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Leaving gifts for work colleagues

The idea of your favourite work colleague leaving you for pastures new may leave you wanting to throw yourself at their feet screaming ‘Please don’t go!’ But the traditional method of saying goodbye to a colleague is getting them a leaving gift. What sort of leaving gift depends on their personality and your relationship; are they a sentimental ‘I’ll miss you so much’ person, or more of a ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’ type? Either way, you’ll find just the right gift for your work friend amongst our unique and memorable leaving gifts for work colleagues.

1. Scratch Map Original

If you’re looking for leaving gifts for work friends who are off travelling on a gap year, or even just a few months travelling around South America, or Asia, or backpacking around Europe, then a gift from our Scratch Map Range will make the perfect travel gift they can personalise and cherish forever. Our Scratch Map Original was the first of it’s kind and is a great place to start as they can scratch off the countries they’ve visited to create their own personal travel record.

Leaving gifts for colleagues

2. Bucket (& Spade) List

If you’re looking for original leaving present ideas or retirement gifts, this one will bring a smile to their faces. This scratch off Bucket (& Spade) List is their very own scratchable bucket list of things to do before they ‘grow up’. Things like ‘have a food fight’ and ‘act in a play’. The perfect list of things to tick off while they still can! And if they are the fun loving sort who’ve already completed everything on the list at least twice, then it will be a fun list of things to work through with the grandchildren.

Leaving gifts colleagues

3. Memory Box

We promised you some sentimental leaving gift ideas so here we are; our wooden Memory Box has places to keep personal notes, photos and keepsakes. So, you can give it to them empty for them to fill with their own memories or get everyone in the office to contribute a little something that reminds them of your colleague; a photo, a note or any kind of souvenir to create the ultimate memorable leaving present.

Watch movies on the move with Magniviewer

So many movies, so little time to watch them all in. Imagine if you could carry a TV in your pocket at all times, ready to watch in any spare moments you might have? On the commute to work, in your lunch hour, during a particularly boring meeting / lecture…? We don’t condone that last one of course, but now the possibility is there with our brand new Magni-Viewer. This cool gadget doubles your smartphone screen size, meaning squinting to see what’s happening in your favourite TV show is now a thing of the past!

Magniviewer smartphone stand

Versatile Smartphone Stand

It’s not just movies though; imagine the scene… It’s a hot sticky day in Greece. You’re on the beach with the family settling in for a full day of beach fun. You scan the boardwalk, hoping for a sign of some sort of sports bar which may be showing the big match that’s on later today. No such luck. Of course there isn’t, you booked the hotel in the middle of nowhere for that fully authentic greek experience!

Definitely no sports bars here. No worries though; you’ve got your Magni-Viewer smartphone stand with you! Just tap into that hotel wifi, get yourself a nice cold beer and lie back on your sun lounger you paid 10 Euros for to enjoy the game. Sweet!

Magniviewer for movies

This travel friendly smartphone magnifier has a stand so you can place it on any flat surface for easy viewing. It folds flat to slip into your bag and is compatible with any smartphone. It couldn’t be easier to use; simply slot your smartphone in and start watching, with or without headphones depending on who’s around for you to annoy.

The Magni-Viewer smartphone stand is a great gift for students. These content guzzlers may be living in halls or with friends for the first time and want something for watching movies in bed, or in the park or even whilst walking down the street if they’re complete lunatics. It would also make a cool stocking filler for anyone who commutes for work; just imagine all the films they could watch in that time – they could get through a blockbuster a day! Or just catch up on last night’s episode of Eastenders.

4 fun stationery gifts for colleagues starting a new job

Has your favorite colleague just been promoted to a bigger and better office? Help them celebrate in style by giving them some fun stationery gifts to spice up their new work space. These 4 fun stationery gifts are sure to make your colleagues day and give you the perfect excuse to go visit them in their new office.

