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3 unique and unusual gifts for men who have everything

He’s the type of guy who has everything. Swanky pad with designer sofa? He’s got it. Huge TV with surround sound? Top of the range. Barista style coffee machine? He’s got two. So how on earth can you think up unique gift ideas for the man who already has everything? Except for a high five for being so awesome. Well, lucky for you here at Luckies we specialise in the type of unique gifts you won’t find in any traditional store so you are guaranteed to find unusual gifts for men he’ll be delighted with (and won’t already have two of). Here are 3 unique and unusual gifts for men who have everything.

1. You To Do Wall Chart

Sometimes we all need reminding that the simple things in life can be the most fun. Encourage him to step away from his luxury lifestyle for a moment and let loose with some good old fashioned fun. The You To Do Wall Chart has a list of fun activities for you and your family and / or friends to tick off as you complete. On the list are all sorts of fun things like ‘bake a cake’, ‘spot a bird of prey’, ’build a sandcastle’ or ‘feed the birds’.

Unusual gift ideas for men

2. Perry the Capitalist Pig

Even the man who has everything has rainy days, help him save for his with this quirky little piggy bank. Perry the CapitaLIST Pig is painted in matte blackboard paint so that he can write or draw on it whatever it is he’s saving for, like ‘holidays’ or ‘third coffee machine for the bathroom’ or something.

gifts for men who have everything

3. Umbrella

Gifts for men who have everything don’t have to be big or expensive; a quirky, thoughtful gift sometimes says a lot more. If he’s the type of gent who likes to brew his own speciality tea then how about getting him one of our quirky tea infusers? This one’s shaped like an umbrella, perfect for those rainy days when he can sit by the fire in his slippers and enjoy a nice hot cup of Lady Grey.

gift ideas men

What do get the person that has everything

What do get the person that has everything? We’ve got a pretty good idea! Whether you’re buying birthday gifts for your partner, your Mum, Dad, Brother or Son, or slowly working your way through a very long Christmas gift list, there’s always one person that you have absolutely no idea what to get because they already have everything that they want. Perhaps it’s because they’re the sort of person that lives life very simply and doesn’t seem to desire the usual materialistic items that most of us crave. Well, good for them! But most likely it’s because they’re the sort of self-sufficient person who buys themselves everything they want or need, leaving nothing left for you to surprise them with.

Gift ideas for men who have everything

Whatever the reason, it’s a sticky spot to be in. But don’t fret, we’ve got gifts for people that have everything coming out of our ears! So don’t start panic buying gift vouchers just yet.

Gifts for men who have everything seems to be one of the biggest bug bears for our customers but we know exactly where to start. If he’s already got everything, chances are he’s been everywhere too and would probably enjoy his very own Scratch Map Original so that he can scratch off the countries he’s visited and hang it on his wall to show off. It will also make him realise that no one has seen as much of the world as they’d like and there’s still plenty more for him to discover.

Exclusive gifts for the man that has everything

Gifts for people that have everything don’t have to be big, expensive gifts. Sometimes something small and useful can make a great gift idea. Like our Baby Nessie Tea Infuser for example; a mess free, dishwasher safe and, most importantly, cute way for them to enjoy their favourite tea.

If you’re still stumped for gift ideas for men (they are the hardest to buy for!) we’ve also got lots of cool gadgets that use brand new, innovative technology, meaning it’d be hard for them to already have one! Like our Hologram viewer for instance; they can create and view their own Holograms with one of these cool toys. I bet they never thought they’d be able to do that at home!

Top 3 Gifts For Men Who Have Everything But Want Nothing

Gift ideas for men who have everything

Aaah men who have everything but want nothing. A very specific, but not all that rare breed of male. Yes, we do realise we’re starting to sound a lot like David Attenborough, but finding cool gifts for men requires the kind of close attention worthy of Planet Earth. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to have a man who has everything but wants nothing in your life, then we’re here to help you find some seriously cool gifts for him. In fact, we’ve done all the hard work for you and listed our top three gifts for him. You’re so welcome.

First up on our list of gifts for men who have everything is the Smartphone Magnifier and here’s why:

  • A lo-fi, hands free way to watch movies and videos off your phone
  • Magnifies the phone at twice the original size
  • Great for sharing content with friends and family

Gifts for men who have everything

This retro style gadget means that your fella can watch Game of Thrones off his phone in the comfort of the bath or share the best goal from Match of the Day with his group of mates.

Next up on our list of top gifts for men who have everything is the Scratch Map Chalk® world map poster. That’s right, we’ve given our original Scratch Map® poster a little face lift after feedback from customers that they’d like to be able to write travel plans on their posters too. So if your man is a fan of a travel inspired gift, Scratch Map Chalk® poster will allow him to:

  • Keep track of where he’s travelled by removing the foil
  • Reveal vibrant colours underneath
  • Write travel plans or routes with the chalk pen included
  • Wipe away those travel plans or routes after checking TripAdvisor…

Gift ideas for men who have everything

Last but definitely not the least on our top three gifts for men who have everything is a nifty little gadget designed to look like a camera. Camera Light is a battery-powered, re-chargeable light that can be used as an ambient night light or makes a great travel accessory to throw in his suitcase for when he can’t find his way back home in the dark after one too many pina coloadas…

Camera like for men who have everything