting the Star Wars fanatic/science obsessed type dad?

He’s one of the easiest to buy for! I’d go for the original Smartphone Projector. Geeky dads love anything tech based and your dad can build the original Smartphone Projector himself – that way, he’ll feel like he’s earnt that 13 hour Star Wars marathon. If he’s not into Luke Skywalker, you could go for something a bit more interactive like the Glow in the Dark Star Map. If there’s one thing a nerdy dad loves more than science, it’s passing his knowledge, whether it’s about Princess Leia or Pluto, on to his offspring.

What if your dad is more of the young, trendy kind? More of a lad dad?

It has to be the Barbecue Steak Stamp because no lad, dad or not, is complete without a barbecue and a beer. Barbecue Steak Stamp will take his macho cooking skills to the next level by allowing him to personalise his steaks with “Black & Blue”, “Little Bit of Blood” or “Nearly Burnt.” If he’s a real foodie, treat him to Food Factory condiment set as well so he can season his steaks to perfection.

And what about for those dads that always start sentences with “In my day…”?

Ahh the retro dad. Instead of mocking him, reward his nostalgia with our Brown Paper Lunch Bag instead. It was inspired by labourers working on the New York skyline which will impress your old man and will add a retro edge to the sandwiches he takes to work each day.

If he spends his weekends complaining about the digital age let him get back in touch with the art of writing with our 100% Waterproof Notebook. If he wants to sketch outdoors during a rainstorm or write poetry in the bath, now he can – smudge free! Can’t do that with an iPad…

Finally, what would you suggest for the strong, silent type dad?

This one’s a little more tricky. I’d say if he’s the strong, silent type he probably prefers his own company and listening to music than being surrounded by loads of people so, I’d recommend our Pocket Tin Speaker. It’s small enough that it’ll fit in his pockets so if he wants to go off grid, he can take it with him for a bit of company.

Smartphone Projector 2.0: How to Set up the Perfect Home Movie Night

Smartphone Projector 2.0 by Luckies

There are many good reasons you’d choose a home movie night over a trip to the cinema (it’s raining, you’d rather not spend £7.50 on hot dogs that taste like gym socks, they won’t let you take your cats), but perhaps the most compelling reason to date is the Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0. This nifty gadget lets you watch movies on the big screen without even leaving the house – staying in is the new going out, after all! But perfecting your in-house film night isn’t as simple as just pressing play…Keep the punters happy with our guide to setting up the perfect home movie night.

First, set the mobile projector up with your android or iPhone (fits phones up to a maximum size of 80mm x 160mm / 3.2 x 6.2 inches.). It comes ready assembled so this should be an easy win – just point it at a plain white wall, draw the curtains and adjust the focus accordingly. The projector kit also comes in a range of colours so you can pick one that fits your decor perfectly; choose from the fancy leather look original, on-trend copper, or the Gatsy inspired black and gold edition.

Picture the scene, your action movie is in full swing, explosions and gun fire are rife, but all you can hear is your stomach rumbling. Your big screen is going to need a big sound – enter, the Smartphone Speaker, audio sister of the Smartphone Projector. Simply hook it up to your phone for an instant surround sound experience.

Speaking of grumbling tums, no night in with Netflix is complete without the nibbles. Make sure you’ve got something for everyone – the vegetarians, the gluten intolerant, and the darn right fussy. Whack the popcorn in the microwave and pass your other tidbits around in these Pistachio shaped snack bowls. They’re also perfect for keeping discarded shells in, (no one likes to find other peoples half chewed nut casings under their cinema seats).

Finally, sort out some drinks. Asking everyone to bring a bottle means your budget doesn’t skyrocket, and ensures everyone will get something they like. Liven things up a bit with these fun Party Cups – there’s 12 in a pack, and each one comes with a detachable wrap so you can mix and match expressions with your faces – guaranteed to fill any potential lulls in the film with witty banter!

Now all that’s left is to invite your friends over and pick a film that everyone wants to see (easier said than done). Switch off the lights, crank your screen up to full brightness and you’re good to go! Shhhhh, no talking in the back…

Luckies Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Birthday Party

If you’re lucky enough to be a summer baby, you’ll no doubt be busy planning your perfect party already. And with the season of sunbathing fast upon us, there’s not much time to get your gathering in order. While we can’t take the sting out of sunburn, we can definitely dull the pain of planning that all important shindig – from food and drink to entertainment, we’ve got your birthday bash sorted. So sit back and relax – it’s time to dig out those swimmers, slather on the sun cream and get celebrating!

