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Cool gift ideas for any occasion

If you’re looking for cool gift ideas for cool people, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at luckies we specialise in fun and unique gifts they’ll never forget. Looking for cool birthday gifts for your brother to prove once and for all who’s the coolest sibling? Then look no further than some of our cool gifts for men such as our Barbecue Stamp (what’s cooler than branding your own meat ‘black and blue’?) Or, do you need a cool stationary gift for a friend who’s starting a new job? Then how about our Matchstick Pencils? And we’ve got plenty more awesome and original gift ideas for those people in your life you want to impress…

If you’re looking for cool birthday gift ideas, we’ve got some brilliantly unusual gifts to suit every personality. If it’s a birthday gift for the man who has everything then how about our Corkboard Map? He can stick it on the wall in his office or study and use it to plan all those business trips / work jollies. Or perhaps you’re looking for a cool traveling gift for someone who’s off on their gap year. Then how about our Colorlogue? They can colour in the places they have visited along the way providing hours of entertainment on long bus journeys and creating a unique personal travel record of their trip.

If it’s cool gifts for Xmas you need, we’ve plenty of cool stocking filler ideas like our Camera Light; a rechargeable battery powered bedside light styled as a retro camera, a fun Christmas present for a photography lover. Or how about one of our cool kitchen gadgets like the Cucumbo so they can get their spiralizing fix on. Or if you’re looking for cool novelty gifts; make them smile with our Bready Made novelty bread cutter, the order them into the kitchen at once to make your breakfast.

Cool gifts for men who love to travel

If you’re looking for cool gifts for men who love to travel that your first stop has to be something from our Scratch Map Range. These cool gifts are some of our bestsellers and we can see why; colourful and informative, personalisable, addictive and look great on any wall. These cool birthday gift ideas are perfect for those who love nothing better than trotting across the globe, racking up the air miles and ticking off that global destination bucket list. Or in this case – scratching it off.

Scratch Map Travel
Cool gift ideas for gap year students or anyone setting off on a long backpacking trip. This scratch map has all the design features of our first Original Scratch Map but comes in a handy travel size so you can scratch off the country you’ve visited, roll it up, sling it in your backpack and off to the next destination.

Scratch Map Platinum
A luxury gift for the well seasoned traveller. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who seems to have been everywhere and seen everything, then they would certainly enjoy scratching off the platinum foil to reveal the many countries they have visited and placing it in pride of place on their wall. It may even prove to be a bit of an eye opener for them in revealing how much of the world is still left uncovered.

Adventure Map
Cool gift ideas for men who are always on the look out for their next adrenaline hit. A scratch map with an extra cool feature; over 280 ‘must-do’ bucket list experiences for him to scratch off once he’s completed them.

Travel Journal
He can scratch off and go with this handy travel sized journal. Includes 8 interactive scratch off maps and a travel diary so he can record every step of his trip. All in a beautiful presentation folder.

Luggage Label Stickers
There’s no point in going somewhere if nobody knows you’ve been there! He can wear his travels on his suitcase with these vintage looking luggage tags. Includes 16 different sticker designs and one old fashioned style luggage tag sticker.

Leaving gifts for colleagues

Looking for leaving gifts for colleagues? So, your work friend is leaving you, deserting you for ‘pastures new’ and leaving you to fend for yourself against Brenda from HR. But don’t get bitter about it, send them off with some good luck vibes and wish them all the best for their new adventure with our top leaving gifts for colleagues. We’ve got special gifts that say ‘thanks for all the memories’, stationary gifts for them to take to their new jobs and novelty gifts to inject a bit of fun into their departure so it’s not all tears and tantrums and ‘How could you leave meeeee!’.

If you’re looking for cool leaving gifts they can take to their new job, then how about the Brown Paper Bag? Innovative technology meets retro design with this insulated lunch bag with magnetic fastening. The tear proof, leak resistant, insulating material called Tyvek will keep their lunch hot or cold (depending on what it was meant to be in the first place!)

