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Top 5 last minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

For all you last-minute lovers, Luckies can save the day with these top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift ideas. With Next Day Delivery your lucky lover will be none the wiser when receiving these perfectly personalised tokens of love.

Sweet Pony Cookie Cutter

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so what better way to test this theory than with the help of the Sweet Pony Cookie Cutter. With Saturday Delivery available you can have your cookies baked and ready for Sunday the 14th without even breaking a sweat in the kitchen.

Rubber Jonny

If you’re looking to move your relationship to the next level or simply enjoy the dating game, Rubber Jonny is an essential Valentine’s gift for all those randy romantics! Try your luck by whipping out this novelty item after your candle lit dinner and see how far it gets you. If it doesn’t end in a night of passion then don’t worry as you can play the “I was totally joking” card. After all it is an just an eraser, you would never be so forward. Ahem.

Eric the Memo Elephant

For those of you in more ‘comfortable’ relationships, Eric the Memo Elephant is the perfect way to keep the romance alive and house in working order! Whether you want to scribble Shakespearean sonnets ready for your beloved’s return or subtly remind them you’re out of toilet roll (who said romance was dead!?), this is the perfect last minute Valentines Gift that benefits both.

Love Note

Next up on the list is Love Note, the perfect last minute gift for the other halves who have a somewhat unrealistic expectation of love (thanks to years of Disney films). We are here to meet their demands, by giving you a chance to write a heartfelt note the old school way. Once the romantic note is penned, roll it up and pop it in the glass bottle provided. Finally seal with the cork stopper and stickers; we’ll leave it up to you whether you use the ocean waves to deliver your message in a bottle. Sting would be proud if you did though…

Greetings Card Kit

And finally, no Valentine’s Day would be complete without our Greetings Card Kit to help you create the perfect hand crafted declaration of love. This is one of the few holidays where going craft-crazy is 100% encouraged, and with Next Day Delivery available all you need to worry about is leaving enough time to let the glue dry before handing over your romantic masterpiece.. Way to go Romeo.

Introducing the Framed Scratch Map® Deluxe Poster from Luckies…

Everyone has a loved one who prefers the finer things in life. Trust us, Scratch Map® world map posters won’t be an exception to this rule which is why we’ve created a luxury version of our Framed Scratch Map® Original poster – the Framed Scratch Map® Deluxe poster. Created with the sort of people who buy ‘Taste the Difference’ tomato ketchup instead of Heinz in mind, our Framed Scratch Map® Deluxe world map poster is handmade in the UK, printed on matte black paper and mounted in a black frame. Not to brag or anything but if Dom Pérignon did interiors, we reckon they would look a little like the above…

Struggling for gift ideas for that well-travelled, cool couple you know that look like they’ve just walked straight off a luxury fashion billboard? Well, if we’ve learnt anything it’s that cool couples always have cool flats that are bursting with cool interiors. If you’re lucky enough to get the invite to their super cool but totally laid back house-warming party at their trendy new east London flat, don’t mess it up by turning up with salad servers as a present (even though they seemed like a totes ironic idea before you got there). Turn up with this Framed Scratch Map® Deluxe poster instead! Luxurious and edgy at the same time (who knew that was even possible?!), they’ll be able to scratch off where they’ve been and hang or lean it (that’s pretty cool too) in pride of place in their flat. It might be a bit of a splurge but you could call it an investment because you’ll definitely get the invite to all their trendy Sunday night gatherings now. Cool people don’t worry about having work in the morning.


Cool house-warming parties aside, we think our Framed Scratch Map® Deluxe map definitely ticks the box for a more special gift for the more significant occasions in life. Whether a loved one with a penchant for travel has just graduated from university or you need something special to give to your jet-setting uncle for his 50th birthday, the Framed Scratch Map® Deluxe poster definitely makes the leap from an every day gift to a ‘I’ve really smashed this’ gift.

Introducing the Framed Scratch Map® Original Poster from Luckies…

Whilst our Scratch Map® Original world map poster makes a wonderful gift suitable for many occasions, there are some important milestones in life that require you to give (spend) a little more. To name a few, your jet set sister just got engaged, your well travelled best friend is expecting a baby, that video of your boyfriend doing the cinnamon challenge just reached 10,000 hits on YouTube…That’s where our Framed Scratch Map® Original world map poster comes in. Amping up your present giving game since…well, a couple of weeks ago, our Framed Scratch Map® Original map is handmade in the UK and mounted in a white frame. And before you ask, there’s no glass so you can still scratch off all of your exciting travel adventures without the hassle of taking it out of the frame.


Have a friend whose moving into a new house? Help them make it a home by steering clear of the classic ‘new home’ gifts (does anyone ever really want new cutlery anyway?) and treat them to a Framed Scratch Map® Original poster instead. Printed on white gloss paper, not only does it look good pretty much anywhere (particularly on a ‘Dream Interiors’ board on Pinterest might we add), it’s a thoughtful gift too because the new home owners can keep track of all their joint travel adventures. Although travelling may be on hold for a little while…#mortgageblues.

