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Unusual Gift Ideas for Mum and Dad

For all those unsung heroes commonly referred to as Mum and Dad, it’s about time they were given the original and awesome gifts they deserve! No more showing your affection and gratitude with a pack of socks or chocolates, after forgetting your Father’s on another of his diets and hates socks. With our epic unusual gift ideas for Mum and Dad you’ll never be short of ideas and you can give those unwanted chocolates to someone who really wants them…no one’s calorie counting over here!

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Green-Fingered Mum and Dad – Herbert Garden Tool Kit

For all Mums and Dads that love gardening, let us Introduce Herbie and Bert, two gnomes-come-gardening companions atop a trowel and spade. With Mum digging up pesky weeds with the trowel and Dad planting some pansies with the spade, this unusual gift idea fuelled by parent team-work will have all pot plants and flower beds blossoming in no time.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Mum and Dad that Travel Together – Scratch Map® UK and Ireland

If your parents are busy exploring Great Britain thanks to their Two Together Railcard, why not add to their travel times with Scratch Map® UK and Ireland poster? Looking great hanging on any wall with fancy silver foil on white and blue gloss paper, this Scratch Map® poster encourages all staycationers to take that trip up North…

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Off-Duty Mum and Dad – Smartphone Projector and Speaker V2.0 Gift Set

With all the ironing, cleaning and caring (of your pet rabbit that you lost interest in) done for the day, your rents deserve one night a week off-duty where they can catch up on the soaps and series they’re forever missing. The Smartphone Projector and Speaker V2.0 Gift Set is pre-assembled and portable meaning high-res viewing and surround sound straight from their iOS and Android, anytime and anywhere. Corrie Omnibus and a cup of tea, lovely.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Multi-Tasking Mum and Dad – Hankie Notebook

Hankie Notebook is a pocket book shaped like a handkerchief that conveniently fits in top pockets so that busy Mums and Dads won’t lose their notes. Whether Mummy’s a busy boss who works most nights or Dad’s making a to-do list so as not to forget when to pick you up, this quirky and handy notepad makes an ideal unusual gift for all fast-paced folks.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Sociable Mum and Dad – Juice Bruce Squeezer

Juice Bruce Squeezer, the wooden citrus juicer bursting with personality, makes Mother and Father’s parties all the more lively. Whether they’re having the neighbours and milkman over for margaritas or preparing fruity mocktails for their famous family summer bash, this awesome and unusual gift idea may well have you joining in with the your Old Man and his work chums come Friday night. Well, maybe…

Introducing: Scratch Map® Hello

Adele, Lionel Richie and Luckies all love to say hello. Fact. And though our pop-star sensations may have made the odd dollar bill doing so, can they sing this greeting in over 190 countries? Nope. Well, in that case Luckies may have marginally won this slightly biased competition thanks to Scratch Map® Hello poster.

Scratch Map® Hello world map poster is the newest addition to our Scratch Map® poster family and possibly the friendliest, with so many eager ways waiting to greet you. By removing the foil to reveal the bright neon coloured countries underneath, you can create a personalised record of your travels and pick up the local lingo as you go. From Salut and Salaam to Hej and Hallo (we could have guessed that last one), you’ll impress the natives with your widespread knowledge…even if your pronunciation is slightly off!

Making an epic and unusual gift idea for graduating students taking a gap year, all languages can be learnt and rehearsed ahead of them jumping from country to coast. Or perhaps your parents fancy their very own Michael Palin inspired travel around the world in 80 days? Well with Scratch Map® Hello poster, they can track their travels the modern way by removing the foil from every country. Having scratch map® posters framed and hung in prize position makes a great every day reminder of your adventure, and a somewhat subtle way to show off your travels to any home visitors!