One of the easiest ways to impress your family and friends is to serve up some good grub – and with summer in mind what better way than to barbecue up some tasty treats? There’s nothing quite like a juicy steak or burger to get your guests salivating, especially with our novelty branding iron Barbecue Steak Stamp. The perfect birthday gift for that al fresco enthusiast, it allows you to brand each of your culinary creations as you go. With ‘Black and Blue’, ’Little bit of Blood’ or ‘Nearly Burnt’, to choose from, barbecuing has never been so fun! It’s even suitable for use on aubergines and halloumi should you need to decorate some vegetarian offerings.

Feeling a little parched by the summer sun? How about serving the coolest drink around with some pill shaped ice cubes, courtesy of the Chill Pill Ice Cube Tray. Ideal for cooling your pals down whilst guaranteed to bring back a bit of ‘90s high school nostalgia. And the fun doesn’t stop there – why not spruce up your drinking partners pout with some awesome Party Straws? There’s 24 straws, 48 pop-out mouth cards and loads of funny combinations to chose from. You can even mix and match with our Party Cups for the complete party look!

If all this food and drink has made everyone a tad sleepy, you might need a livener to kick start the festivities. Enter Dinner Party Napkins – the perfect pick-me-up to any social gathering. Printed with loads of games and conversation starting questions it’s the ideal way to get your guests chatting again. PLUS it’ll sort out those sticky fingers and beer spillages. Winner!

Now we don’t mean to be party poopers, but we feel it’s only fair to point out that the great British summer time isn’t always great – more often than not a frolic in the sun can turn to a frantic rush to escape the rain. But with the Come Rain Or Shine waterproof matt or umbrella you need not worry about the weather taking a turn for the worst. It’s sunny? Use it as a picnic matt. It’s raining? Use it as an pop out umbrella. And with a beautiful bright day adorned on the material, you can create your own sun whatever the weather!

A Luckies Guide to buying the perfect Father’s Day gift for a foodie Dad

Father's Day Cool Gift Ideas

No longer do mums slave away over a hot stove preparing your father’s mashed potato for tea, but instead foodie fathers around the world are enjoying cooking up a storm for the whole family to devour. With our expert guide to buying the perfect Father’s Day gift for a foodie dad we have more kitchen gift ideas than you can shake a chow mein covered chopstick at.

Whether Dad resembles one of the Hairy Bikers or the more easy-on-the-eyes Gino D’Acampo, why not celebrate Father’s Day this June 19th by lighting up the family barbecue. With BBQ Steak Stamp, Dad can become the ultimate grill master with this fun branding iron which will personalise his delicious steaks from ‘Black & Blue’ to ‘Little bit of Blood’. Be sure to compliment this macho gift with Oli & Co Pourer a unique industrial design inspired oil container that can conveniently sit on the barbecue shelf to help him avoid oily fingers and tongs.

If, however, your father prefers to cook up a storm in the kitchen then Chili Herb Infuser is the perfect Father’s Day gift guaranteed to give your Dad’s famous Sunday night chili con carne that extra spice kick. Also perfect for soups, stews and curries where he can fill the chilli shaped container with herbs and spices and leave to infuse for those one pot culinary masterpieces. If your dad’s chili is already the extra hot kind you can only enjoy with plenty of sour cream and iced water, cooling lollipop shaped watermelon slices created by Pepo Watermelon Slicer are going to be in high demand once you’ve left the dinner table. Either enjoy making these lollipops with Pop or give as a gift to subtly encourage his 5 a day!

If your old man simply can’t get enough of everything food related then Gourmet Scratch Map™ poster will be the perfect Father’s Day gift sure to land you with favourite child status. The Scratch Map® poster made for his taste buds, this foil covered map of Europe means dad can uncover the culinary classics he’s devoured around the world. Whether he’s gorged on gnocchi in Italy or kept it sophisticated in Paris with helpings of snails, with this map of Europe, your dad can create his very own Man v. Food adventure this Father’s Day. And if this awesome gift encourages him to book a trip to Berlin to enjoy helpings of Frankfurters then set him on his way with Brown Paper Bag, a handy insulated lunch bag with magnetic fastening he can use again and again as his very own doggy bag for all those leftovers. His eyes are bigger than his tummy after all…

A Luckies Guide to buying the perfect Father’s Day gift for a cool Dad

Father's Day Cool Gift Ideas

At Luckies we’ve noticed that Dads around the world are getting cooler. They’ve swapped wearing socks with sandals and referring to night clubs as ‘discos’, to having Netflix accounts and social media profiles…which often have a scarily impressive number of followers. Keep up with your old man on June 19th with our guide to buying the perfect Father’s Day gift for a cool Dad. And while you’re at it, give Dad a hug from us…

No longer do dads live vicariously through their kids, but instead they’re the ones with the booked weekends away, and we’re the ones left waiting for them to get back and help put up our shelves. Scratch Map Capitals® world map poster is the perfect Father’s Day gift for a cool Dad as he can go off on his stag dos’, cycling holidays or work trips abroad and track his travel on this snazzy world map poster. Focusing on capital cities, he can remove the foil from Budapest to Berlin and read up on the key facts about the cities’ populations, density, altitudes and age (Dads gotta love geography knowledge). And while you’re at it why not get one for yourself as dads’ love a bit of family competition. The downside of course being that the bank of dad may close when it comes to contributing to those weekends away with your mates!