Leaving gifts for men should be stylish and functional like ‘The Envelope’. They’ll look like the dog’s you know what’s turning up on they first day with this tech sleeve designed to look like an old fashioned manilla envelope. Or how about something a little less flashy? They can show their new office colleagues that they’re not all work and no play with a fun and quirky gift like our Rainbow Sticky Notes.

If you’re looking for retirement gifts then how about a Framed Scratch Map? Not just a beautiful gift for them to hang on their wall at home and remember all their friends from the office, but it’ll also encourage them not to sit at home drinking tea and watching repeats of NCIS, but to get out there and see the world now that they have the time.

If you’re saying goodbye to someone who’s going off travelling round the world, then how about seeing them off with a Scratch Map Hello. They can use it to create a travel record of their trip and it will also teach them how to say ‘hello’ in over 190 countries so they can get off to the right start with the locals!

Memory box, the wooden keepsake box

We all have a nostalgia enthusiast in our lives. That mate or family member that’s constantly dragging out the embarrassing baby photos, the shells from the 1988 beach holiday, and if it’s your mum and she’s particularly sentimental – the baby teeth. We know at least half of you have found that Malteasers box she has full of your tiny pearly whites.

Well however, weird, wonderful, or truly cringeworthy the memories (and discarded body parts) your retrophile wants to keep, the Luckies Memory Box has been beautifully designed to house your memories and all their accompanying paraphenalia.

Memory box for keepsakes

The beautifully designed Memory Box includes

  • A notebook, great for jotting down memorable times, dates, and places.
  • A metal Keepsakes tin, ideal for coins, shells, and all kinds of tiny holiday finds.
  • A reinforced paper wallet with a string-tie closure for ticket stubs, ye olde passport photos, and postcards.
  • Paper tags for labelling your historic treasure.
  • A glass tube with a screw top great for sand, earth, sea water, or pebbles. Note: We cannot be held responsible for what you mutate in here!

Keepsake box for memories

The Memory Box is the perfect wedding gift

The Memory Box is a gift perfect for so many occasions; whether it’s a wedding gift for impending honeymooners, a new baby gift for keeping those important firsts (including but certainly not limited to those teeth), or you’ve got some memories of your own that need cataloguing, this sweet wooden keepsake box has compartments and organisational tools abound that will help you do that.

Store souvenirs in the memory box

Even sweeter, buy it as a gift for someone else and fill it with memories before they even open it. We can’t guarantee sobbing and BFF sentiments, but they’d basically have to be a monster not to shed a single tear…

3 killer secret santa gifts

Secret santa gift ideas

It’s time. You can resist all you want, but you know, every year, whether it’s office, knitting circle, or Tuesday night football league; you are going to get dragged into the potentially very stressful game of Secret Santa. Sometimes the universe will cut you a break, and you’ll get an easy ride. Someone you know exactly what sort of gift to buy. Exactly what paper to wrap it in even. But sometimes, sometimes Saint Nick can be a cruel and unforgiving deity, and you get Dwayne in accounting who has no discernible interests, or that girl from football whose name you’ve only worked out through process of elimination.

Whatever gifting struggle Christmas has thrown at you, with whatever budget, one of these 3 killer Secret Santa gifts should do the trick…

Under a tenner – Hologram Viewer

Everyone loves pretty lights, especially at Christmas, and if they can fit them in their pocket, then all the better. The Luckies Hologram Viewer allows your fortunate receiver to create their own artistic magic through an app they download, and then project their creations from their phone and out in the world. The perfect gift for any techies, design geeks, and people who can’t stay off their phones, which might be everyone at this point.

Hologram viewer secret santa gift

Office Space – DIY Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy

If you’re sharing your desk with the sort of monster who chews their pens and leaves them all over the place, they might be in need of the Luckies Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy. Not only will it keep all their leaky biros, scissors, and cocktail sticks that no one understands why they neat and tidy and away from you, they can also doodle all over the bin, claiming it as their own.

