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Cool gadgets for men that make awesome birthday gifts

Smartphone Magnifier

Buying gifts for the gadget lover can be problematic. Not only are they normally camping outside the Apple store a week before the new iPhone drops, they usually are one stop ahead of the trends too. But fear not gift hunter, if there’s something we know how to do here at Luckies, it’s cool gadgets for men (that make for pretty awesome birthday gifts too). Our latest tech gifts are bursting with innovation and will have any gadget obsessed man drooling. With a collection ranging from smartphone magnifiers to protective tech sleeves, here are our top three…

Smartphone Magnifier

Magnifier for smartphone

Smartphone Magnifier is a lo-fi, hands free way to watch movies and videos off a phone at twice the original size. Yep. That means being able to watch stuff in the bath, bed AND bus on the big(ger) screen. Just load the phone into the retro-styled cardboard TV and enjoy all mobile content on an 8″ screen. Unfortunately that does include Match of the Day.

Hologram Viewer

Hologram viewer

If he’s obsessed with the latest trends in technology, he’ll definitely have an interest in the ever elusive hologram. So, why not treat your man to a personalised birthday hologram with our Hologram Viewer? This cool little gadget lets you create, watch and share 3D holograms without leaving the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is download the free app, create your personalised content and either send to a lucky recipient or enjoy yourself by placing the phone into your own hologram viewer.

Pocket Tin Speaker

Compact, slim speaker for smartphone

Small enough to fit in his pocket but loud enough to fill a room, meet Pocket Tin Speaker. Rechargeable via a USB lead, this compact gadget is perfect for livening up parties, taking travelling or creating that Friday feeling in the office. Connect to a smartphone or laptop and let him enjoy 12 hours playback of his favourite tunes.

Top 10 Gadgets for men 2017

It’s nearly summer so we think its the perfect time to do a ‘best new gadgets 2017’ round …the gizmos below are the perfect gifts for geeks of all ages…

Phone Accessories (1, 2 and 3)

The magniviewer and smartphone magnifier are peas in the pod of tech gadets, and we are predicting them to be our Top Gadgets for Men by the end of 2017. Both

· Amplify the screen size of most mobile phones

· Are small and portable

· Look cool!

The classic i-phone projector remains one of the best gadgets for men on the market, but makes a perfect gift for geeks and lovers of gizmos of all sexes!

Travel Tech Gadgets (4)

The adventure wristband is one of the best men’s gadgets on the market this year.

· 4gb of memory

· Leather wristband

· Totally portable memory stick!

Laptop Cover (5)

A classic in the gadgets for men market, this product will disguise your laptop as an envelope;

· Comes in two sizes

· Looks nothing like a laptop case!

Hologram Viewer (6)

We hear talk from our happy US customers that we are helping cupid on his way to prom by providing this cool way of sending a message. One of the best gadgets for men looking to ask someone out in an innovative way, to do so would involve simply..

· Buying the product

· Downloading the app

· Composing a heartfelt message

· Booking a table at the restaurant!

Milk and Camera Lights (7 & 8)

More great newness for 2017, these lights are cool gadgets for men looking to add some cosy lighting to their pad.

· USB charge

· 12 hours lighting time

· 4 hours charge time

Pocket Tin Speaker (9)

One of those gizmo’s that can make a guy. Fire up this pocket tin speaker and your one man sound system. Can create a party in any environment.

Chill Bill (10)

Not strictly a newbie, but a classic in the gadgets for men genre. Keep your fridge smelling fresh with this stink-absorbing penguin! Perfect for the student male…

If none of those suit your loved one, then have no fear as we have more gadgets for men launching later in the year. Stay tuned!

Top 5 cool gadgets for men who have everything

Cool tech gadgets for men

What do you give the man who has everything? A pat on the back!

Failing that we’ve got a fine array of tech gadgets and gizmos for geeks…the best gadgets for men who think they have everything.

For tech gadgets we have the Pocket Tin Speaker, a USB rechargeable speaker that is small enough to pocket and tough enough to take a bit of a beating. This little fella boasts playback of up to 12 hours and has great sound quality for something so compact.

Pocket smartphone speaker

In terms of computers the top gadgets for men always need some classy protection – say hello to The Envelope. This tech sleeve is inspired by the classic manila envelope, and is lined with high quality grey felt to offer extra protection and keep your laptop or tablet nice and warm! To be specific it fits 13″-15″ Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Retina and other 15″ ultraportables.

Laptop sleeve

Of course men gadgets don’t have to be techy. If the guy in question has a state of the art phone but wants a quick and simple way to increase the size of his screen for watching videos then look no further than Smartphone Magnifier. Perfect as a travel gift or the ideal companion to the Smartphone Speaker, the magnifier can double your screen in retro style.

