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Birthday present ideas for guys

Anyone who says men are hard to buy for obviously doesn’t know where to shop. We’ve got a ton of birthday present ideas for men to suit every quirk, interest and personality they may have. We’ve got cool gadgets for tech lovers, kitchen accessories for foodies and man toys for just about anyone. So make it one of his birthdays ever with one of these awesome gift ideas.

Unusual birthday present ideas for him

If you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for the man who fancies himself as a bit of a Gordon Ramsey (minus the fiery temper we hope!) then how about getting him a gift worthy of the title ‘head chef’? Our Barbecue Stamp is the perfect birthday present for the man who likes to be king of the BBQ. He can serve up his burgers and steaks cooked to order, flamed to perfection and now branded with ‘black & blue’ ‘little bit of blood’ or ‘nearly burnt’ according to his guests’ preference.

Cool birthday present ideas for the hard to buy for

If he’s the kind of foodie who’s more interested in eating fine cuisine than cooking it himself, then may we suggest our Gourmet Scratch Map? Encourage him to eat his way around Europe with this scratch off map that allows you to chart your culinary adventures and scratch off each new country’s delicacy as you try it.

If you’re looking for birthday presents for a man who likes to keep up with all the latest tech then we’ve got some cool gadgets he’ll enjoy opening on his birthday. The Magni-Viewer is a travel gadget which doubles his smartphone screen size allowing him to watch movies and TV almost anywhere in comfort.

Or how about the Smartphone Projector 2.0Black & Gold? This has to be one of the coolest, most stylish looking gifts he’ll receive this year. The smartphone projector allows you to project movies onto any wall meaning he can hold his own exclusive film premiere from the comfort of his lounge.

If you’re still stuck for present ideas for him then how about going platinum? The Scratch Map Platinum is the ultimate travel gift. A luxurious Scratch Map poster printed with shimmering metallic ink and featuring a top layer of removable platinum foil. He can scratch off the countries he has visited to create his own personal travel record. Then, when he’s done, he can hang it on the wall where it’ll make a stunning piece of art.

3 Top stocking fillers for him

If you’re spending your first Christmas together as a couple it’s very important to get the Christmas presents right. One of you at least will be spending it away from their family (both of you if you’re lucky!) and there’s always that pressure to make sure it feels ‘Christmassy enough’, which basically means: like it did when you were a kid. One way to do this is Stocking fillers! It’s all very well getting them a super duper main present but it’s the stocking fillers that are the true spirit of Christmas. Stocking filler ideas for men can be particularly challenging, but you can’t go wrong with these 3 top stocking fillers for him.

1. Stamp Map Passport

If he’s the kind of guy who loves the thrill of a fresh new stamp in his passport then this is the xmas gift for him. Styled like a passport with a page for filling in your personal information plus 27 more pages of world maps for you to stamp when you’ve visited them. Simply change the head of the wooden stamp to mark places you want to travel to with an “X”, and stamp all the rest with “VISITED” creating your very own travel record and travel bucket list in one!

Stocking fillers

2. Hologram Viewer

The problem with Christmas as you get older is that you don’t get any toys to play with on Christmas Day. Until now! Wrap one of these up in his stocking this year and he’ll be able to create and view his own holograms! Which will keep him quiet for hours so you can watch Dr Who, or the Queen’sChristmas stocking fillers for him speech if you’re so inclined. To view Hologram Viewer in detail click here.



3. Hang Up

The latest innovative gadget from Luckies. This copper hanger doubles as an ambient light for when he’s up at the crack of dawn and needs to shed some light on the situation. It’ll throw a soft light over the contents of his wardrobe so he can get dressed in the dark without making any fashion faux pas! Or waking you up hopefully. To view Hang Up in detail click here.

3 Christmas gift ideas for her

Christmas is coming! The goose is getting fat. The Coca Cola ad is on repeat and the shops are unbearably full and stiflingly hot. You’ve no doubt made your Christmas list and ticked everyone off already though, right? No? You’ve still got to get something for Mum? For your wife? Girlfriend? Auntie? Uh oh, back to the shops you go with every other Tom, Dick and Carol… Unless, you’d rather sit back on the sofa with a cup of home brewed Christmas blend coffee and click on one of these 3 Christmas gift ideas for her? Oh alright then, you take it easy – we’ve got your Christmas covered.