Here at Luckies, we think it also makes a pretty special anniversary gift. Available with next day delivery, it’s perfect for last minute anniversary gift shoppers too! You know what they say, a couple who travels together, stays together. Do they say that? Well if they don’t say that, they should! What’s more, your other half doesn’t have to know that it came framed. All that extra effort you went to to find a framers. What a keeper. We won’t tell if you don’t…

The Luckies of London Guide to Buying Christmas Gifts Like a Pro

Animal Gift Wrap

Whilst Luckies is a huge fan of sausages wrapped in bacon, Christmas parties, family gatherings and excuses to get merry we know how hard present buying can be at the best of times… Trudging around the highstreet, battling to grab the last box of crackers that’s left on the shelf, not to mention finding stocking fillers for aunties, uncles, cousins, the dog and cat. Fear not, we’re here to help with our top tips to make you an Xmas Shopping Pro.

Cyber Monday falls on the 1st of December this year, get it in your diary…
Plenty of online retailers offer big discounts on Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping of the year so have a some time set aside to place orders, but do your research first. Lots of retailers have wish list or favourite function so you can get ideas beforehand, and make the most of discounts on the day! At the very least get together a shopping list in the form of URLs so placing orders on the day will only take a few clicks.

Stocking fillers for Xmas

Find out the delivery date cut off for anywhere you might need to send gifts.
Got an auntie in Australia or a cousin in Columbia? You need to know how early you need to get their presents posted so there’s no awkward conversations when you Skype on Christmas day. You thank them for their thoughtful generocity, but you’ll see the unavoidable look of disappointment in their eyes. The best place to get up to date information is from Royal Mail, or the website you’re thinking of ordering from. That way you’ll still have Auntie Ethel’s sofa to stay on if you fancy a trip to Sydney.

Don’t forget those stocking fillers in case you need to give someone a secret santa at the last minute.
It always happens, you invite people over for mulled wine and mince pies and they turn up with a present as well as wine, making you feel bad and under prepared. Never again! Peruse your favourite sites (we assume Luckies is top of the list…) and add a few little extras to your basket. Animal Corkers by Monkey Business have a loop to hang round the neck of a bottle, Arthur Egg Cup and Spoon from Peleg Design is a great little gift for kids and fans of Game of Thrones and Yolkfish is the perfect little addition to any foodies arsenal.

Christmas stocking fillers 2015

Don’t forget wrapping paper, and make it as good as the gift inside!
There are heaps of great ways to personalise the gifts your giving before you pop them under the tree, particularly the way it’s wrapped. Think outside the box and try something different by getting crafty; buy plain paper and create your own pattern or print by making a potato print or stencil. If that sounds too much like hard work, Animal Gift Wrap is the perfect solution. A pack containing wrapping paper, stickers and cut out ears, feet and tails, you can create polar bears, penguins and festive foxes for all your nearest and dearest. Just don’t blame us when they’re loathe to unwrap it!

A Step by Step Guide to Making Scratch Globe; The World’s Only 3D Scratch Map® Globe of the World!

Scratch Globe by Luckies

The Scratch Globe is one of our favourite products at Luckies,  after all who wouldn’t want a Scratchable 3D globe of the world ?! Yep, pretty much everyone! We’ve also found it’s one of our most photogenic products – just take a look at our Instagram feed and you’ll see any snap of this 3D Scratch Map® in babe form gets plenty of love. However, anything this hot tends to require a little work – we’re not saying she’s high maintenance or anything but let’s just say she requires a bit of  special attention when it comes to putting her together. With that in mind, we’ve put together our super simple guide to making your very own 3D globe of the World. All you need is a Scratch Globe, ten minutes and a nice cup of tea…

Scratch Globe by Luckies

You’ll notice all parts A have fold lines down the centre, start by folding A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 and A8 so that the printed pattern is on the outside. All these pieces make up the inside of each vertical segment – a bit like a Chocolate Orange, but thankfully this won’t melt or spoil your Christmas dinner…

Parts B and C make up the horizontal pieces that create the internal structure that all A parts slot into – think of them as mini pizzas!

Step 1

Take A1 and hold vertically with the patterned side facing outwards.

Step 2

Insert B1 into the top slot.

Insert C1 into the second slot.

Insert C2 into the third slot.

Insert B2 into the bottom slot.

Make sure you slot these sections all the all the way in so that they are secure. It should look like this:

Scratch Globe

Step 3

Insert A2 —> A8 into the empty slots around the edge. It’s easiest to slide the bottom section all the way in first and then the others will follow suit!

3D World map

Once complete, it should look like this:

Globe map of the world

Step 4

Starting with D1, place the outer layers onto the scratch globe slotting the folded down edges into the gaps at each side. If you’re travel pro/keen adventurer we won’t need to tell you the direction to do this in because you’ll already be bursting with knowledge about the world. For the rest of you (we’re only judging you a little bit)…it’s anti-clockwise.