And finally, let’s not forget those all-favourite trips away for blossoming love birds. Making a romantic and thoughtful anniversary gift, the two of you can keep a personalised record of your trips as you take on the world together, removing the foil one country at a time. And with next day delivery available, you’ll have the lingo learnt for all greetings in no time…we’ll just leave it up to you what language you choose when popping the big question. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

5 Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

When it comes to Valentines Day most fellas would probably be happy with a beer and a cuddle (cough cough), but if you’re trying to cultivate his appreciation for the finer things in life you may need to rethink buying him that six pack from Saino’s. But finding something that he’ll enjoy quite as much could prove difficult – that’s why Luckies have done all the hard work for you and compiled this list of unusual Valentine’s gifts for men that are bound to impress.

Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Big-Screen Boyfriend

We know we suggest this one a lot, but the Smartphone Projector and Speaker Gift Set really is the most versatile present you could hope for. Providing your man loves his telly, he’ll love this present – a portable home cinema kit that turns your phone into a projector instantly PLUS it comes with a speaker just to sweeten the deal. Whether he’s catching up on his sports big screen style or nuzzling up to you while a movie plays, this quirky present is sure to put a smile on his face.

Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Food Fanatic

If your better half boasts a fine palette and is always looking for a cool way to style out his kitchen sideboard then have we found the perfect gift for you – Food Factory Condiment Set. This cute storage tray is designed to hold a salt and pepper shaker, along with a dual-compartment spice tray that he can add his own favourite spices to. Just hope that he’ll use his latest kitchen toy to cook you a slap up dinner!

Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Forgetful Fella

If you spend mornings playing hide and seek with your boyfriend’s keys then you’ll know how annoying it can be to swap your precious snooze time to help him out. Introducing KeyPete – a cute little key holder that attaches to any surface and can hold up to 30 keys – no longer will you have to chose between the snooze button and your relationship! He’s such a reliable little fella that you’ll wonder how you both lived without him…

Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Boozy Boyfriend

Okay so we had to put in one beer related V-Day gift – we’d hate to see all the men out there go thirsty on their special day! But this unusual gift isn’t just any boozy present – Sip Zip is a bottle opener shaped like a huge zip that makes opening bottles a little bit more fun. It’s the perfect accessory to take on romantic picnics, beach holidays or house parties, as it handily clips on to his pockets – perfect!

Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Lovey-Dovey Dude

So it wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day gift guide if we didn’t put something mushy in here – those with a weak stomach look away now! If you’re after something to heat up the romance on your V-Day celebration, try our Memory Box – a cool wooden box to keep all your treasured keepsakes in. Why not go the extra mile and start off his collection with ticket stubs of gigs you’ve been to, dried flowers he’s bought you or little poems about your undying love for him. Too far? We’ll let you decide…

Unusual Gift Ideas: BLIK Surface Graphics

Remember the days of wanting to (and maybe sometimes) drawing on the walls of your old bedroom. Well – thanks to BLIK and their super cool removal surface graphics, you can pretty much do that for real – all with the added bonus of having a guaranteed piece of artwork set to impress guests, rather than a scribble that your parents could only describe as ‘abstract’. What’s more, these surface graphics are ideal for unusual gift ideas – because who wants the same old present year after year?

Unusual Gift Ideas for Hipsters

Outdoor lights inside, if that’s not ironic we don’t know what is. These removable Café Lights by Mina Javid will bring the atmosphere to you from the comfort of your own sitting room – an ideal gift idea for all the artisan coffee drinking characters in your life.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

From your sister to your girlfriend, there are few women in this world that wouldn’t LOVE to see a pink heart decorating their walls. Not only is Heart Breakout by Upper Playground vibrant and artistic, but it will show just how much they mean to you. No doubt they will thank you from the bottom of their hearts #sorrynotsorry

Unusual Gift Ideas for New Parents

We all know that couple who have ditched backpacks for nappy bags. While they love receiving gifts for their new bundle of joy, we bet they would appreciate this A Birth Day by Threadless sticker for the walls of their nursery. It’s cool, fun and will prove to be a great keepsake for years to come. Ahh.