1. Scratch Map Original

If you’re looking for a meaningful Christmas present for Mum that says ‘thanks for all your hard work bringing me up but now it’s time to do something for yourself’, then how about our Scratch Map Original? There’s no better way to encourage her to get out there and see the world, or to stay out of the country and out of your business for a few more weeks of the year at least.

2. Love Note

If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic gift for your wife or girlfriend then look no further than the Love Note. What lady (or man for that matter) wouldn’t soon over their very own personal love message in a bottle? The simplest things in life are the sweetest and all you have to do with this xmas gift is write your own personal note to your loved one and seal it in the bottle with the sticker provided, and they’ll have a gift they can cherish forever.

3. Pocket Tin Speaker

If you’re still stumped for Christmas gifts for her then how about one of our pocket sized smartphone speakers? The perfect stocking filler for music lovers and a great Christmas present for a friend or work colleague; they can blast those Christmas tunes out for all to hear, whether they want to or not.

5 top birthday gift ideas for men

It’s his birthday and he’s given you no list, no hints, not so much as an inkling of what he’d like as birthday gifts. In fact all he’s said is ‘I don’t need anything’ and the biggest lie of all time; ‘you don’t need to get me anything’. Well, we all know how disappointed he’d be if you actually didn’t get him anything, he’d be sulking about it for weeks. Not to worry, we’ve got 5 top birthday gift ideas for men that are sure to please dads, husbands, partners, brothers and uncles alike. These birthday present ideas are all tried and tested, guaranteed hits so you can’t go wrong!

1. Scratch Map Platinum

Our most luxurious and most detailed scratch map to date. A stunning birthday gift for travellers, this world map poster is printed on platinum paper with shimmering metallic ink and platinum foil for them to scratch off the countries they have visited. Also included is a set of icon stickers to personalise their map with and a high quality scratch coin.

2. Magni-Viewer

Another travel friendly gift for the man who’s more interested in getting his content fill whilst he’s away. This smartphone magnifier doubles his screen size making it easier to view movies and TV shows whist on the move.

3. Smartphone Projector 2.0 Copper

This cinema in a box with copper detailing is a stylish and fun gadget to impress his friends with. He can invite them round for a movie night and project the film onto the wall of his man cave. Or take it on holiday to create his very own open air cinema.

4. The Envelope

This stylish tech sleeve is the perfect gift for workaholics. He can keep his laptop safe in this retro styled laptop sleeve made to look like an old fashioned Manilla envelope. Made from a tear proof and writeable material.

5. Hologram Viewer

Birthday gift ideas for men don’t get more fun than this; his very own Hologram Viewer. Obi Wan himself would be jealous of this quirky futuristic gift that allows him to create and view his own Holograms.

2 romantic gift ideas for her

The say Romance is dead, but then they also say things like ‘happy as a sand boy’ and ‘three sheets to the wind’ so I wouldn’t take too much notice. Here at Luckies we’re firm believers in a good slice of old fashioned, Sinatra style romance. We’ve got 2 romantic gift ideas for her that will blow her socks off and with any luck squeeze a tiny tear out of even the coldest of hearts. Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts, Christmas presents, Valentine’s Day treats or just a little something to say ‘I love you’; we’ve got the perfect romantic gifts for her. So pop your Spotify ‘Romantic Baelist’ on, run her a bath, get the Champagne out and present her with one of these two adorably romantic gift ideas for her…

1. Love Note
Ask Sting, there’s nothing more romantic than your very own message in a bottle. With our Love Note you can present your loved one with her very own personalised message of love to keep and cherish forever. Simply write your own unique personal message, place it in the little bottle, cork it up and seal it with the sticker provided. And voila! The most romantic gift she’s ever received. What you write in the note of course is completely up to you but we’d recommend steering clear of something like ‘I love your Lasagna’.

2. You Complete Me
This is a genuinely unique and beautiful way to say ‘I love you’. A wooden heart shaped jigsaw made from gorgeous heat stamped wood and packaged loose for them to complete. Simply build the jigsaw, turn it over and write your own personal message on the rear. Then, break the jigsaw up and return it to it’s box to be presented to the lucky recipient! Available in 4 coloured boxes with the words ‘You Complete Me’ on the front, she’ll piece together the jigsaw to read your special message. Again, the words of your special message are completely up to you, but we’d try and avoid something like; ‘you forgot to take the bins out’.