DIY doodle desk tidy secret santa present idea

Festive Fancies – Nutter Cookie Cutter

Everyone knows that really, deep down, the only thing anyone really cares about at Christmas besides the cool gifts is the food. The trifles. The roast. The cold cuts the day after. The cranberry sauce. The cheeseboards. And then…the biscuits. In some cultures it’s traditional to hang biscuits from the actual tree. We’re telling you now – they wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the Luckies office. But if you think your Secret Santa victim might fare a little better, the Nutter Cookie Cutter is ready to make all the squirrel shaped cookies Christmas could possibly require. And maybe they’ll make you some before the January guilt diet kicks in.

Secret santa gift ideas

5 must have kitchen gadgets

Message rolling pin

Whether you’re a culinary wizard or still eating microwave noodles for 2 out of every 3 meals, there’s 101 ways to make your life a little easier in the kitchen. From cookie cutters to rolling pins, Luckies has something fro you, whether you’re the sort of food lover that loves to cook the food, or simply eat it.

Avocado Spoon Rest

Spoon rest

The Avocado Spoon Rest is perfect for all the messy pups whether that’s you or a gift for your favourite kitchen disaster. Keep greasy spoons off the work surfaces by resting in the middle. Easy to clean, and we wager there aren’t too many people around these days who don’t love an avocado.

Message Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin

Maybe your biscuit baking isn’t totally up to scratch, but that isn’t going to matter from now on thanks to our Message Rolling Pin. This cool gadget has 3 interchangeable silicon wraps that mean when you roll out your pastries and doughs, you can choose to imprint one of 3 messages; “Made With Love”, “Secret Recipe”, and “Bite Me”. Give your baking the personal touch (and maybe distract people from the taste if you’re not too good at it).

Chilli Herb Infuser

The Chilli Herb Infuser means that even if you aren’t a master chef, you can still storm the frontiers of flavour without cramming your dishes full of loose bay leaves, cardamom pods, and cinnamon sticks. And just for the record, we don’t know if all of those should ever be used together in a recipe. Simply fill the silicone chilli with your herbs, close it up, and let it sit in your stew or soup. It couldn’t be easier.

Agatha Steam Releaser

Agatha the Steam Releasing witch is perfect for keeping your spoon attached to the pot, ready for stirring at a moments notice. You’re also able to rest the lid on her, so she can release the steam from your bubbling pots (cauldron?). We’re not sure if her magic extends to making the food taste nice, but she’s a handy cool gadget that should make your life easier.

Farfalloni Pasta Shaped Pot Grips

Pasta shaped pot grips

The Farfalloni pot grips mean no more awkward dragging your tea towel through your dinner when draining pasta, potatoes, rice, or anything else. Fix the grips to your pot handles and tip away. Also great for carrying hot pots to the table. Don’t take the first aid kit out of the kitchen just yet, but don’t worry quite so much about developing those asbestos hands that all mums seem to have.

Unusual Valentines Gifts For Him

If your other half says they don’t care about Valentines Day, they are almost always lying. Men, women, it doesn’t matter. People love getting gifts. That’s why you’re here. That’s also why we’re here.
As free and easy as the British are known to be with their emotions (…), there is something to be said for an understated gift. Flowers, chocolates, and human sized teddy bears are very well, but also flowers die, too much chocolate will give you diabetes, and that bear is almost certainly a fire hazard. We tell you this not out of bitterness, but because it is simply no longer acceptable to give these gifts to your Valentine.

If you’re struggling trying to come up with something a little more unusual to gift your beau when February 14th rolls round, we’ve got plenty of gadgets that’ll make it clear exactly how you feel.

You Complete Me is a jigsaw that you can customise however it is you want for your Valentine. Put together the small heart shaped puzzle, write your slushy message, then pull the pieces apart and put it back for them to decipher themselves. There are four choices for the box colour. Obviously in this instance, we’d suggest a red one.

Tell someone they’re just your cup of tea (yes, we know, let us have this one though) with our Biskviti Tea Infuser. A biscuit shaped tea infuser for your boy who loves a brew. Bag of nice tea to go with it; you’re sorted. Maybe get him a packet of biscuits to go with it as well, that way you might end up with something to eat if he hasn’t thought as far ahead as dinner.

With the gifts and gadgets we have for you here, you won’t need to run out and panic buy novelty boxer shorts ever again. And we’re sure we speak for both parties when we say; this is a GOOD thing.