Unusual Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Bros, boyfriends and all will no doubt appreciate a piece of Pac-Man Ghost by Namco on their office wall. Just see how long it takes for them to guess a route to escape the maze.

Unusual Gift Ideas For Youngsters

What’s not to love about Citysaurs by Threadless? This hybrid dinosaur – skyline boasts a pretty impressive view from any seat in the house. Buy this fun and unusual gift for any member of the fam and watch them stick it on the wall with a roaring smile.

Unusual Gift Ideas for The Girlfriend Who Has Everything


Girls are notoriously hard to please when it comes to buying gifts. You need a present that’s quirky and original yet not so off-the-wall that you’re faced with the “you don’t know me at all” stare. A lipstick in the wrong shade and she could think you don’t like her look… A book in the wrong genre and she’ll doubt you’ve been listening to her… An outfit in the wrong size and you’re sleeping on the sofa. So, let Luckies take the stress out of searching for that perfect gift for the girlfriend who has everything.

Unusual Gifts Ideas for the Health-Buff Girlfriend

If your lady treats her body like a temple then you need to too. If she reads up on the latest health fads and is all over the low-cal options, we reckon she’ll like Cucumbo. This nifty little spiraliser creates vegetable noodles from any semi-soft vegetables making it the perfect unusual gift for any girl that loves her crab substitutes, creating instantly healthy meals in a flash.

Unusual Gifts Ideas for the Arty-Farty Girlfriend

If your girlfriend can often be found doodling in notebooks, watching the latest Warhol documentary or forever paying a visit to the local gallery, then why not try an arty gift to suit her personality? Birds of a Feather by Threadless is a movable decal that is easily applied to walls and guaranteed to brighten up any room. Its modern feather stencil design is bound to get those creative juices flowing – eat your heart out Banksy!

Unusual Gifts Ideas for the Baking-Guru Girlfriend

If your girlfriend could give Nigella a run for her money then she should try the Cookie Cup Cookie Cutter – a biscuit cutter that makes your baked goods into awesome little tea cups! This is possibly the cutest present around, and is bound to earn you some brownie points (and possibly some brownies as well). Let her customise her cookies, biscuits, cakes and bakes with stars and spots – it may even inspire her to fill in that Bake Off application at last!

Unusual Gifts Ideas for the Old-Romantic Girlfriend

If your girlfriend is an old romantic at heart and you’re always looking for evermore quirky and unusual gifts to get her, why not try Love Note – a message in a bottle that you can pour your sweet nothings into before sealing with the sticker provided. She’ll love that you’ve been creative and written the message yourself – romance has come a long way from rose petals on the bed!

Unusual Gifts Ideas for the Book Worm Girlfriend

If your better half is more fond of her treasured collection of books rather than watching the latest season of X Factor then she’ll love Hippomark Bookmark – a quirky little gift that will show her how much you know about her hobbies and passions. He’ll brighten up any half-read book as he swims through the pages, and is bound to go down a treat with any avid book worm.

5 Travel Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


If your better half has got the travel bug (clues: they’re forever rifling through Lonely Planet and have started using made up words like ‘wanderlust’), then it’s a safe bet that they’d love a travel related gift for Valentine’s Day. But with so many on the market, it’s hard to find an unusual gift that’s going to cut the mustard. Whether your partner is into trekking through the wilderness in South East Asia or just mooching around the English countryside, this handy V-Day gift guide for the travel obsessed lover has got it covered.

Tag Me Luggage Tag is a cute little airplane shaped bag tag that makes the perfect gift for the traveller that likes to accessorise. It’s also great for tackling those awkward moments at airports when trying to prove that plain black suitcase really is yours without rifling through your sundries mid airport lounge. It’s also available in two colours – perfect for adding a bit of style to your journey!

This next gift is great for anyone that’s been the unfortunate victim of a pesky pick pocket on their travels. Not only is the Undercover Phone Sleeve big enough to keep your MP3 player, keys, camera and bank card safe from prying hands, but it’s shockproof, splash proof, and tear proof! Cleverly disguised as an old envelope, it’ll keep your loved one’s valuables safe, and means that you can continue with those treasured Skype calls while they’re away!