Or why not make a day of it by throwing a surprise Father’s Day party for this cool pop of yours. Though the guest list may only include your mum, sis, and Michael the hamster, with Pocket Tin Speaker you can be the party starter anywhere due to it being fully portable, thus guaranteeing favourite child status. With this rechargeable speaker small enough to fit in your pocket, you can whip it out on the car journey to visit Grandpa or use it to play some classic Elbow at the dinner table (a fool proof band for Dads around the world). And why stop the party there, with Sip Zip Bottle Opener, the handy portable zip shaped bottle opener, you can keep the drinks for that #1 dad of yours and have a beer-illiant Father’s Day…though maybe wait until he’s not driving to Grandpas before cracking open the ale.

If however you’d fancy something more chilled this Father’s Day then treat him to Smartphone Projector, the ideal Father’s day gift for a cool Dad. Being a cool dad, he’s sure to have the latest model of smart phone and with this portable mini cinema, he can simply use his smartphone to project his favourite movie onto the wall of his study and enjoy a break from squabbling over the remote in the lounge. Alternatively, set up this cinema in a box for a good old fashioned Sunday family film, you may end up watching the dreaded Antiques Roadshow but you’re guaranteed a happy daddy which is what it’s all about this Father’s Day.

Luckies Top Tips for making the most of your Summer holiday

If you’re in the midst of planning the ultimate sun and fun filled summer break with pals, take a look at our epic top tips for making the most of your summer holiday. Whether you’re scanning around for flights to Peru or have stumbled into Devon and need a place to pitch up for the night, with our expert guide to the travel apps and top travel accessories, your smartphone will be smarter and travel accessories trendier. *Ice creams not included*

Where to go

No longer do you have to traipse through copious amounts of glossy travel brochures working out when and where to go on holiday only to find out that the most affordable place was two nights in Moscow if you booked yesterday. Now you can get tech savvy with Skyscanner, the sharp flight comparison app that not only provides the most affordable flights but also comes up with suggestions of where to go. Feeling adventurous? Simply select ‘Destination anywhere’ and you may land yourself a cheap £18 return flight to Cologne. Bargain. With flights sorted, get sorted yourself with Airmail Travel Wallet, an essential travel documents envelope for all globe-trotters. Print out your booked flight information and add it to this handy travel wallet to ensure all those vital travel documents (passport, foreign cash, and tickets) are in one organised place.

Where to stay

Gone are the days of phoning up France and attempting to book a hotel in Paris by speaking English in your best French accent, this is the smartphone generation who demand all holiday hotel logistics to be just a click away with apps like Hostelworld and Airbnb. Whether you’re booking in advance and keeping an eye on your purse-strings or have found yourself in Copenhagen when interrailing; with these apps you’ll find hundreds of thousands of places to browse for all those travel-weary fingertips. Once you’re booked up you can start the fun part – packing! Make sure to pack On Air Toothbrush Cover, a cute travel toothbrush cover which is perfect for those resting up in different places.

Once you’re there

Once you’ve touched down in LA, Madrid or Rye (on the coast of England, it’s lovely there) it can be difficult knowing where to start exploring and more importantly, where to start shopping. With Travel Style Folding Bag, you’ll have 43L of spacious compact travel bag you can fill with unique gifts, souvenirs and duty free chocolate. GIANT overpriced Toblerones? We’ll have 12 please. To find activities and these perfect gifts use the nifty app, FourSquare and you’ll find everything from restaurants, shops and activities complete with fellow traveller ratings ensuring you don’t pick duff places.

Travelling back

Our final top tip for making the most of your summer holiday is how to travel back in style. By this time we hope you’ve managed to escape the Delhi belly, mosquito bites and rabies (contracted when stroking the rogue holiday dog), but if you are feeling a little worse for wear in the departure lounge then it’s a great idea to download FlightTrack to quite simply track your flight. You’ll get the most up to date information of your flight which means you don’t have to leave that lovely air-conditioned hotel room too early. Once home make sure you can easily identify your luggage on the conveyer belt with Petit Luggage Tag, or Tag Me Luggage Tag, two handy colourful tags which you can tie around your bag and provide personal details on in case your luggage ends up in Ghana but you’re stood at Gatwick.