Scratch Globe travel gift

Step 5

Give this 3D scratch map® to a wanderlust filled friend and let them start scratching off their adventures! Or after all that effort, you might want to keep it for yourself and get them another one!

3 Cool Gift Ideas for the Guy who has Everything

Never mind trying to find cool gifts for the girl who has everything, finding cool gifts for the guy who has everything is WAY harder! Especially if he’s the type to greet you with the dreaded ‘surprise me’ when you’re subtly (well, what you thought was subtly) fishing for gift ideas. A term that commonly leads to frantic googling of terms like ‘gifts for hard to buy for men’ during all hours of the night, ‘surprise me’ has the ability to send shivers down even the most confident gift buyers’ spines. But as usual, Luckies are here to save the day with three cool gift ideas for the guy who has everything…

It’s said that a lot of people do their most important thinking in the shower which is why Waterproof Notebook is number one on our list of cool gifts for the guy who has everything. After all, he might want to write some of that important stuff down in the shower! Made from waterproof stone paper, this little notebook comes with a 100% graphite pencil, allowing you to write down smudge free thoughts, lists, brainstorms, lyrics, poetry, baby names and whatever else you might fancy any time, any place, any weather. Try ripping the paper too, it’s impossible!


If this guy of yours has everything, he definitely has a man bun. What better way to bring some functionality to the man bun (other than hipster-ness obvs) than with Clippa by Monkey Business – the hair kit that doubles as a mini tool kit!? Something he definitely won’t already have, Clippa has a wrench, screw driver, trolley coin, cutting edge and a ruler which all combine into a cool yet practical gift.


Last but definitely not least on our list of cool gifts is the Barbecue Stamp. Every barbecue has a protagonist. The guy that pulls out the bellows when the barbecue won’t get started, revives the burnt corn on the cobs with his home made hot sauce and who marinades the chicken FOURTY EIGHT hours in advance. We’re betting the guy who has everything is the protagonist at a barbecue. Know what he’s missing though? His own, personalised steak stamp. Barbecue Stamp will allow him to brand his steak (or any meat for that matter) with ‘Black & Blue,’ ‘Little Bit of Blood’ or ‘Nearly Burnt.’ As important as the Ring was to Frodo in Lord of the Rings, the starring role at every barbecue needs to have a Barbecue Stamp.


Smartphone Projector = Smart entertainment for the kids this half term

Smartphone Projector by Luckies

Keeping the kids entertained during the half term break can be a difficult task and with a high chance of wet weather you might be struggling for fun indoor projects to keep them (and you!) happy. Luckies have got two words for you….Smartphone Projector! This diy cardboard projector is not only a fun craft project for children, it also provides hours of entertainment as their very own mini cinema in a box. So without further ado, here are our top 5 ideas on how this cool gift just keeps on giving…

A DIY Smartphone Projector? Trust us, it’s not as tricky as it sounds.

Okay so self assembly might give you flash backs of hours spent trying to make that Ikea wardrobe that seemed so simple at first. Take a deep breath – we’ve made Smartphone Projector as simple to make as humanly possible, all you need is some glue or double sided sticky tape and a bored child or two. Just say “how about building your own home cinema from scratch” and they’ll be folding and sticking this box together and setting up their new toy in no time! The projector comes with clear instructions and pictures on how to put everything together and although simple for an adult to construct, it’s likely to take kids a little longer – allowing some serious parental respite.

Smartphone Projector by Luckies

Cinema al fresco

There is certainly a trend for outdoor screenings these days, but with Rastamouse very rarely on the bill why not get the kids to create their own! Not only will is save you some cash on tickets (which would probably add up to the price of a bottle of gin, just saying..). All you need is a tent, a smartphone with some cartoons loaded up and a Smartphone Projector! Add some cosy blankets, snacks and drinks into the mix then set up the projector inside so the image is projected onto one of the tent walls. Get snuggled up and while they can have their very own outdoor cartoonathon, you can pour that well deserved G&T…

Art house cinema

When it’s not quite the weather for outdoor screenings but the average home cinema experience doesn’t quite cut the mustard with your “alternative” little ones, why not create their very own Art House Cinema? Tell them to grab their favourite bed sheet and arrange it creatively over the reclaimed wooden furniture in the lounge…basically make a really cool den! Then grab that Smartphone Projector and get showing all the old classics – Bagpuss, Betty Boop, Rainbow… okay so maybe this one is for the adults…

Smartphone Projector by Luckies

A photo finish

If you’re worried about your kids eyes turning into the shape of SpongeBob’s pants then this fun game might be more for you. Get your children to spend the afternoon taking 10 cool photos each on their smartphone gadgets. Then set up the projector so they can present their creative efforts one after the other to any family members willing to indulge in this très moderne photo exhibition. Seeing as it’s opening night then glasses of champers should definitely be handed out to all attending adults on arrival. We have a feeling they might need it!

If self assembly still seems like too much effort, check out Smartphone Projector 2.0 – you’ll be able to do all of the above, straight out of the box.