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3 Unusual Valentine’s Gifts for Long-Term Lovers

gift ideas for valentine's day

You’ve been together for a few years. You’ve covered all the Valentine’s Day gift classics: 12 red roses (or ten if you buy them in a rush from the supermarket), her favourite chocolates, once you grabbed some expensive jewellery in a total last minute panic. A moment you’ve regretted every year since because nothing’s ever lived up to it. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the same day has come round again. Here it is, looming ahead of you and you only just scraped together ideas for Christmas, despite being told she’d dropped “so many hints”. So what the hell do you buy the women who have everything? The one you’ve already bought everything for (with a 40% success rate)? Here are some Valentine’s gifts for her that can’t go wrong. Seriously. This is fool proof.

Memory Box

Make a little effort. Even the hardest of hearts can’t knock a homemade memory box (if they do, perhaps you need to rethink why you’ve made a long term commitment to that person, but who are we to give relationship advice?) It shows thought. It shows preparation and dedication. It’s a romantic way to show all the good times you’ve shared together and that you still care. Awww.

Scratch Map Chalk®

Do something cute. Remove the foil from all the places you’ve travelled to together and then write on it all the places you want to take them next. Stick pictures of your faces on it. Make it such a surprise when they open it up that they leap into your arms and you’re finally forgiven for that unmentionable gift on the same day three years ago. (How were you supposed to guess they DIDN’T want to go to the Steps reunion tour you won free tickets for).

Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY

Now this is a good one. You’re going to get major brownie points for this. Wait. Who even says that? You’re going to get better rewards than brownie points but you can let your imagination decide what. Take this plain white projector and some colouring pens (or if drawing is not your strong point, print out some photos of the two of you and buy some glue.) Write some sweet messages and funny in jokes you share, or stick your favourite photos all over it or pictures of your favourite movies. Then, when they unwrap it, take out your phone and play a “here’s one I made earlier” montage video complete with photos and footage of memories you’ve shared. Yes it’s a lot of effort. We didn’t say it was going to be easy. You’ve been together years now. Nothing’s easy. Joking. No seriously. Those dreamy days where just a kiss was enough are behind you.

You’ve got this. Good luck!

3 Valentine’s Gifts for When You’ve Just Started Dating


Some things in life are just awkward. Leaving the house with your skirt tucked into your knickers… running for a bus that speeds off the moment you reach the stop… dating someone for a mere month when Valentine’s Day strikes. You haven’t had ‘The Chat’ yet but you like them too much to pretend it’s just another ordinary day. What do you do?! The good news is that Luckies are here to help with a whole host of fun, and unusual gift ideas which will leave you in your lover’s good books. Here’s our top 3:

Pocket Tin Speaker

This speaker has all bases covered – it looks cool, sounds great and is less than £20. If you really want to put the effort in, you could pre-prepare a playlist to blast through this small-but-mighty bit of kit, showing off your fabulous music tastes. Let’s Get It On? Maybe a bit a much…

Mon Cherry

It’s kitsch, it’s quirky and it’s cuter than a box of kittens. Mon Cherry is the sweetest gift for any lover who likes a sweet treat but isn’t quite ready to go wedding cake tasting with you. With a loveable name and handy measuring cherries, make them enough baked goodies and you’ll be cutting that three tiered cake together in no time.

Greetings Card Kit

Card shops up are being filled with cards brandishing, “I’ll Love You to the Moon and Back” and “Be My Valentine”. But you don’t even know when your squeeze’s birthday is! You’re not ready for a card declaring anything other than your commitment to watch the latest series of Sherlock with them. This is where the Greeting Card Kit comes in. Choose one of the four stamps and write your own greeting with your preferred level of intimacy. This year we’ll be going with… YOU ARE worth deleting Tinder for.  Beautifully packaged, you can always buy it for your beau if they’re a crafty so and so!

The Best Gifts for Men in 2017


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, followed by Father’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays and bromances, there’s never a time when unusual gift ideas for men aren’t sought after. So whether you’ve got a hard to buy for boyfriend, a tech-obsessed best friend or a brother who has absolutely everything, here’s a list of the best gifts for men in 2017.

The Best Gift For Men Who Love To Travel:

Possibly our swankiest map to date, meet the Stamp Map™ poster. This copper themed poster will allow your travel obsessed man to keep a personalised record of not only where he’s visited in the world, but where he wants to visit too. Here’s what our Stamp Map™ poster includes:

  • Two brass stamps that allow you to mark where you want to go with an ‘X’ and where you’ve been with a ‘Visited’ – there’s even space to write the date in too!
  • Red and blank ink pads

The Best Gift For Men Who Love Cooking:

Men than love cooking are usually the hardest to buy for because every novelty shaped rolling pin/fitness fanatic cookbook has been given to them already. We bet they don’t have an industrial style olive oil container though. Not only does Oil & Co Pourer look stylish on the kitchen table, it also stops that greasy, slimy mess from dribbling down the side of the olive oil bottle. OCD anyone?


