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Where to Find the Best Gifts for Men Online

Socks used to be the present of choice when choosing gifts for men, at a stretch, men would be presented with a silk tie or a bottle of brandy. As the gift market has expanded, so have the expectations of men, as there is now no excuse to buy lacklustre gifts for the man in your life.

The internet is full of interesting and unusual gifts for men, so full, that it can often be difficult to narrow down the search in order to find the right present. We share tips on what to look for, and how to find the best gifts for men online.

List His Hobbies

If you know the man you are buying for, list his hobbies. The chances are he will have all the tools he needs to practice his passion, but he will probably not own the associated paraphernalia.

Common hobbies include:

  • Sports
  • Travelling
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Socialising
  • Art

Once you have the broad idea of what his hobbies are you can then move on to make the gift more personalised.

Narrow Down the Search

All of the hobbies mentioned can span a huge array of activities. For example, if he likes sports, does he enjoy watching or taking part? What sports does he like? Does he partake to get fit or just for fun? Is he part of a team or a season ticket holder? These are all questions where the answers will help you find the ideal gift.

If he likes travelling, find out where he like to visit. Is he a sun seeker or an explorer? Does he travel for work or pleasure or both? Does he bring home inspiration from his trips?

Discover His Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, and by discovering this you can ensure you find the perfect present in the wealth of cool gifts for men on the internet. For example, a scratch map would help him realise his dreams while visualising the places he’s been. You’ll give the gift of travel memories along with some incredible inspiration as he plans his next adventure.

bucket list

Travel maps aren’t only of the world, you can find all kinds of scratch maps from gastronomy scratch maps to scratch maps of Europe, for the traveller that likes to stay closer to home. This gift idea would ensure you’re always thought about as he ticks off items off his bucket list as the scratch map will last a lifetime.

Other Cool Gifts for Men Ideas

If travel isn’t his thing, consider something personalised, such as a personalised mug sporting his favourite sports team. You can also combine two or more of his favourite hobbies to find the perfect gift, for example, a Star Wars create it yourself, football which would be perfect for an artist that loves soccer and sci-fi.

In summary, finding the best gift for him is easy, as long as you know what he’s interested in!

Birthday present ideas for guys

Birthday gift ideas for men

Anyone who says men are hard to buy for obviously doesn’t know where to shop. We’ve got a ton of birthday present ideas for men to suit every quirk, interest and personality they may have. We’ve got cool gadgets for tech lovers, kitchen accessories for foodies and man toys for just about anyone. So make it one of his birthdays ever with one of these awesome gift ideas.

Unusual birthday present ideas for him

If you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for the man who fancies himself as a bit of a Gordon Ramsey (minus the fiery temper we hope!) then how about getting him a gift worthy of the title ‘head chef’? Our Barbecue Stamp is the perfect birthday present for the man who likes to be king of the BBQ. He can serve up his burgers and steaks cooked to order, flamed to perfection and now branded with ‘black & blue’ ‘little bit of blood’ or ‘nearly burnt’ according to his guests’ preference.

present ideas guys

Cool birthday present ideas for the hard to buy for

If he’s the kind of foodie who’s more interested in eating fine cuisine than cooking it himself, then may we suggest our Gourmet Scratch Map? Encourage him to eat his way around Europe with this scratch off map that allows you to chart your culinary adventures and scratch off each new country’s delicacy as you try it.

birthday present ideas for men

If you’re looking for birthday presents for a man who likes to keep up with all the latest tech then we’ve got some cool gadgets he’ll enjoy opening on his birthday. The Magni-Viewer is a travel gadget which doubles his smartphone screen size allowing him to watch movies and TV almost anywhere in comfort.

Or how about the Smartphone Projector 2.0Black & Gold? This has to be one of the coolest, most stylish looking gifts he’ll receive this year. The smartphone projector allows you to project movies onto any wall meaning he can hold his own exclusive film premiere from the comfort of his lounge.

If you’re still stuck for present ideas for him then how about going platinum? The Scratch Map Platinum is the ultimate travel gift. A luxurious Scratch Map poster printed with shimmering metallic ink and featuring a top layer of removable platinum foil. He can scratch off the countries he has visited to create his own personal travel record. Then, when he’s done, he can hang it on the wall where it’ll make a stunning piece of art.

3 Top stocking fillers for him

xmas stocking fillers him

If you’re spending your first Christmas together as a couple it’s very important to get the Christmas presents right. One of you at least will be spending it away from their family (both of you if you’re lucky!) and there’s always that pressure to make sure it feels ‘Christmassy enough’, which basically means: like it did when you were a kid. One way to do this is Stocking fillers! It’s all very well getting them a super duper main present but it’s the stocking fillers that are the true spirit of Christmas. Stocking filler ideas for men can be particularly challenging, but you can’t go wrong with these 3 top stocking fillers for him.

1. Stamp Map Passport

If he’s the kind of guy who loves the thrill of a fresh new stamp in his passport then this is the xmas gift for him. Styled like a passport with a page for filling in your personal information plus 27 more pages of world maps for you to stamp when you’ve visited them. Simply change the head of the wooden stamp to mark places you want to travel to with an “X”, and stamp all the rest with “VISITED” creating your very own travel record and travel bucket list in one!

Stocking fillers

2. Hologram Viewer

The problem with Christmas as you get older is that you don’t get any toys to play with on Christmas Day. Until now! Wrap one of these up in his stocking this year and he’ll be able to create and view his own holograms! Which will keep him quiet for hours so you can watch Dr Who, or the Queen’sChristmas stocking fillers for him speech if you’re so inclined. To view Hologram Viewer in detail click here.