1. Morris Memo Holder

Morris acts as a miniature personal assistant, helping those with forgetful tendencies to keep organised. His clever design allows him to hold memos in his back while holding your pencil or ready written memo in his mouth. You’ll never be late for a meeting again thanks to Morris and his friendly reminders.

2. DIY Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy

The DIY wheelie bin is the perfect way to add some personality to a new office space. This fun gift is perfect for anyone who strives to keep their work space tidy at all times. It comes with a handy felt tip pen so you can get creative while keeping tidy. If doodling isn’t your style, keep orangised by using the wheelie bin as a memo board.

Fun stationery gifts

3. Miss Meter Tape Measure

This cute and cheerful, giraffe shaped measuring tape with an extending neck is the ideal gift for a friend or colleague who is starting and new job and wants to add a bit of fun to their work space. Miss Meter Tape Measure is a pretty and practical addition to anyone’s desk.

Gifts for colleagues

4. Eric The Memo Elephant

An Elephant never forgets and with Eric, neither will you. Eric is a fun stationery gift and will be the envy of everyone at your colleague’s new job. Eric loves to be written on and is always there to make sure you never miss an important lunch meeting again. Use the felt tip pen that’s included and use Eric’s smooth white ceramic body to jot down your daily to-do list.

new job gifts

3 cool gifts for friends starting a new job

Isn’t it wonderful when something brilliant happens to one of your mates? It’s almost as good as if it happened to you yourself. If you’ve got a friend who’s just landed a new job, you’ll no doubt want to help them celebrate. And what better way than getting your BFF some sweet new job gifts? Here at Luckies we’ve got quirky stationery gifts for a new job, tech gifts, first job gifts and even something to help them enjoy their tea break. A little piece of luck and fun for them take with them on their first day; here are 3 cool gifts for friends starting new jobs.

1. The Envelope
If you’re looking for graduation gifts for someone who’s about to start their first job; The Envelope is part tech sleeve part stylish fashion statement. This slim profile laptop sleeve is inspired by the classic manilla envelope and will ensure your friend turns up for work on their first day looking like they mean business. Strong and durable, this protective case is made from a tear proof and writeable material, with grey quality felt for extra padding.

2. Rainbow Sticky Notes
It’s always good to make friends and allies in your new job and with these Rainbow Sticky Notes, your friend will be able to send out the message that they’re not all work and no play. They’ll add a little bit of colour to a grey office and the colour coding feature make it the perfect gift for anyone who is just this side of being an organisational freak.

3. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser
Just because they work in a communal office, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a nice brew of their favourite proper loose leaf tea, whatever variation that may be – English Breakfast, Assam or Oolong. And this miniature Baby Nessie floating around in their cup will surely cheer them up on a tough day in the office. If you’re looking for gift ideas for a new job, you could pair this with some posh biscuits to keep in their drawer too for in case of emergencies.

Say goodbye in style with 3 top leaving gifts

Buying a leaving gift can be quite a daunting task. You don’t want to be remembered as the person who said goodbye with a Nandos voucher, or a pair of slippers you’ve almost certainly mentioned not wanting when you came back to work after Christmas. No way. There are classier ways to say adios, no matter whether they’re leaving your shared place of work, living space, or your knitting circle; here’s some ways you can do better…

Under a tenner – Rainbow Notes

If you’re only wanting to get them a small token, and they’re moving to a new work space that’ll inevitably include a new desk, our Rainbow Sticky Notes are just the thing to brighten it up. 250 rainbow shaped sticky notes in 5 different colours, every single one of which will jog fond memories of you. Might we suggest secretly writing something nice in the middle of the block, to instigate added soppiness at leaving you behind.

Globetrotting – Adventure Journal

If they’re setting off for more internationally based pastures new, the AdventureJournal is perfect. Not only can they scratch off their journey as it unfolds on eight miniature maps, but if they’re worried about missing out on all the best bits, the Adventure journal comes with 300 bucket list activities they can (and should!) partake in all across the globe. So they’ll only have you to thank when they’re putting on their wet suit and climbing into the shark tank.