Top gift ideas for the hard to buy for

Some people are easy to buy for; Nana: Slippers, Mum: perfume, your Sister: something off of the long list she sent out to you all mid September. And then there are the more tricky ones; Nephew: Computer game you can’t afford? … And then there are the really hard to buy for. The ‘I literally can’t think of anything they might like that I haven’t already given them in previous years…socks?’ STOP. Step away from the socks! We can help you with our top gift ideas for the hard to buy for.

We’ve got a ton of cool gift ideas to suit all sorts of personalities. How about giving them the gift of time itself? Help them get organised with My-Time; a chalk memo board with a difference. It comes on a self-adhesive roll you can cut to your desired length and stick wherever you like! The perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves the buzz of a hectic lifestyle.

If your hard to buy for recipient is a bit of a whizz in the kitchen, then how about one of our cool kitchen gadgets? Our Ravioli Spoon Rest is a fun way to keep their surfaces clean from saucy utensils. Or how about a miniature oil canister to store their olive oil in? Oil & Co Pourer is a quirky addition to their tableware and comes in Copper or Silver.

If they’re more likely to be found playing on their phone than pottering around in the kitchen, then how about a Smartphone Magnifier? Designed to look like an old fashioned TV set, this handy little gadget looks retro cool and doubles the size of your screen size. So if they’ve ever fancied watching the footie in the garden, or the tennis in the bath, or even Game of Thrones on the train, now they can sit back and enjoy it squint-free.

If you’re still stumped for col gift ideas then how about going the traditional house plant route with our not-so-traditional Rocket Planter? This rocket shaped ceramic plant pot would make a great gift for plant lovers and space enthusiasts alike, and will satisfy anyone who enjoys quirky touches around their home. Pair it with flame-like plants to give the full crashed rocket effect!

3 Unusual Valentine’s Gifts for Long-Term Lovers

gift ideas for valentine's day

You’ve been together for a few years. You’ve covered all the Valentine’s Day gift classics: 12 red roses (or ten if you buy them in a rush from the supermarket), her favourite chocolates, once you grabbed some expensive jewellery in a total last minute panic. A moment you’ve regretted every year since because nothing’s ever lived up to it. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the same day has come round again. Here it is, looming ahead of you and you only just scraped together ideas for Christmas, despite being told she’d dropped “so many hints”. So what the hell do you buy the women who have everything? The one you’ve already bought everything for (with a 40% success rate)? Here are some Valentine’s gifts for her that can’t go wrong. Seriously. This is fool proof.

Memory Box

Make a little effort. Even the hardest of hearts can’t knock a homemade memory box (if they do, perhaps you need to rethink why you’ve made a long term commitment to that person, but who are we to give relationship advice?) It shows thought. It shows preparation and dedication. It’s a romantic way to show all the good times you’ve shared together and that you still care. Awww.

Scratch Map Chalk®

Do something cute. Remove the foil from all the places you’ve travelled to together and then write on it all the places you want to take them next. Stick pictures of your faces on it. Make it such a surprise when they open it up that they leap into your arms and you’re finally forgiven for that unmentionable gift on the same day three years ago. (How were you supposed to guess they DIDN’T want to go to the Steps reunion tour you won free tickets for).

Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY

Now this is a good one. You’re going to get major brownie points for this. Wait. Who even says that? You’re going to get better rewards than brownie points but you can let your imagination decide what. Take this plain white projector and some colouring pens (or if drawing is not your strong point, print out some photos of the two of you and buy some glue.) Write some sweet messages and funny in jokes you share, or stick your favourite photos all over it or pictures of your favourite movies. Then, when they unwrap it, take out your phone and play a “here’s one I made earlier” montage video complete with photos and footage of memories you’ve shared. Yes it’s a lot of effort. We didn’t say it was going to be easy. You’ve been together years now. Nothing’s easy. Joking. No seriously. Those dreamy days where just a kiss was enough are behind you.

You’ve got this. Good luck!