3. Hang Up

The latest innovative gadget from Luckies. This copper hanger doubles as an ambient light for when he’s up at the crack of dawn and needs to shed some light on the situation. It’ll throw a soft light over the contents of his wardrobe so he can get dressed in the dark without making any fashion faux pas! Or waking you up hopefully. To view Hang Up in detail click here.

3 unique and unusual gifts for men who have everything

He’s the type of guy who has everything. Swanky pad with designer sofa? He’s got it. Huge TV with surround sound? Top of the range. Barista style coffee machine? He’s got two. So how on earth can you think up unique gift ideas for the man who already has everything? Except for a high five for being so awesome. Well, lucky for you here at Luckies we specialise in the type of unique gifts you won’t find in any traditional store so you are guaranteed to find unusual gifts for men he’ll be delighted with (and won’t already have two of). Here are 3 unique and unusual gifts for men who have everything.

1. You To Do Wall Chart

Sometimes we all need reminding that the simple things in life can be the most fun. Encourage him to step away from his luxury lifestyle for a moment and let loose with some good old fashioned fun. The You To Do Wall Chart has a list of fun activities for you and your family and / or friends to tick off as you complete. On the list are all sorts of fun things like ‘bake a cake’, ‘spot a bird of prey’, ’build a sandcastle’ or ‘feed the birds’.

Unusual gift ideas for men

2. Perry the Capitalist Pig

Even the man who has everything has rainy days, help him save for his with this quirky little piggy bank. Perry the CapitaLIST Pig is painted in matte blackboard paint so that he can write or draw on it whatever it is he’s saving for, like ‘holidays’ or ‘third coffee machine for the bathroom’ or something.

gifts for men who have everything

3. Umbrella

Gifts for men who have everything don’t have to be big or expensive; a quirky, thoughtful gift sometimes says a lot more. If he’s the type of gent who likes to brew his own speciality tea then how about getting him one of our quirky tea infusers? This one’s shaped like an umbrella, perfect for those rainy days when he can sit by the fire in his slippers and enjoy a nice hot cup of Lady Grey.

gift ideas men

3 unusually cool gifts for men that have everything

What do you get the man who has everything? One of these 3 unusually cool gifts for men who have everything, that’s what! We’ve chosen our 3 most unique, indulgent and impressively cool gifts to save you the trouble of trawling the internet for hours looking for inspiration and then resorting to one of those gift vouchers for an ‘experience’ which will sit on his mantlepiece all year until it expires. So come on, no one’s been paint balling since the 90’s and if he wanted to drive a Ferrari he would buy himself one. (He is the man who has everything after all) Surprise him with one of these cool gifts for men and he’ll be thanking you long after he’s forgotten what everyone else gave him.

1. Scratch Map Clear
We’d put money on him not having one of these unusual gifts for men already! A Scratch Map is a wonderfully personalisable world map poster that allows you to create your own personal travel record by scratching off the countries you have visited, revealing the vibrant colours below. This clear edition is an even more unique gift as it is printed on clear acetate meaning that when you scratch off the foil of a place you have visited, they literally disappear leaving only the outline and relevant topographical information. Would look great on a coloured wall or interesting background and makes an interesting house waring gift.

2. Hologram Viewer
When it comes to gifts for men who have everything, you need to start thinking about space age technology that he can’t possibly have discovered himself yet. Step forward Hologram Viewer! No longer reserved for Obi Wan and Marty McFly, this futuristic little gadget allows you to make and create your own Holograms. He’ll have hours of fun playing with this quirky gift.

3. Milk Light
If you need gift ideas for men who are so cool they drink beer out of jam jars and coffee out of flower pots, then this is the gift for you. An uber cool rechargeable (environmentally friendly) ambient light in the shape of an old fashioned milk bottle. Gifts for men don’t come more retro chic than that.

Top 3 Gifts For Men Who Have Everything But Want Nothing

Gift ideas for men who have everything

Aaah men who have everything but want nothing. A very specific, but not all that rare breed of male. Yes, we do realise we’re starting to sound a lot like David Attenborough, but finding cool gifts for men requires the kind of close attention worthy of Planet Earth. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to have a man who has everything but wants nothing in your life, then we’re here to help you find some seriously cool gifts for him. In fact, we’ve done all the hard work for you and listed our top three gifts for him. You’re so welcome.

First up on our list of gifts for men who have everything is the Smartphone Magnifier and here’s why:

  • A lo-fi, hands free way to watch movies and videos off your phone
  • Magnifies the phone at twice the original size
  • Great for sharing content with friends and family

Gifts for men who have everything

This retro style gadget means that your fella can watch Game of Thrones off his phone in the comfort of the bath or share the best goal from Match of the Day with his group of mates.

Next up on our list of top gifts for men who have everything is the Scratch Map Chalk® world map poster. That’s right, we’ve given our original Scratch Map® poster a little face lift after feedback from customers that they’d like to be able to write travel plans on their posters too. So if your man is a fan of a travel inspired gift, Scratch Map Chalk® poster will allow him to:

  • Keep track of where he’s travelled by removing the foil
  • Reveal vibrant colours underneath
  • Write travel plans or routes with the chalk pen included
  • Wipe away those travel plans or routes after checking TripAdvisor…

Gift ideas for men who have everything

Last but definitely not the least on our top three gifts for men who have everything is a nifty little gadget designed to look like a camera. Camera Light is a battery-powered, re-chargeable light that can be used as an ambient night light or makes a great travel accessory to throw in his suitcase for when he can’t find his way back home in the dark after one too many pina coloadas…

Camera like for men who have everything