Travelogue Travel Journal makes a great Valentines present for the wordsmiths among us – it’s a journal that’s ready made to plan trips with miniature Scratch Map® maps to complete on route, AND room to tuck in boarding passes, polaroids and notes. Why not up the ante and write a soppy Valentine’s Day note in the front, or hide some loving letters in the pages for your sweetheart to find on their travels?

If your other half is forever returning from trips with a pocketful of useless shrapnel in a myriad of currencies then this present won’t go unappreciated by both of you. Currency Money Bank is a piggy bank with a difference – six separate compartments mean your partner can organise their travel cash with ease! That and they’ll stop accidentally trying to buy you a Costa with Yen…

Last up on our list of travel gifts for Valentine’s Day is Shoes Pouch – great for those partners that need a bit of help organising their bits and pieces on holiday. If your lover is forever asking you to sit on their suitcase while they fight with the zip, then this makes a great unusual gift to give them a helping hand. And not only does it keep the dust and dirt from getting on their clothes, but it also keeps their stinky trekking shoes from contaminating the rest of the hotel. It’s so effective it’ll have you wondering whether it’s really a present for them or for you!

5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas


Secret Santa is one of those traditions that sounds super fun, but when you pull a name out of a hat and realise you don’t know who the hell it is (let alone what they’d think was an awesome Christmas gift), it becomes more of a chore than a festivity. Here are a few ideas to get you out of a few sticky secret santa situations, from getting the creepy guy in the office to pulling out the names of people you’re still at the ‘how was your weekend?’ stage with.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for the Office

Brown Paper Lunch Bag is the perfect gift for anyone at work that is, say, a little particular about their lunching habits. If they can always be heard complaining that someone’s taken their sandwiches or squished their fruit then this is the perfect gift for them. Designed to resemble the iconic American paper lunch bag, it’s also durable, reusable and insulated, keeping their hot food hot or cold drinks cold. Oh and they can personalise it too, so should they feel the need to write a passive aggressive ‘Keep Out’ note on it they can…

If you’ve got a colleague that you’re forever asking to complete tasks for you then finding out four months down the line your request went unheeded, give them a subtle yet festive hint with Robin Reindeer Memo. A smart looking memo holder that you can pop your notes in to remind Judy from accounts that you’re still waiting for her to pay that invoice from February…

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for your Family

It’s sometimes best to play it safe with family secret santa… Whilst you and your sister might find it hilarious to buy each other rude presents, Grandma might not find them as amusing. With that in mind, the Umbrella tea infuser makes the perfect gift for those family members that enjoy a nice cuppa – let’s face it, it’s bound to be most of them! Simply pop your favourite loose leaf tea inside the umbrella and watch it brew – a perfect stocking filler for all tea lovers.

And for the younger (or at least young at heart) contingent of the family, there’s the OMY Giant Colouring Poster. Designed to keep the littlens busy for hours, this poster sized colouring paper comes in a range of designs from Paris to Magic and there’s even a Christmas themed poster perfect for those seasonal colouring sessions. So if you need a rest from the excitement of children on a Christmas morning, give them this awesome present and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas for your Friends

All groups of friends have a joker among them – the one who lifts the group spirits and is always on hand with a quip or an anecdote. If you’re lucky enough to pull their name out of the hat then buy them the Rubber Jonny – a pencil eraser that looks just like a condom. Designed to break the tension at any secret santa big reveals, it’s bound to raise a few smiles. That, and it’ll be great to see how many sexual innuendos follow!

Our next present is for the friend that you’re super pleased you got in the secret santa sweepstake. You Complete Me Christmas is a wooden jigsaw shaped like a Christmas tree that is not only festive and fun, but also houses a handwritten message of your choosing on the back. Put a personal joke you both share or just a cute little festive message and watch them piece the puzzle (literally) together of who gave it to them.