Smartphone Magnifier

A contender for one of the best new gadgets 2017 (although we haven’t officially entered it yet!) the Hologram Viewer is a throwback to the days when Holograms were a thing of future. Simply buy the Hologram Viewer as a gift, download the free app and create a personalized message and accompanying hologram which will be waiting for the lucky recipient once they’ve unwrapped their techy new friend.

Hologram viewer for smartphone

If your guy spends a lot of time in the kitchen, perhaps occasionally taking another beer from the fridge, you might want to get him Chill Bill. Bill is a penguin shaped odour absorber – all he asks is that you fill him up with baking soda and he’ll fight off the stench of cheese and half opened cans of tuna. This little fella has to be at the top of the list of cool gadgets for men. Geddit?! Brrrr.

Fridge odour absorber

If this list of the top 5 gadgets for men who have everything hasn’t provided you with the perfect gift then head over to our full range of gadgets right here.

Top trending gifts and gadgets for 2017

Gadgets for 2017

Some men thrive in the kitchen, and, to put it quite frankly, some do not. It’s the difference between the kitchen being the heart of the home, and the heart attack.
Guys in the kitchen usually fall into one of the following categories:

The Masterchef

The show off, the culinary know-it-all. Whether his artistic skill with food is as adept as his skill at running his mouth, it doesn’t matter. He’s the man who thinks the less clutter the better, that we should all be peeling our garlic with our bare hands, dipping our little finger (which actually isn’t made of asbestos) directly into all sauces and sneering as our expert palate immediately demands some spice you almost certainly can’t get down the Co-op.

The Eternal Student

Not averse to a few gadgets, but would much rather get his hands in the bowl, never measures the ingredients, and uses words like “rustic”, “homely”, and “family recipe” to cover up the fact that his school of cookery is one based largely in risk taking and finger crossing.

The Futurehead

Top gadgets for men 2017. Put simply, the man cannot cook. He is not interested in cooking. But what he is interested in is are the latest tech and gadgets, and that means for anywhere; home, car, office, and of course, kitchen.

At Luckies, we have plenty of recommendations for all three types of kitchen based man, and whether you’re looking for a gift, or something to add to your own kitchen collection, we’ve got it all.

top gadgets for men

The Oil & Co Pourer is an industrial design inspired oil container. Veggie, sunflower or olive oil depending on your level of culinary commitment, a large neck on the bottle making it easy to infuse your oil with herbs. Masterchef; we’d never tell you which, Student; that doesn’t mean it’s any less difficult to knock over, and Futurehead; it’s a modern twist on a vintage design, comes in either copper or silver, and it looks loads cooler than a greasy plastic bottle.

If it’s customisation you’re after, the Barbeque Stamp means he can brand any steak, sausage, or veggie burger with the interchangeable messages “Black & Blue”, “Little Bit Of Blood”, or “Nearly Burnt.” Equally as satisfying for all kitchen varieties of the male species.

Feel free to check out our Kitchen section for loads more ideas on what to get for a cookery lover/hater. You’ll notice there’s no first aid kit in there, but we can’t really be held responsible for the physical/culinary dexterity of the men in charge of the gadget after it leaves our warehouse…

Top 3 Gifts For Men Who Have Everything But Want Nothing

Gift ideas for men who have everything

Aaah men who have everything but want nothing. A very specific, but not all that rare breed of male. Yes, we do realise we’re starting to sound a lot like David Attenborough, but finding cool gifts for men requires the kind of close attention worthy of Planet Earth. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to have a man who has everything but wants nothing in your life, then we’re here to help you find some seriously cool gifts for him. In fact, we’ve done all the hard work for you and listed our top three gifts for him. You’re so welcome.

First up on our list of gifts for men who have everything is the Smartphone Magnifier and here’s why:

  • A lo-fi, hands free way to watch movies and videos off your phone
  • Magnifies the phone at twice the original size
  • Great for sharing content with friends and family

Gifts for men who have everything

This retro style gadget means that your fella can watch Game of Thrones off his phone in the comfort of the bath or share the best goal from Match of the Day with his group of mates.

Next up on our list of top gifts for men who have everything is the Scratch Map Chalk® world map poster. That’s right, we’ve given our original Scratch Map® poster a little face lift after feedback from customers that they’d like to be able to write travel plans on their posters too. So if your man is a fan of a travel inspired gift, Scratch Map Chalk® poster will allow him to:

  • Keep track of where he’s travelled by removing the foil
  • Reveal vibrant colours underneath
  • Write travel plans or routes with the chalk pen included
  • Wipe away those travel plans or routes after checking TripAdvisor…

Gift ideas for men who have everything

Last but definitely not the least on our top three gifts for men who have everything is a nifty little gadget designed to look like a camera. Camera Light is a battery-powered, re-chargeable light that can be used as an ambient night light or makes a great travel accessory to throw in his suitcase for when he can’t find his way back home in the dark after one too many pina coloadas…

Camera like for men who have everything