Group Effort – Memory Box

If you’re looking for something that everyone can get involved in, the Memory Box is exactly what you need. Club together with your mates to customise the box and fill it with your favourite memories of your departing comrade. With a tin for small keepsakes, a wallet for ticket stubs and postcards, and a screw top glass tube for holiday sand (or desk crumbs), there’s no way they won’t pull it out from time to time and remember you all fondly.

5 unforgettable leaving gifts

Here’s 5 unforgettable leaving gifts, perfect for friends and work colleagues. When a friend is leaving for pastures new and you start the collection for their goodbye gift / new job gift / retirement gift, it is always a little sad. Sure you wish them well and good luck in their new adventure, but there’s always a tiny part of you that wants to throw yourself on the floor, wrap yourself around their legs and scream ‘don’t leave me!’

One thing that can ease the parting is giving them a truly unforgettable leaving gift that melts their heart and moves them to tears. Here are 5 unforgettable leaving gifts so they can’t forget you even if they wanted to.

A leaving present which is completely unique to them as you can fill it with personal memories you’ve shared. Photos of night’s out, private jokes and doodles, messages from everyone in the team, a mascot or two for them to remember you by. You can get the whole office to contribute to this one.

This is the perfect travelling gift for a friend who is leaving to go travelling. The Adventure Journal comes with 8 Scratch Map pages and over 300 unusual bucket list ideas. Perfect inspiration for their brand new adventure.

Our portable cinema is a wonderful present for film lovers. This one has an added bonus; it can be personalised! So you can write your colleague a fun message, sketch, doodle, anything you like! Pass it around the office and get everyone to sign it – much more fun than a leaving card.

If you’re on the hunt for retirement gifts then baking springs to mind. Your friend will no doubt be looking for something to fill all that extra time with, lucky things! How about politely suggesting they start a home bakery and use this gift to stamp all their treats ‘baked with love’? And then let you eat them all.

Still looking for a leaving gift for him or a leaving gift for her? How about a Hologram of yourself so that they can see you any time they like! Use the Hologram Viewer to create and view your own personalised message. Now that’s one futuristic leaving gift.

Top leaving gifts for colleagues

leaving gifts for colleagues

You can’t choose who you work with. Sometimes they’re so awful you feel physically lighter when they’re on holiday or off sick. Sometimes you forget their name the second they tell you and spend the next 3 years saying “hello mate” every time you’re in the break room together. Sometimes they steal your stationery, CONSTANTLY, and then pretend they don’t know what you’re talking about even as they stand before you chewing the top of your good pen to shreds. But that’s not everyone, and that’s certainly not how we feel about each other at Luckies H.Q. I don’t think…

But anyway, yes, awful colleagues, but sometimes they’re good. And then they go and leave, and through the waterfall of tears, it’s you that’s tasked with finding them a top leaving gift.

Post it notes

If they’re leaving for pastures new and are no longer able to pinch yours, maybe they’ll need some stationery of their own. Our Rainbow Notes are a perfect accompaniment to any stationery care package you might put together for them. 250 brightly coloured sticky notes that’ll remind you of them no matter where their new desk is situated.

If they’re off travelling, the Luckies Adventure Journal is a perfect gift. The journal features a 300 strong bucket list of weird and wonderful activities to get involved in across the globe, and a map to scratch them off as you complete them. Like the international equivalent of collecting those Panini football stickers. Just make them promise they’ll take a selfie if they do a bungee jump for the workplace newsletter.

Maybe this is it, and they’re retiring. Which means, according to the retirement rules, that they’re probably about to start hanging around in their kitchen and baking loads. The Message Rolling Pin has a silicone wrap that be changed to print 3 sweet messages into their biscuits and pastries. Hopefully now they’re got all this time on their hands, they’ll be able to bring a tray in for you all to enjoy.