The Best Gift For Men Who Love Gadgets:

Brother got a penchant for all things tech? Step right up Hologram Viewer. This nifty little gadget will allow him to create, watch and send 3D holograms to all his gadget obsessed mates.

The Best Gift For Men Who Love To Party:

Whether he’s an Ibiza raver, a gentlemen’s club fine diner or a mud-wrestling Glasto camper, every party goer needs music. Our Pocket Tin Speaker is small enough to fit in his pocket but loud enough to get the party going. Pocket Tin Speaker’s features include:

  • Rechargeable via a USB lead
  • Up to 12 hours playback
  • Hard metal exterior making it more durable than most speakers

Never again will your hard to buy for guy be without music.


The Best Gift For Men Who Love Interiors:

If he’s got cushions and house plants coming out of his ears, take a look at our Chalkboard Map. This self-adhesive, black chalk vinyl can be used for plotting travel plans or just for #housegoals snaps. The choice is his.

The Best Gift For Men Who Have Everything:

If your boyfriend is one of those guys who has everything, we’ve got a pretty unusual gift idea for him. If, like most human beings, he enjoys watching stuff in bed/the bath,  meet our Smartphone Magnifier. Resolving all his content watching/sharing woes, this retro style cardboard TV will definitely get his gizmo juices flowing. Here’s why:

  • A lo-fi, hands free way to watch content off your phone
  • Magnifies the image at twice the original size
  • Allows you to watch content off your phone in a group


Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Do you ever find there’s that special man in your life that is just impossible to buy Christmas presents for? Like, mind-map for hours, take a degree in quirky gifts and hire a personal shopping assistant impossible? Yep, we thought so – us too. But never fear, to save you from the hardship of finding a present for the man who has everything, we’ve compiled this handy list of unusual gift ideas for that hard to please fella. Whether it’s your Dad, your brother or your betrothed, we’ve got you covered.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Dads

Dad’s can be notoriously hard to buy presents for – they’ve got every episode of Only Fools and Horses on DVD, a cupboard full of comical ties and as much fudge as you could stomach in a lifetime. So how about something a little different – something he wouldn’t think to treat himself to? We suggest our Smartphone Projector – a great gadget that will transform his phone into a home cinema kit. What’s better than watching all your favourite movies on the big screen whilst in the comfort of your own home? So whether he’s a sci-fi guy or a Godfather fella, get him a six pack and some popcorn then sit back and wait for the brownie points to mount up.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Brothers

We understand how frustrating brothers can be – pulling your hair when you were young, telling your parents when you snuck out to parties, embarrassing you in front of your boyfriend at family dos – we get it. But Christmas is the season for forgiving, and what better way to call a truce than giving him the awesome Hologram Viewer? Not only will this nifty little gadget let him watch holograms from the comfort of his bed, but you can also create personalised messages to send him beforehand! So whether you’re sending something loving or jibing him about his latest debacle down the pub, Hologram viewer makes an awesome unusual gift for a special sibling.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

When it comes to going Christmas shopping for that special someone, things can soon get difficult. You want just the right amount of soppy, whilst still being quirky and interesting ALL within a budget that won’t break the bank. Sounds like a tall order right? It probably was until we brought out our range of Scratch Map® maps – maps that let you record where you’ve been, want to go or are planning to visit by removing the foil one country at a time. Whether your fella is full of wanderlust, looking for a weekend away or you’re planning your honeymoon, Scratch Map® posters make the perfect present for your all important other half.


5 Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

When it comes to Valentines Day most fellas would probably be happy with a beer and a cuddle (cough cough), but if you’re trying to cultivate his appreciation for the finer things in life you may need to rethink buying him that six pack from Saino’s. But finding something that he’ll enjoy quite as much could prove difficult – that’s why Luckies have done all the hard work for you and compiled this list of unusual Valentine’s gifts for men that are bound to impress.

Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Big-Screen Boyfriend

We know we suggest this one a lot, but the Smartphone Projector and Speaker Gift Set really is the most versatile present you could hope for. Providing your man loves his telly, he’ll love this present – a portable home cinema kit that turns your phone into a projector instantly PLUS it comes with a speaker just to sweeten the deal. Whether he’s catching up on his sports big screen style or nuzzling up to you while a movie plays, this quirky present is sure to put a smile on his face.

Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Food Fanatic

If your better half boasts a fine palette and is always looking for a cool way to style out his kitchen sideboard then have we found the perfect gift for you – Food Factory Condiment Set. This cute storage tray is designed to hold a salt and pepper shaker, along with a dual-compartment spice tray that he can add his own favourite spices to. Just hope that he’ll use his latest kitchen toy to cook you a slap up dinner!

Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Forgetful Fella

If you spend mornings playing hide and seek with your boyfriend’s keys then you’ll know how annoying it can be to swap your precious snooze time to help him out. Introducing KeyPete – a cute little key holder that attaches to any surface and can hold up to 30 keys – no longer will you have to chose between the snooze button and your relationship! He’s such a reliable little fella that you’ll wonder how you both lived without him…

Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Boozy Boyfriend

Okay so we had to put in one beer related V-Day gift – we’d hate to see all the men out there go thirsty on their special day! But this unusual gift isn’t just any boozy present – Sip Zip is a bottle opener shaped like a huge zip that makes opening bottles a little bit more fun. It’s the perfect accessory to take on romantic picnics, beach holidays or house parties, as it handily clips on to his pockets – perfect!

Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Lovey-Dovey Dude

So it wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day gift guide if we didn’t put something mushy in here – those with a weak stomach look away now! If you’re after something to heat up the romance on your V-Day celebration, try our Memory Box – a cool wooden box to keep all your treasured keepsakes in. Why not go the extra mile and start off his collection with ticket stubs of gigs you’ve been to, dried flowers he’s bought you or little poems about your undying love for him. Too far? We’ll let you decide…

Unusual Gift Ideas to Turn Your Summer Fling Into a Long Term Thing


It all started with some good lighting and a swipe right on Tinder… You’ve met someone and you’ve been inseparable all summer long – if you’re not whispering sweet nothings to each other on the Bakerloo line, you’re FaceTiming into the early hours. But as the last rays of sun shine on your relationship…wait what’s that? He’s been online on Whatsapp and not replied to your last message?! Okay, remain calm. Before you start penning Taylor Swift’s next album, we reckon an unforgettable present to show your new man or woman just how much they mean to you can relight that fire. So have a little scroll through our romantic and unusual gift ideas – you won’t be disappointed…

Unusual Gifts for Adventurous Men

You’ve met a man and you pray to your lucky stars that you will end up official by the time summer ends. Sound familiar? Why not find an unusual gift for him in the form of the Glow in the Dark Star Map. Whilst gazing into your eyes is probably even more appealing, this unique piece of wall art doubles up as a map – allowing him to gaze into the stars on his wall before going to bed, reminding him of you. Aww.

Unusual Gifts for Romantic Men

Love Note allows you to spill out your feelings into a bottle and send them his way. Sarah 4 James 4eva….Who said romance was dead?

Unusual Gifts for Nostalgic Woman

Those more unusual gifts for women can be romantic too, and this Video Notebook proves just that. No doubt there will have been some serious bonding over growing up without DVD players and your favorite old-school movies so make a list of the films you want to see with her in the future in this retro notebook.

Unusual Gifts for Women Who Like To Be Treated Like a Princess

All women love to be treated like a princess and the wooden heart shaped You Complete Me puzzle may well result in you changing your ‘single’ Facebook status. This unusual gift will leave all girls feeling special, and it even has room for you to pen your own message on it.

Introducing: Party Straws

Party Straws by Luckies

Pre-party nerves. Everyone gets them, even P.Diddy before his annual white party. What if no one turns up? What if no one likes the ironic Spotify playlist you spent all week curating? What if your work crush gets with Becky from accounts instead of you? Well friend, we can’t stop the office dreamboat getting with the object of your affections but we can help with the party details because let’s face it, you’ve got to lay some solid foundations if you want people to still be talking about your epic party in six months time. And that’s where Party Straws come in.

A pack of straws with 24 straws and 24 pop-out card mouths, Party Straws add some comedy value to even the most trendy of parties. Ranging from Kylie Jenner-esque ‘pucker-up’ lips to a huge toothless grin, there’s a pop-out mouth for all those different party emotions. Trying to scare off the lurker? Wack out the brace face lips. Trying to convey your utter shock when your friend starts a story with ‘remember when you…’? Grab the gasping lips. Trying to score a date? There’s a pop out mouth for that too.

But Party Straws aren’t just for expressing the roller-coaster of party emotions. They work really well as drink identifiers too because was it just us, or did you see that guy next to the pool table being sick into his cup too? Nice.

Need a cool gift idea for a friend’s house warming party? Turn up with Party Straws. They’ll be so stoked (mainly because you’re helping keep the rims of their brand new Anthropologie glasses clean) you may even dodge the after party clean up. If you want to secure the cleaning dodge, double up your house warming gift and bring Party Cups too. Winning at life.